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10:47:52 AM
While diving in Peru, I asked this guy what's your favorite stevia?

Hello all,

There seems to be lots of confusion regarding STEVIA.

I am going to make this simple as well as 100% correct on type of stevia to buy as well as where to buy for the best price, 1st of all know what the ingredients are.
Only steviol glycosides & rebaudiosides, nothing else.
Note the last 5-letters are SIDES.

Go to to get stevia extract powder, get on there mailing list as they do sales & over $100 they ship free to U$A.

Yes lots of people like the stevia liquid drops but they are more costly & I see ingredients say " Natural flavors" I don't trust anything that says that.

Another red flag is: Total Sugars 0g / Includes 0g added Sugars, As I was taught when they say that there hiding sugar in another form.
I don't think organic is needed but please consult an expert.

The Stevia Extract powder mixed w/ water or GSE {grapefruit Seed Extract} is very useful to treat lesions.

These toxic diseases do NOT like Stevia leaf Extract in any form as it is a natural killer.

Good Luck--Donald

Download Stevia-01_592x592.webp

9:24:14 AM

Thanks Katharine & Karen, for making me aware to look closer at the ingredients.

The Stevia drops I bought has Vegetable Glycerin which I discovered is a…sugar alcohol derived from various plant oils. So next time will get ‘Clear’.

Thanks ladies,

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