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10:54:42 AM
srry Donald, better late than never!

Hi Vel,

Yes MMS & WPS are the same product.

Washing clothes goes like this,1st use warm water not hot or cold, As washer is filling put in 1-cup of borax & 1-cup of ammonia, Standard amount of detergent & 10-drops of Peppermint Ess. oil, Let that mix for 1-minute then add cloths then set washer on soak cycle run for 5-minutes then let soak for 2-Hours.

Even if small load fill level after soak to high level of water, Do not crowd clothing & run on regular cycle as you are trying to wash away the Micro fibers that are on the clothing that look like dust.

The amount of Micro fibers I see on cloths tells me how often I need to wash my cloths but @ the beginning I used cloths only once before washing.
Also a tip I learned is to shake clothes { outside } to get some of the Micro fibers off clothes before I wash.

You didn't ask about how to treat clothes in dryer but I will review any way, When clothes are washed & ready for dryer be sure to clean dryer lint filter every time, Throw clothes into dryer except a towel or face cloth that you pour 1/2 of a cup of ammonia on then put that in dryer & run on standard cycle.

I use Sulfur bar soap on scalp & body that I leave on for 5-mins. then rinse away, Dry your scalp & body then spray on diluted 7-1 ratio enzymes { Kleen Green } That I leave on body & scalp, Enzymes are very mild & will make your skin soft for debris to exit your skin, It will even make your hair soft.

There are other useful treatments but this is simple
& worked well for me, Selsun blue works for 1-2 wks. then this disease adjusts where it don't work so good so its always good to have few treatment plans.

As these disease's give you brain fog write down your questions so you can rattle off them on Wk. end calls, I found a treatment log worked will for me so I could look upstream for what I did, Diet log is a winner also.

Good luck & Drink lots of water.-Donald


4:54:35 PM

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to tell everyone something that really helped me.

First I must explain I have removed most all plastics in my kitchen. I try hard not to get plastics in me. So I do not put hot things in plastics, and when I store food I can use a plastic lid but only glass bowls, etc.

I do the same with aluminum I use it to cover my phone at times, I do not use it in regards to food. Aluminum is terrible for the brain and it comes onto the food when covering in the oven (ex: turkey I use a covered lid pan),.
So when I heard Mel explain the WPS slowly eats up the plastic spray bottles (I bought a Walmart $1 plastic spray bottle), I tried something. I had just finished up a 32 oz bottle of apple cider vinegar so I tied the spray top of the plastic bottle on the apple cider vinegar glass bottle. IT FIT!

A quick way to use a glass bottle of WPS without using plastic.

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