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8:57:23 AM

It saddens me that Mel even had to write this.

No one around here has any extra money that I can tell, and neither do I...but...if not for Mel, I'd no longer be working...but even if I was unemployed and really struggling, I'd find a way to support this site by at least buying a monthly subscription because it is a lifeline to a future I otherwise would not have.

We ALL benefit if this site continues to operate

Five dollars a month is a very nominal cost for the support this site offers. We all spend much more on things that matter so very much less.

It still mystifies me that so many people are coming to this site to seek information...and how so many are quite willing to take advantage of the lifesaving information that it offers, and yet how few subscribers there are relative to that number.

This can only mean that:

1. There are people out there who haven't yet made up their minds about which direction to pursue.

2. There are people out there who are sharing the code and / or breaking the code.

3. There are those who just want to get what they can and not care.

If it's the first reason, then please let me assure you that people get well here. They get one hundred percent well...and move on with their lives. That's the good news. The flip side to that coin is that it takes time and and perseverance...and an ability to look the devil (toxic illness) in the eye and not back down.

If it's the second or third reason, then that is a sad statement about ethics and basic morality.

Mel is not a government agency...he is not a heavily funded foundation...he is not some magic elemental who is here to make wishes come true.

He is not a faceless entity who doesn't matter.

He is a good and decent man who cares deeply for others.

He is selfless and kindhearted.

He is also someone who doesn't put up with foolishness...and he tells things like he sees them. He's a human being like we all are with a fair mix of positive and negative...but he is HERE.

I often think of what it would be like if this site and his expertise were not available.

It is a grim thought.

We ALL need to support this man who is always there for us. He shows up every day. He takes a beating often because there are so many who are at their wits end and suffering from brain fog.

Mel is relentlessly dedicated and has a massive job in front of him each day he sits down in front of his computer. He does this alone...a "one man show" to support all of us. It's a very difficult task to juggle all of our needs and demands, but he does it by working harder than anyone I know...and certainly harder than anyone else I know who is 72 years old.

He is fearless about putting himself out there to support the toxic disease community when most of us are scared to death for even a stranger to know we have this disease.

He does all of this to help others because he believes it is the right thing to do.

So...WE need to do the right thing and support this man. In the least, those of us who come to this site should subscribe monthly. If you have been helped by him, think hard...and then donate accordingly.

Book him for some one on one coaching sessions. That will be priceless to you and helpful for Mel as well.

Like someone posted earlier...I NEED this site. I'm so close to being well...and my life has changed dramatically from what it was a year ago...or even six months ago.

This is directly attributable to this site.

Not to doctors.

Not to a quick cure.

Not to the expensive rife machine I bought.

Not to any of the zappers or dna fixers, etc. I bought.

Not to any other site advice or anything in a tube, bottle, or jar that I spent a LOT of money on.

My drastically improved reality is because of the information gleaned from this site and from a man in Reno named Mel Friedman.

What price for a life?

I don't know about others...but for life is worth a whole lot more than five dollars a month.

I'm a single woman who works two jobs. I don't work two jobs for fun...I do it because I need the money. I don't have much that could even remotely be categorized as "extra," but...I subscribe and donate because I need this lifeline and I have enough insight and intelligence to understand that it's the right and decent thing to do.

These are kind of strong words coming from me. I usually soft petal most things in life...but this is important...and I hope it gets the attention of others and helps get the number of subscribers to increase soon.

11:10:08 AM

Hello past, present and future, fellow warriors!

I like EACH and EVERY one of you cannot imagine where I would be without Mel and this AMAZING website?!?!?!? I "literally" shudder to even think about it!!!!
The truth is this website which is MOST definitely a gift from God... it saved BOTH my life AND my sanity, I'm guessing it has saved or is saving yours too!!!!

With that in mind, I absolutely LOVE Mel's idea of past warriors to begin subscribing monthly to the website for as many months as they were here!!! If that is too hard to remember on a monthly basis, calculate those months x $5 and consider making that donation today. I would recommend putting the words subscriber fee x _____ (however many months you were here or you are donating) in the comment area of your donation.
I am sure Mel will be thrilled to send you the code each month.

I am also, however, going to request the same of present and future warriors. It is $5 a month to get our health and our lives back... that is quite a bargain and as previously mentioned an INCREDIBLE gift from God!!!

Let's all pitch in and do our part to allow God's gift to keep reaching ALL those individuals SUFFERING from a toxic disease!!!!

Peace, Love & MANY Prayers,

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