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3:33:30 PM

Dear Miles,

I am deeply sorry to hear that your dear daughter has this illness too. I absolutely know how awful that realisation was for you, absolutely devastating!!

I know, as my dog has it and an old friend of mine got it too. I was beyond distressed by both of them being affected. I do the absolute best I can for my dog. Sadly, my friend was in denial re toxic disease though she tested positive for Lyme. It is such an insidious and weird and unpleasant illness, on so many levels. Of course we want to protect those we love and for it to never happen to anyone else!!!

Though I am relieved to hear that your wife agreed for your wee girl to be on the children's protocol!!! :-) That's hugely important that you are both on the same page here and not wasting precious time re incompetent doctors who know nothing regards this disease.

It's also hugely relieving to know that children recover much better from toxic disease and the intervention needed is a lot less meds and no WPS either.

Your wee girl will get there OK, with you and your wife's diligence, love and care. The fact that you know what it is and acted immediately too will lessen the extent that she gets affected.

Hang in there Miles,
And please let us know how you are and how your wee girl is doing,

Take care,

9:00:48 AM

Oh God dear Miles,

I am so sorry to hear this. Yes , I get it.

1. The guilt : did I infect my beloved? Not just beloved, but , child.

2. The Hellish isolation of knowing exactly what is afoot/ahead, in the face of the usual denial of our truth despite very real evidence. Well meaning people can make that screaming isolation so much worse without ever knowing/intending. How can they know?
It’s unfathomable .

3. I’m aware that Mel is positive about kids doing often better than us oldies, as they haven’t lived as long , they haven’t had their immune systems/bodies subjected to so much pollutants/pathogens.
I truly hope your partner will afford you the option of early treatment to bolster the immune system.” It can do no harm “, only good.

I wish there was some help for our very dear , very beloved animals too. The watching of a beloved suffering and being powerless to mend them is beyond description.
I wish you well indeed Miles .

There is hope for your child .
Take care,
xxGwen ??(toxic Viking).

Ps. Miles, I am an ex-nurse too.

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