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Rockin Robin

9:09:32 PM
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Dear Desiree,

I am so sorry, I just saw your post from 10/3. It is tough in the beginning, but you will feel better and better as time goes by.

Diana has had this for over 10 years and she has got such severe symptoms and skin problems, but she has been on everything for about 6 months and she says it is a miracle she is better and feels better.

Do everything Mel says and this disease will become more manageable til your completely well ! That in itself, is a blessing!

You mentioned being so tired, be as kind to yourself as you can. Get plenty of rest and sleep! That is the biggest thing in the beginning and onward! It is huge!! Use the CBD oil and there is something Peter recommended to me called Natural Calm. You mix it with water and drink it. It can help you sleep.

I,m so sorry your suffering dear friend, but it will get better, I promise!! Take one day at a time and 1 hour at a time. You've got the solutions now!! It is just a matter of time!!

Please do the coaching with Mel, it is invaluable. As time goes by, you will need coaching less and less, however it is invaluable in the beginning. Don't do anything to yourself without running it by Mel. Please don't hurt yourself!

Sorry it took me a while to see your post. My daughter-in-law had surgery and I've been extra busy. But, please know I care!!

Your posting is great!! It's how we all keep in touch! Keep posting!!

Keep your head and chin up dear friend, God and we in the community have your back!!!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

Matthew 7:7
Matthew 21:22
Mark 11:24
Jeremiah 29:12
1 John 5:14
Proverbs 30:5

Look at these promises from God! Promises!!! Clain them speak them to God, believe it! God,s promises are pure and true!!

12:24:34 AM

I am excited to say that I am starting the WPS this week and talked to Mel about it today. I am getting really good at cooking and doing the diet. I am getting the hang of this.

Feeling better than I have in a while, as far as my swelling, and itching. These have gone down some. I think this is the best my face has felt as of yet in the entire 3 years I've had this! I never thought I would be able to achieve this especially with no anti-biotics or anti-parasite meds.
I really hate that crawling feeling though and I know it's going to get worse before it gets better. But at least my swelling and pain is down for now!

Also, I have some alfalfa powder and I read a post on here about putting ginger in a bath too. Is it true that it makes these fibers come out by the droves? I'm afraid to take a bath in it though without something else in there like a disinfectant.

I read something on Facebook about this girl putting alfalfa tablets in the bath with color-safe bleach laundry soap. I don't really want to take a bath in the laundry soap, but what else could I put in there with the alfalfa so if it does make it all come out, it will kill it and not let it spread it I wonder?

Looking forward to getting this stuff out of me!

Mel says ("I tried all those things you asked about above in this post, none will really helpful and some can harm you!!")

You have choices, USE YOUR COACHING,or come to either of our free weekend calls and ask those who know from over a decade of experience.

Stop reading in other places, unless their testimonial section is as large as ours.

I am very proud of your progress, but do not stray from the restoration path!!!

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