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11:52:48 AM

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome,

Just a little late with Junes update, been very busy.

As I imagined June, the beginning of summer, there has always been a drop off in almost every category.

JUNE 2021


First Time Visitors: 904
Returning Visitors: 620
Total Visitors: 1524
Logged In Users: 281
Pages Per Regular Visitor: 23.9
Pages Served: 167268

I HOPE you all enjoy the new clocks around the world and it makes easier to communicate with me!

God bless,

10:09:13 AM
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Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Here's a quick look at Mays numbers;

Site Traffic: May 2021

First Time Visitors: 1295 66%
Returning Visitors: 665 34%
Total Visitors: 1960

Logged In Users: 265
Pages Per Regular Visitor: 21.9
Pages Served: 192720

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