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Karen (the Librarian)

12:41:29 PM
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Hi Ward,

How are you doing? Just writing this to to say I have been thinking of you often during the past month or so. I want to invite you back to the Saturday Conference Calls and the Sunday Prayer and Fellowship calls again.

There is super helpful information available at the Saturday calls. While you can listen to them, it is to much better to attend them because you can ask questions, and people can get to know you.

Also, coming to the Sunday Prayer and Fellowship call is a wonderful source of encouragement. They are now at 11:00 Eastern Daylight Time. They usually last 1 1/2 to 2 hours. You can't have to talk during the prayer part, but in the 2nd part you can ask questions and get to know people. You will find you can make wonderful friends here. There are now are 22 or 24 that attend regularly in addition to Mel.

The folks in this Community are SO caring and supportive! It is really the shot in the arm we each need to keep on keeping on. So PLEASE, come!!!! Consider this a personal invitation!!!

Yes, it takes work and HOPE to get well - but I KNOW you can do it!!! Once you are well, you will be SO delighted and thankful that you did not give up HOPE!!! So, join us in being a WARRIOR!!!

We want to hear from you!!!

May God bless and encourage you!!

Karen (the Librarian) (A.K.A. - Laughing Bird)

12:11:25 PM

Dear Ward,

How are you doing now?

I know you have been taking Logos supplements since April. How are you managing with the protocol, the medicines and the, 'sum of the parts?'

I know it's early days in your healing. I do hope your taking good care of yourself!

It was lovely when you joined us at Prayer Call a while back. If you feel up to it why dont you join us again? We will welcome you with open arms and would be happy to hear how you are. We would also like to support you in any way that we can!

God bless you,

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