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4:23:38 PM

Hi Everyone

I just love this thread and seeing all your lovely photos.

Here is one of the young female Muntjac that often visits our garden, who was at the time, chasing a squirrel but I couldn't catch the chase on camera as they were to quick but it was very funny.

......also a pheasant that now comes when I call him :) and a English Nuthatch, I think they maybe a little more elongated that their cousins in America, they blend in so well when they are flush against the bark of the tree.

Freddie x
Rockin Robin

10:47:45 PM

Dear Leslie, Chrissie, and Karen,

First, Leslie, what an adorable little puppy!!! I just want to hug him and play with him!! He is so, so cute!!! And I love the name Judah, it is on my daughter's list of names for a boy when and if she has one!!

Chrissie, I was always touched by your stories of "Beautiful Boy" what a joyous time you had with him/her. I think you said you have a village close by with a harbour, maybe you will get to meet new ones one day. But for now I hope your friends keep you informed about your "Beautiful Boy" and keep sending you pictures. We love hearing about him and seeing the pictures!!!

Oh Karen, I loved your story about the green bird!! How delightful !!! Birds are very smart and naturally curious. I would have been overjoyed too Keep posting animals, you know I'm a sucker for them!!

Love You Sisters
Hugs, Robin

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