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Rockin Robin **

9:36:18 PM
Attention Newbies

Hello Newbies!

I saw that Tea gave you a wonderful list of groceries that are approved! Be sure to start memorizing the things you can have. It will become second nature in no time.

I am lucky in that my family is aware of my diet and they want to eat healthier too, so they have 1 meat and at least 2 vegetables for every supper. However I have cut back on eating so much meat as the meat makes more acid in the body and the pathogens thrive in that kind of environment. Mel advises eating meat only a couple of times a week.

When my family eats out or has pizza or something I can't have, I have some food cooked and other food in my fridge that I can have for my breakfasts and lunches, so i eat some of that for supper then. Sometimes if they eat out, I will order a steak, a salad, and a green vege such as asparagus or broccoli and they will bring it to me.

With time, you will find many great recipes in Delicious Dining that taste great and are approved and you will find yourself making up some great ones. I tweak recipes to suit me, but always stay approved and do no harm!! Use only approved ingredients!! I don't find the diet hard anymore!!

Here are a few good ones to look up: Chicken & Cauliflower Rice Soup, Pesto Chicken Stew, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Stuffed Pork Chops, and Mini Meatloafs.

You must try the Almond Joys recipe! It is fantastic!! Tea has some great recipes for pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread. The pathogens hate pumpkin and pumpkin seeds! Be sure to add raw shelled pumpkin seeds to your nuts list as a snack. Count the carbs in everything though.

I hope this is some more helpful info. You will add slowly to the diet new recipes and it will get easier and easier!!

Look in the Forum for my post that says " Reposted For Newbies: Diet/Food Help ". It also has some great info. for you!

You've got great lists to choose and shop from now. You can't buy it all at once but can vary your shopping choices. Hope Tea and I have helped you guys with diet!!

Til Later, be a warrior and fight this disease with a healthy diet and " The Sum Of The Parts "!! YOUCAN DO THIS, I BELIEVE IN YOU!!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

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