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Robert Scott Bell

9:21:04 AM
His next conference call will be 5/21/22

Silver Hydrosol for Restoration of Intestinal Health and Balance
by Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom.

A sea of potential enemies threatening our gastrointestinal microflora lives within us. We carry both beneficial and potentially pathogenic bacteria in our gut, but it is the balance of all life that determines good health or a diagnosed condition. When the “bad guys” multiply due to poor diet, antibiotics, chlorinated water, food poisoning or medical drugs, this resulting manifestation is called dysbiosis. If health is your goal, reversing this situation becomes imperative. Dysbiosis contributes to more serious conditions including Crohn’s disease, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other inflammatory immune disorders. Chronic gut inflammation can also lead to malabsorption, cellular metabolic shifts and obesity.
Although counterintuitive because of its antimicrobial properties, newer research on silver hydrosol reveals its ability to benefit gastrointestinal health. Silver can be delivered internally to the gastrointestinal tract and offer important assistance for epithelial recovery and terrain restoration. in other words, silver is essential for much more than its powerful antimicrobial activity. Its anti-inflammatory and tissue-regenerative properties are underutilized, yet may be more important, for recovery from chronic intestinal diseases.
Bacterial imbalances and Candida overgrowth in the gut (dysbiosis) most acutely affect the epithelial tissue, including the villi. The intestinal villi are tiny, finger-like projections in the wall of the small intestine and have additional extensions called microvilli that protrude from epithelial cells lining the villi. As published in Wikipedia, “They increase the absorptive surface area of the intestinal wall. It is important that the food is absorbed at a considerably fast rate so as to allow more immediate sustenance on an ongoing basis, especially for recovery from chronic illness. If the process is too slow, the concentration of the nutrients in the blood vessels and the food will be equal, thus, adequate diffusion will not occur. Digested nutrients (including sugars and amino acids) pass into the villi through diffusion. Circulating blood then carries these nutrients away.”
But with gut dysbiosis and chronic inflammation, the villi are damaged. Nutrient absorption is highly impaired. Pathogenic (bad) bacteria and fungi complicate and retard the healing process from within. Inflammatory cytokines follow. The immune messengers keep sounding alerts. The inflammation spirals out of control. Your doctor sees this and typically prescribes antibiotics or even powerful synthetic steroid hormones like prednisone. In my book Unlock the Power To Heal (co-written with Ty Bollinger) the chapter on gut health recovery is titled The Road to Colostomy Bags is Paved with Antibiotics and Prednisone. Unfortunately, for every symptom these powerful drugs may suppress, collateral injury and damage is the higher price paid by your intestinal lining. Rather than balance or symbiosis, new and dangerous levels of dysbiosis result. Many in the medical profession and millions of Americans are waking to the dangers of antibiotics and steroidal treatments. It would be wise to investigate and integrate more natural substances that work with your body, rather than against it. Wouldn’t you rather have side benefits, instead of side effects?
Complementary medical options provide hope and are supported with sound scientific reasoning. As stated earlier, silver is well established for its broad-based antimicrobial activity as well.
Its ability to perform both functions on and in the body is actually well documented, as silver is used in a wide range of medical applications from catheters and stents to antimicrobial adjuncts, antibiotics, even socks and undergarments—all for promoting protection against a sea of pathogens, both external and internal.
When suffering from any kind of gut dysbiosis, it is important to do a thorough cleansing. Silver should be considered among the many of nature’s intestinal herbal cleansers. They are preferred to antibiotics for dealing with many, though not all, conditions. Antibiotics have their important life-saving role in medicine, when all else fails, but they are overused and abused to the point of creating significant damage and serious drug resistance (super bugs) within the microbial world. Considering that we are more microbe than mammal by the sheer number of bacteria living within us, to call this a high priority is a gross understatement.
Silver hydrosol, as used clinically, provides all of the antimicrobial power of antimicrobial drugs without the side effects.* Silver is a nondrug mineral option that actually supports healthy immune activity.
Although silver can reduce the presence of some beneficial bacteria, it certainly does not cause the collateral damage endemic to antibiotics nor does it breed microbial resistance. A recent study found that even at 2000 times the oral daily reference dose for ingestion, silver does not negatively impact gut microbiome biodiversity. In other words, even flooding the gut microbiome with silver, although reducing overall floral content, it does not result in opportunistic dysbiotic bacterial or fungal growth. In the study, its impact on microflora biodiversity was nearly identical to the safety profile following the flooding of the GI tract with water! Antibiotics, in comparison, were highly indiscriminate in the kill profile and led to significant dysbiotic micro-organism growth, including antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic-induced inflammatory damage to gastrointestinal epithelium leads to devastating future consequences. By contrast, silver, as a trace mineral and normal constituent of the mammalian diet, is as in line with the body as any natural nutrient or herbal medicine can be. It is even found naturally in all mammalian milk, including human breast milk in measurable trace amounts.
Indeed, a strong case can be made that silver is a critically necessary trace element since research by Dr. Gallyas in the 1970s originally identified receptor sites for it on myelin tissue surrounding the nerve cell.
In the human gut, silver impacts in a profoundly positive way via its inflammation modulation activity, cleansing and regenerating healthy new tissue at the site of infection and injury. Bioactive silver hydrosol ingested with aloe vera juice, followed by a quality pre- and probiotic, easily helps to eliminate all pathogenic microflora, assisting the body on its journey back to perfect balance.
When working with people suffering from chronic gut issues and Candida overgrowth, I have them take their silver with a very good quality Aloe vera juice, away from meals. All of this is part of a thorough cleansing. The silver-Aloe vera combination has powerful synergy, especially in carrying the active silver further along the GI tract where it is needed. Silver greatly facilitates epithelial tissue and villi recovery without inflammatory side effects or subsequent microbial resistance. It is a great first resort defender of your health and immune system.
After intestinal recovery, a sublingual maintenance dose (5mL one to three times per day) can be very helpful in assisting the body to guard against falling back again into bacterial disarray.
Why do I use and recommend bioactive silver hydrosol? Generic colloidal silvers tend to have too many compounds (salts and proteins), inactive agglomerations and inefficiently large particle sizes. What we are seeking is to maximize surface area, which only a pico-particle silver hydrosol such as Sovereign Silver® supplies. This, along with Argentyn 23® for health professionals (from the same company, NaturaImmunogenics Corp.) is the only product that I use for my family and recommend to those in need. I have not seen a more rapidly acting intestinal-health recovery protocol. You can access my intestinal health chapter from Unlock The Power To Heal with full protocol and supportive science at for free.

B Maintenance: 1 teaspoon daily
B Immunity-building: 3 teaspoons daily
B Chronic immune support: 5 teaspoons daily
B Gastrointestinal health: 1-2 tablespoons mixed with
Equal parts aloe Vera juice, swallowed straight to an empty stomach 3 times daily, 1 hour before meals.
B Acute immune support: 7 teaspoons daily
B Topical gel use: Clean affected area and apply generously as needed. Do not rub or pat dry. Leave a film.

Adult dose: Take 1 ounce of silver mixed with 1 ounce of aloe Vera juice, swallowing directly on an empty stomach 3 times daily, followed by probiotic replenishment every evening for 1 to 2 weeks. Those who weigh less than 120 pounds can use half the dose.

*“Side effects” are actually direct effects of a drug, but are labeled as such to minimize patient resistance to pharmaceutical drugs. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist before stopping or starting any drug therapy.

Robert Scott Bell is a homeopathic practitioner and an expert in silver therapeutics. Robert overcame 24 years of chronic illness by learning and applying previously hidden natural-healing methods, including homeopathy, and has since dedicated his life to revealing the healing power within us all. Doctors from all over the world regularly consult with him for assistance with their patients. His radio show is heard throughout the United States, Monday - Friday 3-5PM Eastern Time US and Sundays 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Link to his blog and podcasts at

For more information on bio-active silver hydrosol visit or call toll free 1-888-328-8840.


6:56:54 AM

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