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Update from Hong Kong

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3:20:57 PM

Morgellons -

Hello Everyone ,

Just wanted to say thank you Dale for
The links you posted and I would be
Curious as to how both the sauna blanket
And the machine to help with drainage of
The lymphatic system is working
For you , I read the page
On the website and it sounds like it would
Help with others things as well ..

How is the machine working for you and
Have you noticed any significant changes
Yet or benefits.. I hope you might continue
To post about both products as you go , it
Would be helpful to the community I'm sure
To know what they have done for you ..

So a big Thank you Dale , and I hope you
Continue to progress in you healing process
And we'll all be hearing from you soon that
It's your time for your Happy dance !

God Bless you in your efforts to get well
And may he always guide your steps ..

A quick mention about something I just
Kinda happened onto today as I was
Cleaning , I bought some Swiffer dust
Cloths for my floor and I had an extra one
Out of the box , I had a bunch of debris on
The blinds which I have to clean daily , I
Usually use a wash cloth and dawn liquid
Soap or if I can get it , kleen green on a
Washcloth , so I had a little bit left in the
Bottle and I sprayed it on the Swiffer mop
Cloth and it worked like a charm , I can
Never get the washcloth to actually remove
It , it just moves it around, but the Swiffer
Just took it all right off , just like that ,
?? ! I don't know why I didn't think of it
Before , dah .... But so happy it worked for
Everyone probably already knew this but it's
A new discovery for me ! :-)

Just saying how helpful these little things are
That may not seem like much , but man can
They bring some much needed relief ??.

I hope everyone continues to improve
Everyday on their journey to heath !

Thanks again to everyone to posts the
Things that help with this disease and it's
Many problems we have to solve .. every
Helpful tip or trick really does mean a lot !

Have a wonderful day !

7:43:53 PM

Morgellons -

Hello Michelle ,
It's such a pleasure hearing from you again..
I hope you feel better soon from your loss , I
Know how deep it goes and I truly understand..
Thank you for sharing tips to help all of us
Along the way , any helpful tips and products
That help make things better is a blessing ..
Thank you ..
I enjoy hearing about your journey and
How it's going for you.. I hope you continue
To make progress daily , and we would love
To hear from you if you find any more tips
That work ..
Blessings to you ..

6:45:44 PM

Morgellons -

Hi Michelle,

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad's passing. I am praying for you and your family. I know that must be difficult while you are going through this disease, but it is good that you have your faith and support.

Chrissie, I'm also so sorry to hear about your Mom's current condition. I pray that she will get the help she needs and can receive healing. It does seem like there is so much medically going on with people right now.

Michelle, like you I recently started doing the cold water rinses along with kleen green, WPS spray, and 91% alcohol on my hair. It has really helped alot with the itching I was struggling with. Before I was just washing my hair with a tea tree shampoo, but it really wasn't helping. I also have problems with my fingertips and nails. I will give the hydrogen peroxide soak a try. And I'm glad you are doing well on the WPS drops. Some of my areas swelled too, that is a good herxing sign.

I also started using an infared sauna blanket that I purchased a few months ago. I can't find time to use it as much as you do, but when I do it does help. For those that are interested in purchasing an infared sauna blanket I will leave a link here:
This one looks the same as what you have. It has been great. And I got it for $99.20 with Free Shipping. I'm not sure how long that price will stay like that as it looks like it is marked down from $499. But it has been great so far and I am happy with the purchase.

I also got the following item as well from there that is supposed to help with lymphatic drainage and help deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cells and flush out waste from cells. It is very relaxing to use this chi massager machine they call the Vital Swing Therapeutic Wellness Machine, and it was only $48.20, whereas others online can be $300-400.

Happy New Year to you all and I am praying for healing for everyone!


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