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Where to start if you can't afford the protocol

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Laura (aunt)
8:07:40 AM

Morgellons -


First of all please know you have come to the right place for answers. We have all been where you are and there is definitely hope! Understanding the science behind this disease is beneficial. My experience with many doctors is; they have not done enough research on this disease and therefore do not have answers for us.

The protocol used on this website is based on facts from years of research by people who lived with this disease. They are now free from the disease and are once again living their lives.

We have a foundation title "He Cures All Foundation" that is for people like you who are unable to pay for the protocol. You should consider putting your name on the list for receiving the protocol until you are able to pay for it. Mel started this organization to help people in need. So once you are in a position to give back to the foundation it would be a way of helping others that arrive here after you.

I would also encourage you to use the search engine to find answers to your questions such as diet, environment, hair, etc. I do not have and never did get the lesions. All the more reason to start the protocol as soon as possible. One thing I know for sure is; you must treat this from the outside in and the inside out. Kleen Green is another product beneficial for your laundry and environment.

Once again, you were led to the best community for restoring your health. Stay strong and know we are here for you.

In Christ Love,

8:07:40 AM


Dear all who read this...

I have only recently found this site, and I did respond to one of the posts and got some great feedback thank you!

I have been reading a lot of the posts and so much of it I can relate to - so I do believe I am in the right place ...

Although I don't have right now the lesions, I have ALL of the physical symptoms... Crawling sensations mostly after 6/8pm in the evenings, floaty things in the eyes, like you have something in the eye.
I read Mel's story again and I noticed another one, like seeing something running out of the corner of your eye is one that I just identified...
Pinprick sensations, skin prickling, the skin hot and almost feeling feverish at times...

Again like I have read in other people's posts, this came about through a bird mite infestation.
I spent weeks cleaning the home, had a couple of birds nests removed but weeks later started to awake with crawling sensations during the night. Even had the house fumigated reluctantly but started to notice symptoms EVEN when not at home...

That's why I started to suspect, it's not the house but that I am carrying whatever it is...

My research lead me to this site as Morgellons seems to be the closest I have come symptom wise even though I don't have physical lesions right now...

My main issue is not having money to be able to afford the healing protocol as I am on a very low income/ disability benefit as a lone parent, due to having had the Hep C virus.

Having only just cleared the virus using the new treatments of course my immunity no doubt already impaired, so having had an infestation I was a prime candidate for it to develop into something more long term...

I am finding there is so much information and although I am an avid reader, I would just like to know where to start...if you don't have money for all the products what is the best options using maybe some of the supplements, foods, herbs, etc

I started drinking lemon juice with cayenne pepper... I eat a fairly natural diet... What foods are best to avoid fully? I know sugar is one, and no doubt gluten and dairy...

I will be making my way through the posts and pages but if you could please help give me a head start...

If you didn't have the money for the protocol which products would you suggest for my symptoms?

The only thing I use right now externally that helps me to sleep is Epsom salt baths with essential oils. I have used sulphur soap too - have to order more...

Any little bit of information is much appreciated as I have had no joy with my general practitioner of course he thinks it is psychosomatic ...

I could possibly afford one or two items so where would you start in treating this.

Best wishes to all