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9:15:22 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

As you can see Traffic slowed down as we approached the holidays,
yet we set records for this year!

I am positive the new translation program is part of our increase.

I am HOPING to be able to help more people restored their health worldwide!

Site Traffic: December 2020
First Time Visitors: 820
Returning Visitors: 593
Total Visitors: 1413
Logged In Users: 277
Pages Per Regular Visitor: 18.4
Pages Served: 131300

New Visitors: 820 58%
Returning: 593 42%
Total: 1413

I would remind Everyone, those who did not give up HOPE, got well!

God bless,


7:58:59 AM
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Good Morning Everyone and Welcome,

We have now reached two thirds of the our second month with the new translation device and the numbers speak for themselves.

Site Traffic:
First Time Visitors: 520
Returning Visitors: 385
Total Visitors: 905
Logged In Users: 192
Pages Per Regular Visitor: 21.1
Pages Served: 100857

We have already reached 100,000 pages with eleven days left this month.
Newbies attendence has increased a little more which is what we hoped for.

New Visitors: 521 58%
Returning: 385 42%
Total: 906

All I can say is YES, it's working!

God bless you all,

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