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9:29:00 AM

Good Morning All and Welcome,

It's been about two weeks with the new translation installation and here are the interesting numbers!

For the past year we have been 50/50 newbies to regulars.

In these first two weeks we have seen a good increase in newbies 57% / 43% regulars, it seems to be working as our goal was to be to reach and help more people!!

Also very good, the fact that our pages read has increased by 30% and we could have the record month in pages read this year!!!

We will keep you all posted with updates on our new translation installation.

God bless,


12:29:07 PM
Closing in on one hundred!

Good Morning Everyone,

Hear is the latest update on translations directly from our web master John Waiveris;

1) Go to and choose option 2. Click the "click here" text to Install a FireFox Browser Extension.

2) The page that will load lists Add-ons and one called "Translate Web Pages by Filipe PS". Click the "+ Add to Firefox" button.

3) A popup will ask if you want to let this plugin access your data for all websites. You'll have to say "Add". This is a concern if you do banking or other things through this browser and may want to have two browsers installed (one for secure stuff and one that can automatically translate)

4) Choose your target language. There are other options that allow you to only translate specific sites. Feel free to explore those later.

5) Switch back to the website tab. It should now be in your chosen target language.

If you want to make changes, there should be an icon on the top right of your browser with a blue box with a G in it. For example, click "show original" to turn it off. Uncheck "automatically translate sites", etc.

To uninstall it click the three dashed lines icon in the top right of the browser and choose "Addons". Then find the Translate Web Pages plugin in the Enabled list and click the "..." icon and choose remove. You can also just click the blue on/off button to disable it temporarily.


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