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12:09:47 PM

Nancy I love your story, I lost my mum at the same age, she too use to bake when I was very young all I wanted to see was what was left in the bowl for me to "lick out" I was to young to learn the art of baking, our neighbour has just put up a green house, oh my goodness we are surrounded by very large trees, just hope it isn't one of ours that drops a branch through the roof!

Leslie/Mel that is a strong name for such a cutie, he looks full of mischief.

Linda wow so close to that skunk, I have never seen one but I have looked at them on YouTube such a shame they stink so! Maybe it's a she and she has babies quite close by and hunger to feeding babies over rides her fear of noise/people.

Rocking Robin I love your jokes they are right up my street and thank you for the kind comments. Your dad was brave to get in there and cut that hole I bet he was holding his breath just in case the mask failed, at least she took her babies so a happy ending, pity it took so long for the smell to go. I read that they only release the smell only when really necessarily, as it takes a day or two to produce more so Linda you should be fine as long as you don't scare yours.

Here is a photo of Michael

Freddie x
Rockin Robin

2:38:39 PM
anybody lookin?

Dear Linda,

Love your stories about the skunk!! And, the picture is adorable !! I had a skunk that went from the barn to the garage apt. ( that was built onto the barn) and somehow she got behind the walls in my pantry. I nice cozy warm place where she had babies!!!!

Needless to say, we tried everything to get her out, but it just kept the apt. stinking!!! My dad, finally bought a painter's throw away suit and a face mask and cut the sheet rock from the barn side, a big square!! he pulled it and ran!! We left it open all day and night!! It worked, she took babies and left!!

Guess she thought it was not safe anymore for babies!! It took a while to get rid of smell. I sprayed the hole down with everything and left baking soda in there. After a while smell subsided, and my dad plugged all entrances up again!!

So.... it the name of cute but smelly skunks, here's a few jokes!!

A duck, a skunk, and a deer went out for dinner one night. When it came time to pay, the skunk didn't have a scent, the deer didn't have a buck, they put the meal on the duck's bill !!! Yucka Yucka Yucka!!!!!

Why can't skunks keep secrets?? Because someone's always catching wind of them !!!

How do skunks know who to spray and who not to spray??
Instink !!!

Have you heard the joke about the skunk?? Nevermind, it
stinks !!!

Never ask a skunk for their opinion. You might get their 2 scents.

What do you call a skunk with a machine gun?? Pepe la pew, pew, pew !!!

What kind of sign do you put on a broken skunk?? Out of odour !!!

OK, OK that's enough!!
Hope you enjoy!! The jokes, not the smell !!

Love & hugs,
Rockin Robin

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