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5:43:49 PM
Getting Closer

Hi Everyone,
Following up with my reaction to Immune Pulse!
I am on week 5 after taking a week off after my 3rd week. I am feeling tired a lot and sleepy and feels like I am having some purging all over, better out than in!
I do sleep well with my CBD Oil which I am happy with. Still making Mel's Rescue Soup, which a big pot will last several days, thank you Mel. Still trying to stay home & relax. Hope this gets me to the happy dance.

God Bless!

10:33:55 PM

Hi Everyone,

I am following up on my week 3 on Impulse Pulse to keep you informed.

I am starting to feel crawlies all over my body starting today. I am eating Mel's Rescue Soup and spraying Kleen Green all over my body and rubbing Braggs apple cider vinegar all over my body helps and Mel's lemon elixir to drink!!

I am still staying home & trying to relax.

Karen, I was wondering what your symptoms are??

I skip a week after tomorrows dosage and then start over.

I will keep you informed!

God Bless,

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