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9:58:38 AM

Hello Everyone,

As I mentioned yesterday it just keeps keeping on!

Friday May 7th, 2021; 6AM PDT

Visitors Right Now
United States 29
Germany 8
United Kingdom 4
Canada 3
Australia 2
Sweden 1
Russian Federation 1
New Zealand 1
Slovenia 1
France 1
Netherlands 1
Denmark 1

The only countries missing are from South America and the far east and they will be joining in over the weekend!

God bless,


9:30:12 AM

Hello Everyone,

What can one say aside from Wow and the trend continues!

Site Traffic: April,2021


First Time Visitors: 1369
Returning Visitors: 749
Total Visitors: 2118
Logged In Users: 317
Pages Per Regular Visitor: 20.9
Pages Served: 117522

New Visitors: 1369 65%
Returning: 749 35%
Total: 2118

God bless,

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