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9:55:08 PM

Hadn't posted or been on the calls in awhile. Thought I'd post to update my progress. I def plan on being on this weekends call.

The lesions pale in comparison to what they were. Really there isn't any, any longer. Everything is healing. I have minor cyclic type outbreaks here and there, but it's manageable and not too bad. The 2 biggest improvements from just the beginning of Oct is that my mental clarity has mostly been regained and the extreme fatigue are gone for the most part. Early Oct I wasn't able to focus on anything.. to the point that I was questioning if my job was in jeopardy. I still have spells of it.. but not even close to what it was before. I deal a lot with people, employees, construction projects etc.. which typically requires critical thinking and decision making. So the concern was definitely valid.

Between that time and today, I was able to secure a $380k grant to build out telecommunications in a rural area. It's a huge win for the company (and me personally) as the area was previously unqualified for funding. It has a very strict and tight deadline that absolutely has to be met. That said... The state and myself have been talking, and the top dog that runs this grant has talked about reallocating funds to fund another small, but impactful project of ours. I submitted the documents Tuesday and will probably get the verdict early next week. From the phone conversations we've had.. I expect it will go through. The deadline remains the same.. so this project will require coordinating 2 contractors to do the work and also getting our guys to do some of the finish work. The other project will run parallel with this one.. so organization and quick thinking are definitely required.

There is no way I would have been able to do any of that without everyone here's help and Mel. So truly.. it is appreciated.

My daughter turned 16 and was surprised with her first car. She's a rockstar student and daughter. It was well deserved. Needless to say, she loves it.

I'd ramble on longer, but there's food in the kitchen calling my name. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Rockin Robin

9:54:57 PM

Dear Miles,

Your post is so touching!! Your honesty and openness is so endearing! And, your right , what we share always helps others!! You are a sweetheart to think of them!

To answer some of your questions,.....yes, yes, & yes!! My hands and feet are always cold! I have circulation problems in my legs and feet. Moving around helps, but my feet still stay cold. There have been times when I felt a little sick, not often, usually after increasing the WPS, but I am sensitive and using the gentle approach.

I have herxed 3 times, once a little and twice not pleasant. Once pretty bad after eating way too many raw pumpkin seeds. The pathogens don't like them and I love them. But, the first time I ate them, I thought they were so good and just kept eating them, little knowing how they would react!! Moderation, slow and steady as Mel says!! He identified the problem right away!!

In the beginning, I had some hot flashes, but no longer, just cold a lot! I have muscle spasms in my calves every now and then. Don't know if this is common among us sufferers, so I hope some others chime in, I used to eat bananas,
strawberries, and kiwi for this. Bananas have the least and kiwi the most potassium, but we can't have this now, only a few berries a day - 1/4 cup.

I do keep a drippy nose and I know everyone usually has this!! Have heard many people mention this on conference calls.

Sounds like you hit on a great way to bathe and detox!! I'm sure others may want to try it and see if it works for them. I 'm going to try it on my ankles and feet. So, thanks for sharing that!

I hope this info. helps you, just my own circumstances.

So glad your here and and what a wonderful "poster" you are!! Your attitude is great and that's half the battle!! Hang in there dear friend, you'll be miles ahead in 6 months!!

Hear you on this weekends calls!!

In His Love, Rockin Robin

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