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11:53:11 PM
As you get better so will your hair, a good sign!

Hello all,

Is one of my pills for hair? Mine is starting to look like yours but that’s good! We are in our 70’s and we still going strong.

You know James was from South Carolina! I feel good! My grandson use to wrap his towel around him and talk off running to his bedroom singing I feel good!

But he is in his 20’s now so I don’t get to see that anymore but great memories .

7:00:41 AM
My knee is great, but my hair is a little funky

Dear Mel,

These doctors and vets JUST LOVE giving those cortisone shots that immediately weaken the immune system.

I'm always incredulous that they tell people that steroids help, when all they do is mask the problem, never getting to the root of it.

So good that you are doing your best to heal from the inside out!

We all have gleaned tremendous knowledge re healing through this community! It's so good that all this knowledge, not only helps with toxic disease, but with all the health issues that we face. Thanks for all of that Mel :-).

I dearly hope that you will not need microscopic surgery. And that, in time your knee will be perfect again!!

God Bless,

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