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Uncle Mel's Spring Diesel

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10:12:44 AM

Morgellons -

Thank you Holly,

For this thread to support our Mel!

I love what you said, Neil, that there is no room for shame! That is right on!

I also think often of where I would be if it weren't for the promise Mel made to God.?! I look back reminding myself how ill I was for years!

I am starting my 10th month on the protocol, HEALING! LIFE coming back into this body and mind! I even am able to work a part-time job now.

It gives me joy to be able to give back to Mel, no matter the amount, it adds up, especially if we all would commit to even $5.00 into Mel's Go Fund Me account.

Let's bless Mel and show our appreciation today!!

Thank you, Mel, for your love, care and dedication to each and every one of us here!!

In Christ, Tracy

10:06:14 AM

Morgellons - We will just have to keep pedaling holly
We will just have to keep pedaling holly

Uncle Mel

It's Holly here!

Where are all the five dollar spring diesel/gasoline donations?

I can understand if people are already getting coaching or donating. But other people who get help and come to the calls every week and post and get support.... Where are they?

Five dollars is nothing and I thought if we all clubbed together in true community spirit, it would be such a nice and good thing to do for you.

Sadly, this little dog is looking at your go fund me page and as yet no Gasoline money.

Boo hoo,

11:11:16 AM

Morgellons - Father and Son
Father and Son

Hi everyone it's Neil here.

I used to write under the name old saint Nick or Nicholas.Today, as I battle my disease there is no room for shame. I didn't ask for this disease but now that I have it and confections to deal with also, it has brought me closer to God than ever before.

Thankfully, we all have a community to turn to for inspiration strength and hope. This is made possible by one man who's promise to God to help others.

It just occurred to me that it doesn't only pertain to this community but to everyone we meet in life, that we may help or leave a positive impression on if possible. But I digress...
Where would we be without Mel?

I don't believe I would be alive if I kept on the direction I was going in. I believe many of the community would be in bad shape as well.

So when I can do so, I purchase one on one coaching from Mel who gives back to the world ten fold.
If you can do the same I encourage you to do so.

Thanks so much Mel and
God Bless you all,

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