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Tracy Devotion

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10:14:34 AM

Morgellons -

Hello all.
Tracy’s Devotion always up lifting and is always encouraging!

God knows what we need we have to have faith in him and know his word is the truth!

There are to many religions that state what people want to hear ad the messages are watered down so much that they don’t really get the true meaning!

Gods sword has to be rightly divided to get the true purpose.
Praise the Lord and give thanksgiving to him!!

Nancy S.
10:14:34 AM

Morgellons -

Tracy everything for today just fit what I been dealing with the last few weeks!!

I am praying that everything is turning around this week my daughter finally got my phone back working this afternoon. I have missed the calls so much!

I can see where God used it to change some other things. Got a lot done , my husband really supported me knowing I couldn’t do my calls and he knows how much it means to me.

God works in strange ways and Mel probably put a bug in his ear!

Thank you for the beautiful devotion today.
Praying for all!