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Rockin Robin

2:53:10 PM

Dear Brian,

Before I found Mel and then even the first couple months or so after I found Mel and help, yes the pathogens floated in the air like lint or hair! They are coming out of you! Don't be alarmed!! Better out than in!! They will go away with time as you get better and better!!

I purchased an Oransi Hepa Filtration Air Purifier machine. It has 3 filters and cleans the air of everything. It did cost me around $300,00 dollars. You can vacuum or brush the main filter every 3 months and only replace triple filter once a year.
I feel it works well and was a wise investment!!

I am not familiar with the rabbit ones but thought I would just chime in. I used my income tax money and bought a hepa vacuum cleaner, the air purifier, 2 diffusers, and stocked up on protocol, Kleen Green, S. Silver, and WPS. Did the same thing with Stimulus check. I bought a few things I needed and stocked up on supplies to help heal this disease. It truly helped when I had very lean months and was out of money!

I also donated to Mel and never miss the chance to do so when able!! He is our second savior, our health guru!!

I hope this helps, just sharing!!

In His Love,
Hugs, Rockin Robin

9:57:19 PM

Hi Brian!

I know many have a Rabbit Air Purifier, and have found it helpful. I think it was the Rabbit 2.0 that people purchased from Amazon. I’ve always used the other popular device which is shown in the picture and I have found it to be very helpful.

Hope that helps!

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