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11:33:16 AM

Hi Again Maria,

For some reason, I did a Google search today with these words..."Mels Morgellons Protocol." It's really because I'm too lazy to put in this site's address and just go to Google and enter "Mels Morgellons" in the search box and then just click on the "Forum" link. It's the way I go quickly to the site to read the posts.

However, today it had "Mel's Morgellons Protocol" as the first click on thing under the search box when I started typing in my usual, so lazily, I clicked on that one.

Ok...enough of what I did...but...what I found surprised me...and in a good way! If you do a search with those words you'll see some interesting articles AND Mel's Youtube videos pop up! That's new and very exciting because it will help so many others who are looking for answers.

I found one article on this list from a while back (2011), and it was about WPS...formerly known as MMS. The person writing mentioned being afraid of the WPS (MMS) and how things unfolded from there.

The article was from 2011, but it was dead on timely for right now as well.

Here's the link:

Morgellons – A Mundane Approach

I think you'll find it interesting, reassuring, and especially's even more evidence that the WPS makes a HUGE difference...then and now.



P.S. I just HATE the taste of it and I can be the world's biggest baby about taking it, but I've gotten used to it now. you can split the dose, so you're not tasting it as much...split dose means less drops per dose. To me, the only downside is the taste. There is no doubt that taking it on a regular basis has gotten me a quantum leap closer to the finish line. I always notice a big improvement in my symptoms when I take it like I'm supposed to.

11:41:30 PM

Hi Maria,

Welcome to the forum, so glad you're here with us.

I was talking with Mel on the phone today and he had told me about a recorded conference call that I should listen to. On this particular call there is a guest speaker (Mr. Common Sense) who puts a lot of fears to rest in regards to WPS (back then called MMS). I remembered reading your post today and immediately thought you'd be interested in listening to this call so that it would make you less fearful of taking the WPS.

Here's the link (you need to click on it and it downloads to your computer):

May 20, 2010 - Guest Panel - Rose and Pat (aka PS)

I hope this helps,
God Bless,

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