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11:44:48 AM

Hello everyone!

Every evening at approximately 5:30 pm (ish) I head on out to pick up my daughter at her job....At this time, the crows (thousands!!) are beginning to flock to their trees to roost for the evening........swarms and swarms of them flying from tree to tree...............waiting for the right moment when they leave those trees, again numbering in the thousands......to flock to their final destination.

This year it is in the branches of the trees that border the mall 3 miles from my apartment.....and that is only one of the final roosting sights for the evening...there are many!

The County where I live in Central Pennsylvania is the place where these crows "Winter Over" in the months of January and February. Somethingtocrowabout is the link that can be Binged, or Googled to see pics. They have a face book page, as well.

The reason I am writing this post is, that the other day, out my window in the early evening, is a group of trees that the crows picked that night for their flocking "start". My yard was filled with hundreds and hundreds of crows, and I so wished I could have got a good camera shot to include in this post! However, it just didn't do the scene justice. It is sort of like the Mummers Parade, you just "have to be there" for the full appreciation....
Soooo back to you, Mel! What's growing, kiddo???

june aka 717

9:32:51 AM

Morning all,

A chicken hawk having breakfast in Massachusetts,
I never had pigeon myself! .........he he

bye and God bless,

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