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Karianne & Joe

10:07:15 AM

Wow - 12yrs of serving others, doing the Lord's work...

I thank Him every day for the work you do, Mel. You are our guide - this is truly God working through you and we couldn't be under any better guidance!

I hope everyone will make time in their schedules to attend Saturday's call as I have no doubt it will be just as life-changing and life-saving as all the other calls.

Did you see the list of all Mel has helped?? And I'm willing to bet that list is not exhaustive and there are many MANY more!

Let's continue having hope, keeping the Lord true in our hearts, and trusting that this community is EXACTLY where we're supposed to be!

Love you all and have a blessed day!


11:08:01 AM

Happy 12th Anniversary

We simply take for granted
from day to passing day,
each sacrifice you make for us
in your own special way.

But then we finally learn,
in the end we all do,
how much commitment you have put in
and how thoughtful you've been too.

So this comes with all our thanks
which you deserve and so much more
For there isn't a more deserving person
than the one these words are for.

Thank you so much Mel

Freddie x

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