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Theresa S.

12:30:40 PM

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to chime in on Mel's post about others being cured following this protocol.

When I 1st came to this website, I was desperately looking for a cure for this mysterious, crippling disease. I had searched and searched and found nothing but fear, horror stories, arguing and expensive 'solutions' that seemed to only curtail symptoms but not completely cure them.

I looked for Doctors that could assist me in eradicating this condition and only found Dr.'s that wanted to charge huge amounts of money just to walk in the door and then charge huge amounts of money for testing and guaranteed NOTHING. If you could even find a doctor that was willing to work with you, from what I read the majority had no answers or would most likely label you delusional and send you off to a psychiatrist.

I choose early on, that this was hard enough to battle without having to deal with the extra monetary expense (on disability and could not afford it anyway) or the emotional toll it would take on me.

In my darkest hour, I cried out to God to help me. I know many of you can understand that and have done it yourself. Very soon after I found this site and Mel. I read his story and reached out to him for help. I was paralyzed by fear and wanted to end it all, period. Somehow he reached deep inside of me and assisted me in finding the strength to go on and to fight.

I had no money and he sent me 2 months of the protocol for free. It was what I needed to get on my feet and proceed to fight this battle. He called me regularly and PUSHED me on. I have since asked him, why did he do these things and assist ME in this way? Why me?

He said, he could here something in my voice that I was a fighter, he just knew it. Of course he was right, although I had temporarily lost myself in the struggle, I am a Warrior Woman among other things, lol.

Mel gets no compensation or kicks backs for promoting the products he does. He does it because they worked for him and others. Mel does not charge people for the countless hours he spends on the phone with them or the myriad emails he responds to. He does not charge for website access. Mel takes money out of his own pocket to send people protocol free of charge.

Mel does all this and gets very little donations, if any.

The real question is not about Mel or the protocol but about ourselves. In the face of all he has done helping people get cured and regain their lives why do we as a community do nothing in return. I can count the number of people on ONE hand that are actively helping others on the forum.

Mel has shouldered this responsibility for several years now and I don't understand how on earth, without God's spirit and assistance he is able to do this. Frankly, I wouldn't.

Have people been cured? Yes. But these people for various reasons move on, but some of their stories are here. One need only feel their own shame and fear in dealing with this situation to understand why so many cured ones want to leave this whole ordeal behind like a bad nightmare. I know I would.

I had no other viable options to a cure. I had to do this or die, period. Did I initially have my doubts about Mel and his 'cure?' Yes, I did. While I am progressing steadily towards my 'cure' I know this - I am no longer suffering as I once did. Please feel free to read my story at, Experiencing less itching on me and my dogs, to follow my progression towards my cure.

Is the path easy? HECK NO! Would I rather take a pill or rub on some cream and be done with it? Absolutely! I soon realized that temporary fixes would not cure the real underlying issues that allowed this to take place. My body as a system was severely compromised on many, many levels and I needed to start dealing with it, immediately.

In this day and age where scams and schemes are prevalent, I understand the need to question everything. Will this work for you? That depends. Are you will to give it everything you have to make it work for you? Are you willing to do EVERYTHING required and fight to the very end?

Without making the necessary lifestyle changes, dietary changes, emotional and spiritual changes you will LOOSE, period. It is not the cure that failed, but the unwillingness to put our egos to the side and our will on the back burner and GOD upfront to change our lives over and make us anew.

Are you willing to fight with everything you have to be cured?

What are you willing to do to payback what has been graciously gifted to you?

It is all to easy to examine others under a microscope and pick them apart, while never being willing to do the same to ourselves. This journey will require you to examine yourself closely and honestly. Are you willing to do that?

I find in doing so I have little time to examine others. I find that in this honest examination of myself, I have a huge amount of work to do on me and I proceed to do it.

So I forge ahead on this path that God has so graciously given me. This has been a blessing for me because I have to live my life conscientiously and aware now. I can no longer sleep walk through life or live as a victim to my circumstances, or just get by day to day. I must take full responsibility for my life.

I invite you all to walk this path with me onto your own victory and graciously give back what has been gifted to you.

I send you love, light and healing.

Theresa S.
Deborah B

1:33:12 PM

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the encouragement. . . everything you said is resonating with me and I believe will be true for my family too. I am reading, reading, reading, as Mel recommends, in order to get ready to begin the protocol at the end of this week when my supplements arrive. Even my conversation with the folks at Logos was a big encouragement today. Everything about this approach gives me courage and hope.

Your account of how the protocol has helped you is great news. It's nice to see someone just three months ahead of us reporting such great results. I am particularly looking forward to the lifting of 'brain fog'! ;-)

Glad you are doing so well and thanks again for the boost in confidence today!


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