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12:30:45 AM

Hi Rockin Robin,

Yes I am so tired! Thanks for your prayer and encouragement.

That tea drink with yogi ginger tea and lemon isn't my idea though, that was Mel's. I read it somewhere on this website. I feel like my brain fog is getting the best of me sometimes.

Feeling so tired today, and have been stressed out some with some other things here lately. It seems so hard to sleep. I need to figure out something good to take that's natural for that. I have CBD oil that I put under my tongue for anxiety because I have so much of it with everything going on in my life right now.

I feel kind of discouraged today, but I think I'm just really tired too because I have been cooking a lot. Plus it is a full moon, and for what ever reason this gets worse during that time. Mine seems like it does on the new moon too. I noticed that there was a post about the moon on this forum too.

I have been wondering a lot about what this disease really is. Is it better to just not think about that or how do you guys deal with that?

I am always trusting GOD is going to take this illness away from me, and now I know I can believe that he will take this away from ALL of US! AMEN Sister!


Rockin Robin

6:31:15 AM

Dear Desiree,

Oh....So glad you posted! Sounds like you are really making strides in battling this disease!! It is a battle!! I'm so proud of you for sticking to the diet!! Way to go Girl!!!!!!

I know its hard, but you will see that it gets easier as time goes by and you get in the routine of what you can have and your symptoms will slowly start disappearing!

I'm glad your face mixture is working for you. We all experiment with stuff (safe stuff) and find things that work. On my face, I use the Sovereign Silver Liquid and it has always worked for me. On my neck, especially the back near the hair, I use Stevia, Sovereign Silver gel or Kleen Green. Sometimes more than one, and let dry in between. However, my face was never as bad as some people's faces. Will pray about that for you!! Oh...I did cut my hair short, like a pixie, and it was long. It made a huge difference for me. For some, it helps,

Yes!!! Outside does affect a lot of people. It was discussed on one of the Conference calls not that long ago. Talk to Mel about that. I Know you enjoy the outside with your son; he probably loves it! But, you don't want to make yourself a lot worse, it is hard enough. You might have to limit the amount of time and come up with some indoor activities your son also enjoys.

Sleep is VERY IMPORTANT!! Sleep whenever and as much as you can!! We Heal during sleep. Rest will definitely make you better!!

I can't wait to try your ginger yogi tea and Lily's matcha tea! Always looking for new stuff on the diet! I know its hard when you work full time! I can only imagine how tired you must feel at times. It will get easier with the diet and everything with time. It is a little overwhelming at first because we want to do everything to make this disease go away. Take it slow and steady and add stuff slowly as you go along.

In 6 months you won't believe where you'll be!!! And you will be so confident about all of this!! Don't forget to find joy in your son and all the little and big things daily. I count my blessings everyday and remind myself to be grateful I'm here another day and can fight this!! You have your son to get well for and you now know what to do. !! Praise God!!!

Keep praying and asking for healing, claim those promises and verses in the Bible and pray them. God honors His words and promises!! Remember, there is purpose in the wait !! He does not waste one minute of the wait !! He has a divine purpose, plan, and time for you !!

Be a steady rock and stand firm! Be a courageous warrior!!
You are not alone!! We are standing firm with you!!

So, so glad to get to know you dear sister. And, I am so very proud of you and the changes you're making fighting this disease!! I'm here if you need me!

Love & Hugs, Rockin Robin

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