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Rockin Robin

11:03:44 PM

Dear Diane,

Forgot to address your other problem. This is a list of products you need to help with the crawlies and laundry for sheets and clothes etc...

Sulfer Soap - Natural Ginesis Discount Code: MORG15 For body
Mint and Tea Tree Shampoo - Walmart For hair, then sulfer soap
Kleen Green - Natural Ginesis MORG 15 All over body after shower even in hair.
WPS - Healthy Way _ Discount Code: TDS For Laundry

When you get these items, I can tell you what to do with them when showering. Ask Mel about the WPS, it was the only thing that worked in my clothes and such.

Let me know if you have more questions!

Love & Hugs,
Your Christian Sis,
Rockin Robin


9:44:31 AM
Contact Mel, he created the Lemonade cleanse

Hi Rockin Robin,
Thank you for the post for the newbies. Myself, Diane , and my husband Paul are just starting out, but all this helps a lot. I'm wondering about the Lemon Cleanse? How much water, how much lemon juice,cayenne pepper ? I really need help with the stings and crawlies...especially at night...It's very difficult to sleep. Thanks so much..btw..this is my first post!

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