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8:11:36 AM

Happy Birthday, Thomas!

I hope you had a nice day and found the time to do something you enjoy.


6:49:05 PM

Happy Birthday Thomas!

I hope you've found a way to celebrate in some way and have some fun...or just time to yourself to do some things you want to do.

It was so good to hear your voice today on the conference always have so much to add, and you're so encouraging to all of us.

What a difference there's been in your life in this last year! You got out of your toxic truck driving business and are now in a new've (almost) resolved some legal issues that have been hanging over your head, AND your health is SO much better.

It's had to have been a rough ride...but...your perseverance and stoic nature has been such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for being so transparent in what is going on in your life in sharing it with all of us. That was so generous of you. You didn't have to do that...but it DOES help others who are dealing with their own struggles.

You are a wonderful example of how to manage life's bumps in the've been traveling over some pretty rocky terrain, but you've almost come out on the sunny side!

My prayers are for you to continue to progress in such positive directions this year, and continue to get toward the complete finish line in your recovery.



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