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7:44:51 AM

Hi Everybody,

Since the Keto Diet was one of the things people had questions about on Saturday's call, I am bringing this great thread containing information about it forward.

God bless,


5:55:14 AM

Hi Karen,

A very big thank you for posting this information. Also a big thank you for keeping repeating this information on the calls.

I am still two months behind listening to the calls and a week ago listened to an August call where you gave the information about net carb counting. It wasn't the first time I've heard you talk about it but it was the first time I decided to do something about it!

It shows how important it is to have information repeated all the time! I think I had to hear it several times before it really went in and before I was willing to change how I do things.

I like routines and find life easier that way and don't like change that much. So it needed a kick for me to tackle counting net carbs.

I have spent the last week finding out the net carbs of what I eat. I have been surprised! Especially by portion sizes!

Oh dear, it has felt like hard work and has slowed me down somewhat but I know it will get easier and eventually I will have recorded and then know what each food or meal contains.

Its really helped me make better choices about which foods to eat and also how to make up a day of meals to make sure net carbs are limited to 30.

I've had some issues recently which have put me back a bit but I feel that this is a big step to putting things right.

So once again a big thank you Karen, you are amazing and inspirational.

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