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3:52:49 PM

Hello Karen

“Thank you,” for your thought provoking questions. You know me, and my belief that it is sooo important to practice critical thinking, and to exercise our brain…. “through inquiry.” Better understanding also certainly lowers fear and allows the Lord to better order our steps.

Through the wisdom of John Burgstiner, I became convinced early on in my journey that it is surely correct to capture our disease as a lack of mitochondrial function at a cellular level. And if our 50 to 75 trillion cells are sick, then we are sick.

Picture the mitochondria as a little factory in the cell. Simply put, this factory produces ATP, which is the currency we spend for energy. Then visualize the factory as “shut down.” When we introduce the nutrient support delivered through this protocol, the Logos Nutraceuticals, over time, “restart the factories” in our individual cells, and thus restore our energy and our health.

As for your piggy backs, the “flagship” of the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol is certainly the Thymic Formula. It provides broad based support across every organ system, and includes specific glandular tissue that “wake up” our vital organs as only the actual tissue can. The other nutraceuticals also complement one another to play a direct role in restarting these cellular mitochondrial energy factories, and return the body to homeostasis, or internal balance.

And so the complete protocol works in tandem to reestablish cellular health, which ultimately promotes cellular growth and reproduction. And we become healthy again!

As to your other piggy back, Glutathione can be seen as our master internal anti-oxidant. It is made in the liver and present in every cell in our body. It serves as the cell’s immediate defense response to a threat, until the other troops can be mobilized and join in the fight. The Liver CS delivers the building blocks for the liver to make and recycle Glutathione to the cells. I believe that the best way to increase Glutathione in our cells is to simply give the Liver what it needs to make it, which is what the Liver CS does.

Hope this helps, Karen. And “congratulations” on what you have accomplished in your own personal journey back to health! You are a blessing to this community.

Strength and Love,

12:11:05 PM

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the info about granulomas and lipofuscin. My google search revealed that granulomas are the result of inflammation and lipofuscin comes from mitochondrial damage.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that negatively affected mitochondrial function and subsequent damage is at the heart of Morgellons. I think Mel had you do a conference call about this a few years back. If memory serves me, it’s complicated...but, I’d be interested to hear the basics about this if you have the time to post that info.

So...a couple of other “piggy backs” as we call them in the educational world (that means making connections to other places we’ve heard the same topic in the spirit of further discussion to work toward understanding).

1. As many of you know, I have a doctor who recognizes Morgellons. She did give me Rx at first (which I stopped fairly soon as they didn’t work), but also sold me a product called ATP which I believe she said helped restore cell function. I know you’re very familiar with Logos...and I know those kinds of things are built into the protocol. Can you tell me what part of the protocol addresses this function? I know it does because it works...I’m just interested in connecting the dots.

2. Another related topic keeps popping up in various places when you start looking at cell function... that is glutathione. My doctor sold me shots of it that I had to learn to give myself when I first went to her a few years back. I did notice an improvement, but they hurt like the dickens and I shook like a leaf every time I had to inject one into my thigh. I’ve akso read about it elsewhere and I believe John has mentioned it related to something in the protocol at one time or another...though... I’m actually a little fuzzy on that point. So...do you know how the protocol addresses the need for glutathione? Again...my asking is only for the purpose of connecting some dots. I do know I had quicker results with the protocol and (happily) stopped taking the glutathione shots as soon as I found something better...but I’m just curious about how it all connects.

Thanks so much for your help,


10:14:34 PM

Hi Peter!

Thank you for the suggestion to read up on it, as I found it very informative and it was so easy with the direct link given. I greatly appreciate it!


4:29:48 PM

Hi Diana,

I am really glad to hear that you have had a few days of peace and renewed hope for recovery. That is very good news!

I don't know if you have ever read the Great 8 Guiding Principles, but number 8 says:

It's True: Those who do not give up HOPE get Well.

So hope is so very important.

You can read all of the Great 8 Guiding Principles by clicking on the drop down MENU at the top right of the page and clicking on GUIDING PRINCIPLES.

Thank you for reminding us of how important it is to drink plenty of water to help our bodies get rid of toxins. Doing that is so important and so easy to forget.

I'm glad that your skin is improving and you are having less brain fog.

I agree that it is a great blessing to have the tools we need to help us get well.

God bless,


Rockin Robin

8:38:53 PM

Dear Diana,

So glad to hear your better!! As time goes by, you will get better and better.

Follow Mel's advice to the letter and keep in touch with the community.

We have all experienced similar situations and there is lots of good advice here!

Stay positive and do things that make you happy, that's important!!

You are in my prayers and thoughts!!

Hugs. Rockin Robin

7:04:49 PM

Hi Diana

I think if you research about granulomas and a pigment called lipofuscin, you may find answers about the brown areas in the skin. These two may play a role in how our bodies are detoxing our infections and parasites. Hope this discovery finds you smiling.

Strength and Love,
Diana **

1:49:22 PM
Water, water, water!!

After sleepless nights, my skin looking wretched, and fear for the outcome never materializing,

I now have had 3 days of peace and a renewed hope for a recovery.

Still do not understand this disease. Seems like there's trillions of tiny white dots and slits with wounds on my back and hands That finally appear to be shrinking.
Have upped my water intake Tremendously to the point of having to get up in the middle of the night to empty out the toxins per Mel's advice.
Did not realize how dehydrated my skin was and now creepy skin is disappearing.

Am all coconut oiled up right now and absorbing with brown skin rubbing off.
Is that the biofilm?

The fog is lifting too at least for now. Never know when it will return. Sneaky little devil but I am not giving up.

Still in-home isolation from covid. Have had a chance to reflect how lucky and blessed we all are to have the tools we need to get well!!

Thank you Mel!!