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1:03:42 PM
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Thank you both so, sooo much for your thoughts and encouraging words!! :)

I do think that I have a pack of parasites and fungal problems presenting in a syndrome similar to Morgellons, but I was concerned if I also have scabies on top of that... I have heard terrible things about the creams, in terms of health and effectiveness (and topical doesn't make much sense for something that lives in skin), but I also wouldn't want to have scabies and not know because I've read that can lead to crusted scabies.... which is not good. So my interest in the dermatologist is really to have someone on deck just in case. I still believe that I will resolve on my own with the protocol and will be diligent with aloe/tea tree oil in case.

The reason I'm questioning this is that I have such severely dry, flaky skin and I don't really remember that being such an issue when I first had Morgellons. I've also felt dehydrated despite drinking a lot of water though, so maybe that is the cause of the dry skin and I just have Morgellons with dehydration.. (getting an electrolyte panel done tomorrow).

I'm hoping that I can improve overall enough to be on the full protocol and share good news soon! :) thank you both SO much for sharing your experiences and thoughts on my case- It really means a lot to me :)
Fredddie bean

10:40:01 AM

Hi Jul

I am so sorry that you are suffering after having many years of being free of this disease.

I too thought I had scabies but this was before I found out I had Morgellons; I unfortunately made the Morgellons worse using the topical cream that is designed to get shot of Scabies. I now know it was this Permethrin cream that made my symptoms so unbelievably bad, along with treating the house which I thought had fleas with a flea spray, again this has Permethrin in, a real no no when you are suffering with Morgellons.

Your symptoms seem to be shouting out Morgellons, not Scabies to me but I'm not a doctor, i too went to a dermatologist and I was told basically it was in my head and that they could treat what was going on in my head and everything would be better, what a waste of time and money just to be told I was mentally disturbed. I only wish I had found Mel sooner because now on my medical records it says I have delusional parasitosis which will be on my files for life, so sad that the people you put your trust in, do not believe you. When you go, I would suggest you do not mention the word Morgellons just go in if you still feel the need to go and just ask what do you think this is, don't mention crawling or bugs!

I would get it nipped in the bud and get back on the diet, low carbs and no sugar straight away, if you remember back when you were on the diet before, it made a big difference and keep on the Logos supplements' or at least the ones you are able to take, given your recent underlying health issues. I have stomach issues so getting my immune system into some sort of shape is an issue but I am getting there, I went from planning my funeral to now seeing the light, the diet is such a big part and I am sure you must have noticed that back in 2012.

Just remember you have got well from this before, so you can do it again. Keep in touch.

Freddie x

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