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What a Community is…

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Nancy S
3:28:35 PM

What Our Community is…

It is our new family!
We have a people that understand and will help us get through to where we need to be.

We have wonderful Sunday fellowship! Plus on Saturday's Conference Calls are a great learning time, we have people who have restored their health come back and share their stories of their restoration as well as great manufacturers that help teach us about their products and how they will help us because most of the regular doctors won’t.

We also make lifelong friends!
We pray for each other and rejoice when someone gets well or has a beautiful baby or has a wonderful story about their pets or a great joke!

We have a great HCAF that will help when you are in need!

There is so much we gain about so many things that we will use the rest of our lives to live better!!!

God bless y'all,

9:58:41 AM

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What this Community is

In the midst of our new life We’re blessed to have a Community to call our second home….

A place where we all connect
A place where we all can accept
And a place to never judge, but only to share, pray and Love

A place to learn all the ins and outs, the do’s and don't

A place to search, read, and to learn and grow
And a place where we often hear the word NO!! (He He)

A place to learn names of a new family we chose
A place to connect worldwide when with the, who knew
And place to share stories and did mention to read

Well a place to read, see, hear and believe
A place for the testimonies of that’s helps us make change

So what else May I Say
This place brings us joy, helps us with peace moving us forward in dissolving our grief.
Changing our minds, changing our life, making it good one healing at a time.