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10:06:44 AM

Dear Miles,

Yes to both questions. I think it's just the nature of it.

Don't know exactly the "whys" of it, but that's how it goes. It is a very frustrating disease.

Just stick to the protocol exactly as Mel suggests-
it's the sum of the parts, not some of the parts,
as I've had to learn myself.

You're in the best possible hands with Mel and this community.

Just remember to make your recovery your #1 priority.

Rockin Robin

10:00:57 AM

Dear Miles,

To answer your questions, I'll tell you my experience and I'm sure some others will chime in. Yes the fog will come and go, but it will keep getting better with time. Most of mine is gone now. And....yes you will definitely have ups and downs in this journey (healing process}. There are many posts that talk about that.

You must remember that on your worst day, you are probably winning!!! The pathogens don't like all your doing and will try to rebel. You are becoming more and more inhospitable to them and they will exit slowly with time and some days worse than others. It is a good sign!! An excellent sign, although unpleasant and uncomfortable!

Remember to follow the diet faithfully, take the protocol, and follow the SUM of the parts!! These are your strongest weapons in fighting this disease!!!

Have FAITH and pray often. God's Word tells us to pray without ceasing, keep asking, keeping knocking and HE WILL ANSWER, but remember in His timing which can be different than ours. His will and timing is perfect for each one of us and he doesn't waste one minute of the waiting, He is working in our situations even then. Claim your healing by the blood of Jesus, keeping asking, keep praying, and keep waiting! It will happen!!

I'm so impressed with your posting and your attitude! You are going to be a true blessing to this community and a true friend! Looking forward to your updates and progress!!

You will be in my prayers!!

Love & Hugs, Rockin Robin

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