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Donna M

12:48:54 PM

Hi Mel,

Thank you so much for all you do and congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the website! Thank you also to Cheryl, Anna and Karen for all your hard work and for Mel allowing me to work with you on the Anniversary Call. I enjoyed what I consider to be the best call ever (at least since I have been a member of the community)! As Tracy said " This was a very uplifting and inspiring call."

Another big thank you to all of the manufacturers! I would like to especially acknowledge John B and Glen from Logos Nutritionals, who were able to join us on the call as well as sponsor three contest questions . Cathee from Natural Genesis who posted in the forum and joined us for a few minutes as well.

And last, but not least, thank you to all the members of this community who were able to attend. It was
a great turn out and I think everyone had fun participating in the contest. We were also blessed to hear from one of Mel's angels, Laura, who is now living a full life after Morgellons.

If you missed it, please do yourself a favor and listen to the recording of this wonderful call!

Love to all,


4:09:13 PM

Thank you Mel,

John, Glenn, Cheryl, Karen and Donna for this 10th Anniversary conference call!

Thank you for all the work put into this entire website and all the information shared today by each of you.

Thank you "Aunt" Laura for sharing your life after Morgellons! Anna, for the Tips for Beginners that makes it so easy to follow!

This was a very uplifting and inspiring call.

In His hands, Tracy

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