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10:49:17 PM

How do you deal with buying clothes or just anything in general?

Like, is there any way to avoid reintroducing fibers into the environment? I thought ordering online would be better but it's all the same. I received a polo shirt in the mail a couple days ago from JC Penny and of course it had fibers in it.

I'm not sure if I should soak it in Kleen Green & MMS or if I should throw it away. Any advice?

To the original poster Katie, I also see fibers everywhere. Literally everywhere I go, everybody I meet, has these fibers! I mean in some cases it could simply be human hair, pet hair or lint (I can't always do an inspection).

But to me, every fiber might as well be morgellons (and I've been proven right every time I managed to do an inspection).

It's crazy how common this is (it spreads so easily) and no one knows about it.

3:25:59 PM

Hi friends...

Internal cleansing is so important, diet .. I feel anti candida is best, and protocol. Lint rollers , the sticky kind are good for removing fibers from clothing.
If you can ever dry sauna is a great way to help alleviate some of the purging sensations by skin elimination with sweating .. Although it may not be good for those with high blood pressure and the Herx may be stronger for certain people.

Wash your clothing in MMS.. Towels if their white in bleach ... It helps. I have found keeping my sons clothes separate from mine to be helpful.

Hair can be washed in anti dandruff shampoos .. It helps if you have scalp issues..

Tyler and I are both doing so good right now.. Occasionally we have a thing happen to remind us we have a little more work to do.
I am on the protocol more than a year and still taking It ..
I was able to return to a full day of school ...
I love what I'm doing ... Although I have my secrets ..
I take breaks to take my vitamins .. I live off of rabbit food .. Every day I have salads ... All of my new class mates think I'm just a health nut! ;)

I find starving the fungal aspect of Morgellons is a good way to minimize my symptoms .. To the point where years of this diet and one year of religious taking of the protocol, I AM LIKE NORMAL!!!

My son Tyler takes a partial protocol , flora and candida rid and he continues to improve... No rashes for sometime now... And occasional fungal hair or two on his body after showering .. I notice it best.. But he was having major rashes , with purging.
He is doing better and is my everything!

Have faith ... Your outcome has a lot to do with your out look... Believe, know, trust that you will conquer .... Be a warrior!! Never Ever Give Up HOPE!!
God has come through every time I trusted him! Even when my perspective looked hopeless may not know the way out, but trust...

I joke with a fellow warrior amber and say ... One day we will be 80 women talking about how we conquered Morgellons in spite if the opposition by the medical community...

We are warriors, affirm your good .. In spite of what you may see The universe led you to a great place, with support by others who have been where you are, are where you are and those who have fully restored there health.
They care so deeply about you ... We are each others support:)

Yours in spirit
All my love ,

4:00:47 AM


I don't get bite, when I wear just cheap and ugly polyester.
When I wear cotton, which is more expensive, I get bite, probably because, pathogens cannot feed on artificial polyester, but cotton is biological.
I went to Wal-Mart, to buy polyester stocking, t-shirts, pants and sheets. I look like the old Polyester Queen !

7:29:40 PM

I got infected by a feather boa I touched while I was cleaning out my own attic in my house. I think it was from China. I didn't see anything but at the time I did feel a force field or something. later I got a bite - and you know the rest. I tried to clean the house and couldn't. Every time I cleaned - I got bitten. I really freaked out after a while. Every day waking up and trying to clean up buying new products and every day getting bitten more with this terrible disease.At one point reading bird - another forum web site I noticed that some people just moved and brought nothing with them. That sounded good to me. I moved, brought almost nothing with me - bought all new clothes and wash them everyday. I bathe every day in bath salts and borax for an hour and my son and I are doing fine. Nothing on the walls - no rugs no curtains. I steam clean the floors often and wash the laundry every day. My son is not infected. We keep our towels separate. I know it seems extreme but I am not getting bitten anymore and no lesions so I feel it was the right decision for me. My problem is now completely internal which is now my battle. With Mel's protocol I hope to win it. After one month I am still relieved to not be living with the dreaded mites. God Bless us all. Never Give Up Hope.

9:36:19 PM

Putting 91% rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spraying the inside of your clothes and underwear before putting them on helps prevent getting stung and bitten from your clothes.

It must be 91% rubbing alcohol. The lesser strength does not work.

I sometimes add a little essential oil, like peppermint oil, to my spray bottle of alcohol.


3:23:43 PM

Clothing. A quick question. Have anyone tried to use alum in washing their cloths? I haven't yet, but something tells me it might help. It stiffens everything. May be it can change something in their structure by stiffening it? Just an idea. I am going to try soon and will keep you posted. I started to use medical drapes over my sheets and I throw them away after single use. It helps a lot, and I don't use towels any more, paper towels and not too much laundry, just the cloths. I feel we get reinfected with the clothing over and over again. Thanks for all the info you have here.

5:57:04 PM

A couple days ago I 'officially' gave up and asked for a miracle. Something happened and I am thankful to find your site that focuses on the solution. I think it is called Hope. Thank you all

11:51:42 AM

Recently read that you can put white vinegar in your washer instead of fabric softener to get lint detached from your clothing. It seems to work removing most of the lint like particles.

2:30:19 PM

To all you guys who mentioned lint balls, fibers floating in the air, black specks, certain cottons more infected your right on track and are very smart.

It really helps use the dryer on the highest setting and for a long period of time. Don't be afraid to empty the lint trap. Just hold it away from you body and gather it fast to throw in the garbage. Use dust buster to vacume all around area. Then wash your hands. CAMI

5:50:37 AM

for me, and i almost zero symptoms 95% cured. i bought a new bed and covered it with vinyl cover that i wipe w/ clorox wipes and my pillows taboot. i sleep in a synthetic sleeping bag i bleach every night. i believe this has helped my healing a lot. also rwad all the threads on here this site is great

9:53:15 AM

Hiya Tim,

Welcome as always.

Glad to hear that you are doing so well. I hope that your quality vitamins include a broad spectrum probiotic... if not, long term use of the antibiotics will eventually take a heavy toll on your body.

As I often say, it is not some of the parts, but the sum of the parts that make our protocol so effective.

Wishing you continued success in the restoration of your health.

God Bless You; Never give up Hope!

Lady Dee

6:07:10 PM

Hi Tim,

That is great news about almost being cured. Congrats there! I have a question, though. Does the large amount of Vitamin C affect your digestive tract at all and if so how do you handle that or do you take another supplement to counteract the possible side effects? (not to get personal but just wondering) Thanks so much and God Bless.

Lady Dee


12:35:32 PM

In the beginning I purchased a camping bed from Walmart, a vinyl air mattress with some folding legs so you are off the floor. Easy to wipe down and you can put a fitted sheet on it.
I am much better now, almost cured-taking quality vitamins, 6-10,000 units day of vitamin C, the Bactrim and have added Azithromyacin (1000 units) day. This combination is really working for me!

9:31:15 PM

Can anyone tell what kind of bed to get. I sleep on a air mattress. These things get in it.

8:04:07 PM

Hi Healing Bird, I would like to know if anyone has had reinfection from bamboo products, someone got me some towels and bathmat made of it and Whamo !!! I had b een doing so..... well and now i'm almost back where I started , so sad , mine is mostly on my scalp, with few bites , some crawlies, some times , the stuff in my ears is the worst they have been with me since almost the beginning, nothing kills them , I spent thousands I know, one thing and I don't care how crazy this sounds but I try anything ( safe ) that comes to mind, If you hold your breath as long as you can , you'll feel like something is passing from your body, hard to discribe, and the ones ( whereever they are scalp etc. ) seem to subside or become less ? who knows maybe they need oxygen like everthinbg else. reply to terry

10:28:51 AM

Hiya Healing Bird,


You have found the right web site. We have all been
or are Morgellons sufferers. At this time I am happy to say I have been Morgellons FREE for fifteen plus months and off all Morgellons related medications for four months.

I still am on my Logos supplements and will continue them to assure I stay healthy. I also take a couple of the vitamins, two minerals that were the results of the lab testing. They recommended I take these supplements for three to six months to bring these levels back to normal.

It is the purpose of our web site to help others regain their health!

If your father is willing to pay for another doctor visit, perhaps you could ask him to assist in paying for the lab testing which has been made available by Pam to help determine the right antibiotics and antifungals as well as any supplements or nutrients you may require in combatting our disease.

I suggest you take the following steps:

1st. Please contact Pamela @ morgellons, she has a network of Morgellons educated doctors, and all the information on and about available Lab testing.

2nd. Lets get you to read as much as you can on our web site (please also take a look at the rules). Use our search engine feature to answer your questions in the order which you find important!

If you do this, you will find the answer to what you claim is your biggest challenge. For example, you will find in this very thread discussions about washing clothes, MMS and how to use it. If all these things fail, then ask Miss Pam to teach you as she did me after I turned a few T-shirts into Tye Dye works of art (I have been thinking about auctioning them on the website to raise money).

3rd. Study the protocol page - the first steps to better health.

It really does work!

If you would like to talk, then email a convenient time and your Phone#.

My e-mail is (

Welcome again,

God bless, never give up Hope!

Healing Bird

2:02:00 PM

Well, maybe four in the same outfit (if you could call it that) boxers and a t-shirt the t-shirt is now ripping from all the soaking and washing and is now see through!!! embarrassing!! I have to live with my stepmom and dad. (nightmare). i have tried every avenuw with the washing. I always inspect my clothes before I put them on (probably need to stop doing that) and those buggers are still alive. I read somewhere that if bleach doesn't kill them it nutralizes them...judging by all the stinging I am feeling today I'm gonna say it must vary. I am emotionally exhausted now. Being trapped in the house, in the same clothes and in this infected body is starting to wear on me now. On a better note, internally I am feeling better. Still crawling on my scalp and legs. I took a detox bath last night and felt one in my hand running to deeper tissue (and it hurt like all hell, not to mention scared the dickens out of me). I don't know if I'm moving in the right direction but I do know that re-infection and my clothing and environment is my main problem. My dad wants to take me to see his doctor (why? I don't know.) I have already been to so many doctors. I find it weird he still wants to blow 300 dollars on a doctor's visit when i know what they will say, rather than spring for a vinyl mattress cover so that I don't have to sleep on trash bags anymore. I hate that I can't work out here and I'm broke like this. It seems to have created an additional prison fro me to be trapped in. Note to any who are looking for an antifungal..GARLIC is some serious stuff. I continually up my dosage because of the reinfection issue and notice a difference almost always. I chop it up and eat it raw (and taking nutra sliver now). It takes a while to see serious results but I noticed 'things exiting' after the first day. Hoping and praying I can get into my own space SOON and start doing some serious healing in a pest free environment. If anyone has any ideas on the clothing issue or what clothing i can buy that may be safe PLEASE let me know. My birthday is tomorrow. Maybe I can just sleep through it.

7:18:03 AM

I wanted to address the contagiousness aspect you mentioned. There are five of us in this home. I was nursing my two year old girl and that is how I gave it to her...I didn't even know what I had at the time...I quit nursing as soon as I figured it out, so she got it within two weeks of me getting it. Two weeks after that, my five year old son had symptoms. (They like to crawl in bed with the closeness probably did it.) However, my husband never got it by sleeping in the same bed with me. Another child age 14 never got it....and no one else I am around ever got it! Also, my kids are already cured by all the healthy food/supplements and cleaning techinques you will find on this site. I am nearly cured, and do suspect the reinfection may be more the problem than anything. I think my 'water saving' washing machine is not great for this, and the clothes need a longer soak. But this can and is being cured...prayers to you and praises to Jesus Christ the Lord!
Healilng Bird

12:51:55 PM

Hey Who,

I'm not really sure how I got it. I'm thinking it came straight from the cotton issue but I'm not sure. I just want it gone. I think that the underlying problem can come from many different possibilities but the fiber aspect of it must come from the cotton parasites. That is the only thing that makes any sense to me. After doing some research (googling) it seems that a build of bio film in the body is what leaves people unable to defend themselves from invaders. the cotton parasite has been genetically modified and that is what has made it so much harder to get rid of. I believe that 100 percent. There are lots of conspiracy theories about bio warfare and things of that nature. I don't know about that, I think it may have been accident, that we are all paying for. I have lucky that my condition never got as bad as some, but as soon as i figured out what was happening I began to take it very seriously, even though no one else has. I'm assuming, I don't know, that once you can rid your body of the bio film, that your immune system will kick back in and your body will start to recognize that these things are not suppose to be there and start knocking them out. The bio film protects them, and anything else that may be there unknown to us. I noticed that when i do my detox bath (peroxide and epsom salt), there are things that come out that don't look anything like the others. Very small, if I wasn't so obsessed with this I probably wouldn't have even notice. I've upped my garlic intake and definitely noticed a difference. The shirts I bought recently were definitely contaminated. I unloaded everything I picked up from that shirt and the air in the detox bath. There was a lot.

I'm glad I sound so together because I have definitely had many moments of weakness. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with.Not to mention deal with alone. I hope you get that place. I'll say a prayer about it for you. I wouldn't mention anything about this to them (I'm sure you were already thinking the same thing.) When it comes to the carpeting, tell them you have sever allergies and have to have tile. I actually do have heavy allergies and have a hard time anywhere that has carpet.

As for people catching it, like I said when I got here I found that their house already had it. And no one in my family is infected but me. My mom is a vegan and natural health counselor. Her immune system is pretty tough. My dad has many health issues and takes several medications. I wonder it he may already have it not know..but he thinks I'm pretty nuts already so even suggesting anything like that would fall on deaf ears. My sister shows no signs of anything either but she is hardly ever here. I decided against the dryer again just because I went and took a look at the lint trap and it was covered. I try to get in out of the wash room as quick as possible. If I was the only one using the dryer I would try it again. But I have read people who you around may not be infected but can definitely be carriers and reinfect you over and over. (i don't hug anyone). Actually I haven't hugged anyone in months. Kinda sad. Well, I rambling now cause I'm stuck in this house again today, let me know how it goes! Keep in touch.

10:18:32 PM

Hi again Healing Bird,
I appreciate all your advice. I've been to 2 of those sites and also to Lymebusters. I think that was the first site that existed when I first got this.
Do you have any idea how you got it? Ihave a few ideas but too boring to get into.
I am on John's protocol and also I take oregeno and MSM and B12 and cinnamin(sorry about my spelling.)
I noticed that Morgellons has really afected my 'intellegence' I can't read a book or even a magazine.
It has taken me 5 yrs to finally get out of here but I don;t want to get my hopes up yet. I still have to go before a board . Here in NY there's nothing but co-ops and condos.
I also lost family and friends over this. I know what you mean. It's really hard to believe this stuff. I might think someone was nuts if they told me about all this if I hadn;t experienced it myself.
You sound really together though and like you'll be able to get your life back. I lost a man also. He was lucky. He left before I got this or I think he probably would have gotten it too.
I have a son who I don;t let in here. we meet outside. He had a touch of it but it seems to have gone away since he left. Thank God.
I think it's easier to get rid of if your're young and if you catch it early.
I should warn you about Lymbusters. The people who post are all very nice and very supportive but it gets pretty graphic there. I stopped going on the site but that's just me. They Do have lots of info and tips there.
You're right about the cleaning. It can drive you nuts,
I'm moving to a studio apt so it will be less area to clean. I just hope they don;t make me get carpeting. They do that in alot of bldgs here.I'd love to get tile floors. Maybe we'll talk in the conference call. good luck! W
Healing Bird

10:12:16 PM

oh, and the reason your tv and computer are covered is because they are attracted to them. try to turn them off when you aren't using them and try to use the computer less if possible..for a while.
Healilng Bird

9:46:23 PM

Hey Who,
the things are everywhere! Don't throw out your family photos!!! buy a new photo album! please don't do that. I have noticed that when i clean there is more the next's very frustrating but I also noticed that when I clean I tend to kick them up into the air so i honestly clean less. besides it was messing with my sanity. they are all over especially if you consider how many years they may have gone unnoticed..and they multiply. I am like you, pretty much trapped in my head about with this, with no emotional support from family I was pretty much ready to give up. But that is not an option so we have to take this step by step. It is lucky that you can move but keep in mind, I came to my dad's not knowing exactly what I had and when i figured it out, I came to find the little things were already here! You will probably have to do some maintenance in the matter at your new place but as for dishes and things that you can wash off, I would keep. Wash em and stick right into a zip-lock bag and seal it up. You can get zip bags and borax and all that stuff cheap at Walmart. Clothes...well that's up to you, I'm having no luck in that department. I definitely will not be buying anymore clothes at walmart though. The environment is the hardest thing especially if you have carpeting and lots of drapes and animals..(like my dad's house does). i can't wait to get out of here and move down south into my own empty tiled apartment. I'm just waiting it out for now. there are a couple of sites that have some great tips you might want to try. I am gonna listen to Tim and try using the dryer again, after vacuuming out the lint trap. As for the black dots and specifics of that nature, there is one site that explains a lot about that stuff. I'm not really sure. But i do know that the boxers I bought from Walmart plastic sealed from El Salvador, had them in there already..These things are very hard to deal with but atleast you are in your own place and there are things you can do. I just don't think there is anyway to avoid them entirely because it so wide spread. Are you doing any internal work? Detoxing..things like that? FYI, they hate salt and love sugar..Please check out these other sites and let me know how you are doing. i really appreciate sites like this because I have found (when my man broke up with me recently), you have to experience it to really understand and some people who don't understand don't want to be bothered with it. I don't know all of, but i care about all of you.


12:16:54 PM

I tried Nutrasilver and no, it did nothing for me-I suggest cleaning out your dryer vents and using it to dry your clothes-they come off in the hot dryer. Use a Swiffer to clean floors and walls down unless you have carpet. you need to fight these from the inside out as we are magnets for biting bugs no matter where we go.
Healing Bird

11:56:15 AM

I have figured out the issue with the clothing as a point of reinfection a while back and it has been a nightmare. I just went to walmart and bought prepackaged t shirts and boxers. Bleached them for an hour and hung them dry in my closet. When i put them on today I am noticing they are scratchy on my skin and itchy and now im feeling a little pricking sensation here and there. I have gotten rid of so many clothes because of this. I am down to almost nothing...I have tried boiling them before, unknown to my dad because he would kill me. It seemed to work for a while, but still same thing. I stopped using the dryer because i noticed little fuzz balls on the clothes that weren't there when i took them out of the washer. Ive even tried ammonia...I thought maybe my polyester dress was safe but when i took it out of the zip-lock bag they flew off the dress all over!!! I don't use towels, I blow dry myself at night and last night, slept in the bare while my boxer dry. It is true. I believe we are getting rid of them and then reinfected over and over. I have almost no symptoms but can tell right away when I have reinfected. I think the best bet is to get rid of the biofilm in the system so that we are not so susceptible to these things, and other things in the environment we have not encountered yet. I don't know what else to do besides walk around naked. I read somewhere to not buy clothing from india or china but that south america, cananda, and us were pretty safe. In walmart, not one thing made in the USA...not one! the stuff i bought was from Nicaragua and El Salvador...that's the best I could do as my dad refused to take me anywhere else. I got one pair of pants and basically t shirts and boxers. that is my entire wardrobe now. Nightmare. So as I said, best bet is to pump the immune system and clear out biofilm..these things are everywhere and we may not be able to escape. I have seen them floating in the air (at my face) on tables cabinets curtains (took the curtains down in my room). I have to go out in public sometime. I feel like this has completely taken over my life and i am tired of it now. I am literally running from lint!!! This is my dad's house and ican't so all the things I need to create kootie free environment so I just have to figure out a way to make my body strong enough to fight them off. My dad is ordering nutrasilver for me today, which is I believe is suppose to eradicate the parisite and help to eliminate the biofilm, which also a major cause of all this. Fingers crossed. At least it's nice out today.
pamela mae

1:45:39 AM

Dear Del,

Mold grows in damp places.
I love Oregano,and have seen great results for other friends that I know through this site.
I would have said that about Oregano too for myself - previous to testing with Great Plains Labs
I was tested with Great Plains Labs and one of the things they test for the body (so there is no guess work) are natural products to fight fungus.

One of these is Oregano, it is tested to show if your personal body is able to use it.
Mine was not,and I was taking it.

They did test my body with several natural substances for fungus,and my individual response was that I could use several other natural agents to fight the fungus,and I needed 1 prescription.

Hope this helps a little bit.
Pamela mae

1:57:42 PM

GAIA Oregano Oil - - Best ever for fungus - Take 1 to 3 gel caps a day. (Around $20 per 60 gel caps. Then you will realize the fungus isn't so difficult to eradicate - To keep the fungus away - - move to a dry, climate and home free of fungus and mold - - and/or use a de-humidifier in the home. Makes one feel much better also
Pamela Mae

2:25:59 PM

Sherry honey and all others who read this,

Fungus is the food for our disease.
And as Mel has said so often,the most difficult
thing to eradicate in the human body is fungus.
The human body presents the perfect host for fungal growth,WARM-DARK-MOIST.

That is why although mel has stopped taking all prescription drugs since Thanksgiving,(which he mentioned in his post on December 10-titled A Message from the Mel man not to be confused with the Mail man)
he has stated he will still stay on the anti fungal parts of the protocol,he will continue with the anti fungals which are for him:
*molecula silver morning
*oil of oregano evening
As well as staying on the Logos Wellness Protocol to insure optimal health.

Sherry honey please do not spray yourself or your internal environment with roundup or any pesticide.

Your little tired body and immune system cannot handle the stress and toxins that these chemicals will subject you to.

May the richness of Gods love surround you with much Agape'(true love)
Pammie Mae


8:59:32 AM

I am actually laughing (it's hard to do when you have M ). There is no ONE cause to Morgellons. It is contracted in MANY different ways and comes in many different forms. Everyone needs to concentrate on getting well and THEN staying well and avoiding "potential" re-infection.
Nothing else matters.
I believe we have determined the basic infective agents and routes to getting better. These are the things we need to concentrate on!
pamela mae

8:18:48 PM

For what its worth....
the clothes in the laundry have already been washed,you do not rub them on your body right?
you know what to look for in morgellons?
Don't be wearen the laundrymat clothes girly friend ..
Take a deep breath.....
I can see the boogie man in my tea at 4:00am too!

Honey girls -we have to live our lives.
I am not going to walk up to a morgellons patient and say 'let me run my comb through your hair and then through mine'
but certainly I like cotton,I am wearing it.

Much Agape to you always,
Pammie Mae

6:57:54 PM

OMG. I think I might have a real problem. If cotton is infected and is the source of this disease: then my profession as a Dry Cleaner is in real jeopardy. I have worked in the industry for many years and it is basically all I know. I am my own sole support and have people who depend on me and my income. Any suggestions?
Susanne to Lyn

5:19:36 PM

It is very interesting to hear you are a retired college professor, you prob possess an ocean of knowledge...
It was also interesting to hear of views to help prevent re-infection, most of us do not want to experience this after cured . .afterall even Mr. CommonSense said he was feeling a re-infection himself on Thanksgiving.

Please write me as soon as you can at

I'd like to be pro-active in getting to the bottom of this. . in addition it may spare innocent others from this ordeal and what to be cautious of. It's not just about me getting well, its about prevention for others. .
God will use this for the good.



12:56:18 PM

Dear Lyn,

Welcome and thank you for posting!
Will be glad to see and hear what you have to say!
Please feel free to contact me , ask Mel for my email.

Sherry Taylor

1:11:46 AM

Sherry speaking..wonderful posts. My experience is soaking in mms without rinsing disintegrated the sheets. I don't mind the holes..I have bigger problems..but can you enlighten us more about laundry and cleaning protocols that work, again please? It seems synthetics aren't safe either as many of my exercise clothes are magnets for critters. These nylon north face pants I bought this year at Costco seem to attract the fungus balls with hairs sticking out of them??? so it's not just cotton anymore. Some rayons and bamboo are bad too. 'Changes' stopped carrying a modal combo..that grew things like crazy. One of the sales person's who had done her PHD(I know, what was she doing there?) in this field told me about it when I know this know the rest. The older stuff in second hand stores actually seems to be better...but you do have to examine it carefully.
I like things that dry quickly and don't grow things.
What is this fungus..I think that is what it is anyway..balls that look like lint with hairs sticking out. I got rid of the springtails most of the 'hair worms'(filial?)..mites are still an issue although they seem to have changed from brown to white..there is fresh white paint here...could they be eating it?
But the fungus.. my goodness...what pray tell kills it? Please someone
tell me. I just want to get better.
I heard 'roundup' pesticide(starts with g) whose patent had expired was being sprayed on everything in the third world. Could that have anything to do with it? I do agree we need to stay focused on a cure..but sometimes knowing the cause can help find a cure can't it? It is depressing though I have to agree..octupi genes and rabitt..mind the antidote please? Sincerely, Sherry Taylor
John B

1:21:59 PM

I have always strongly advocated wearing cotton over any synthetic fabric, but potential contamination resulting from GMO technology has complicated that somewhat.

Still, I agree with Mel's recommendation... wash before you wear.

1:10:47 PM

Hiya no name,


name, no matter who you are, the post will be ERADICATED.
Pick a name if you don't want others to know who you are. When you post on this web site, we are all entitled to know who is giving the us the information.

As far as cotton goes, don't be afraid of cotton, just make sure you wash it in MMS before you wear it.

God bless,

12:34:12 AM

I think cotton gets easily infested. I'd try other fabrics like polyester, rayon, leather, and possibly silk.

John B

10:21:42 PM

Yes we do.
Pamela Mae

9:49:03 PM

Your mom was so cute on the call today,I enjoyed her immensley :-)

Honey girl,I know you are soooo serious about getting well.

When speaking with you on the phone,you are not only someone I consider a 'great lady' but also 'very smart'

One of the hardest things about this disease is to focus and not overload ourselves with scarey information or overload our already taxed bodies with 'too much'!

Even too much of a good thing can hurt us,when our livers,adrenals,immune system are taxed.

I am going off to read your email right now and am so hoping that 'You and I can work together on a true path for recovery' by

1.Focusing on getting your testing which covers more bacterias,more fungus,more parasites,more research than anything mentioned above.

2.Finding you a GPL Doctor- who will field any questions you have and also transition with you.

3.Following 1 standard protocol set out for your specific needs ...and focus only on that as well as very positive thoughts.

I know its hard baby girl especially when we are huggey lovey people, but in my heart of hearts my major drive is

'this dang thing is NOT going to STEAL my life nor will it take from me Love.'

This drive helps me refocus and say
'THINK smart Pam , don't get distracted,think smart stay focused,you have a goal,this DANG STUFF WILL NOT WIN.'
Let us help you get better,that would be my joy.

Blessings my dear sister,I am going now to read emails I have a 9:00 to bed curfew,(I am detoxing and those who love me most want me well ;-))

Pamela Mae

4:52:20 PM

Mel, I am so sorry - my last contribution was being posted just as you were posting yours. I had no intention of stirring up controversy. I won't post again. This information is part of what the government grant and study is considering in California, however.

Thank you for very much for your website, your information and your protocol. I just found your site yesterday. I intend to use your information and hope that it works for me. I am a retired college professor and research was a part of my doctoral program, so I just wanted to get at the cause.

Please forgive and may God Bless You richly for your contributions to us sufferer.

4:39:25 PM

Mel, I know the purpose of your website is centered on how you were cured and that you want the main emphasis to be on how we might cure this disease. However, I have found the following information very compelling as to cause and a start toward information leading to the prevention of re-infection after being cured.

Robin, the following excerpt was taken from a website which might be labeled a 'Conspiracy Theory Website,' just judging by the title. However, it was from this online discussion of 'Fiber Disease' that I found key words to do scientific research on Monsanto, Dow and government research projects.

I suggest starting at the beginning and reading all of it carefully. I couldn't bear to read it all through the first time - - I stopped part way and just wept.
Excerpt from a sufferer of 'Fiber Disease.'

<< To shorten up this long story I will tell you that the fibers I have on my body were hollow, cellulose, fluorescent and were blue , red and whitish as well as crystalline . This led me down the rabbit hole to bioengineered fibers containing pathogens.

I next focused on oomycetes pathogens that were being bioengineered into pesticides and Lagenidium Giganteum came on the scene as a bioengineered Mosquito larvacide . It was touted to be harmless to mammals. It was in the form of 'mycelium and oospores ' to quote the pan pesticides data base. Sounds like fibers to me. A common practice in making biofibers is to add fluorescent marker dyes. Luciferase and Green fluorescent protien could account for the color and fluorescence Of these strands.

A short time later it was documented that a number of dogs had died from an emerging new oomycetes pathogen called Lagenidium Giganteum. It presented in cutaneous lesions like pythiosis and then went systemic.

I called an expert in the field named Leonel Mendoza and asked him some questions about this emergent new pathogen. He said it presented much like pythiosis but was even faster to become systemic. I asked him about human implications and he said 'only dogs have it ' Since the disease, pythiosis he compared it to was zoonotic I really believed that it could possibly be a human pathogen as well.>>


4:38:56 PM

Hiya Lynn,

Welcome. If you have come here looking for a way to restore your bioterrain and get better, you have come to the right place. However, if you have come here to stir up controversy, you have come to the wrong place.

This website is not about whose fault this is... it is about helping people get better. There are plenty of websites already that are promoting fear, conspiracy and controversy.

Please take the time to read this site before posting again. As I said, you are welcome to contribute to our community, but lets focus on healing rather than blaming.

God Bless,


3:57:59 PM

First - Definition of Vector as it is used in biology:
(Google the words 'vector biology' ________________________________________________

Vector: In medicine, a vector is a carrier. The best way to understand a vector is to recall its origin as a word. Vector is the Latin word for a 'bearer.'

In parasitology (the study of parasitic organisms), the vector carries the parasitic agent. For example, in malaria a mosquito serves as the vector that carries and transfers the infectious agent (Plasmodium), injecting it with a bite.

In molecular biology, a vector may be a virus (or a plasmid); a piece of foreign DNA is inserted in the vector genome to be carried and introduced into a recipient (host) cell.

From Wikipedia: (Excerpts)

In biology, the term vector may be used in different contexts:

Vector (epidemiology), an organism, often an invertebrate arthropod, that transmits a pathogen from reservoir to host

Vector (molecular biology), vehicle used to transfer genetic material to a target cell

Shuttle vector, a vector (usually a plasmid) constructed so that it can propagate in two different host species

Viral vector, a virus modified to deliver foreign genetic material into a cell

Vector (dispersal), an organism that carries and disperses reproductive structures (e.g., seeds, spores, or pollen) of a different species.

Pollinator, the biotic agent (vector) that moves pollen from the male anthers of a flower to the female stigma of a flower to accomplish fertilization

3:27:34 PM

Very gradually and with a lot of research. I suggest that you insert key words into the Google Search Box and do your own research - - but I will go back and try to put together key informative websites that I found. (See later posts)

I have been so puzzled as to why we have had these unexplained problems developing during the last two decades:
(1) Extreme Obesity, (2) Unexplained epidemic of severe skin lesions - resembling Scabies - but not Scabies (3) Now news-reports this week that world-wide we are having 40% more near-sightedness than we did in 1970 with the report suggesting computer use might be the problem. (My eyesight has deteriorated terribly during the last 8 months since I developed skin lesions and crawling under my skin.)

I picked up the Genetically Cotton Modification and Genitcally Modified Food rumors from victims of horrible skin lesions as they posted on the Internet and gave interviews on late night radio. Originally, I found this information on what main stream media would label Conspiracy Theory radio and websites. I was horrified and couldn't even think about the possibility of this GMA danger. I couldn't handle even the suggestion that all of our cotton might be contaminated.

The original conspiracy-theory story I heard was that Monsanto had devoped this 'creature' through Nanotechnology and Molecular Biology - - that it marketed this 'pesticide' to all the countries around the world, especially to the countries where we outsourced the growing of cotton and the manufacturing of our cotton clothing and bed sheets.

Mel has listed - - as a resource for information on Morgellons. is very thorough in its research but it would be labeled a Conspiracy Theory website. That is one website I used at the start of my research before I found Mel's website here. Genetically modified cotton has been discussed at

Then I had a friend, a registered nurse, tell me to be aware of black spots that might be on cotton sheets in a motel where I was staying for a couple of nights in Oregon. We looked together and found the black spots on the sheets I had been sleeping on the evening before.

This information made sense to me because the itching and biting began while I was staying in two separate motels last Spring. (2009) I was traveling in Northern California and two months later in North Carolina when I had felt the stinging and biting on my legs right after I had gone to bed in both motels. In both instances, I thought 'Bed Bugs' and threw off the bed covers, turned on the lights expecting to see visible bugs. But I saw nothing. The white sheets looked void of any insects. I did not know yet about the miniscule black spots no larger than a period. Immediately - in the next days after those motel experiences I experienced the development of skin lesions - probably over 50 lesions eventually on both legs and few on my hands and arms. I still have them 8 months later although they go through healing and re-occuring cycles.

But I wanted to research understand the scientific GMA process of what was done to GM cotton away from any hint of a 'conspiracy theory' - so I put a variety of combinations of words in the Google Search Box.

You are going to learn much more by doing your own research but you might start with these combinations of words:

severe itching under skin (then add Monsanto or Dow)
intense itching skin lesions
Boll Weevil history Monsanto
Boll Weevil vector Dow
Definition: vector
government research grants vector Monsanto
government research grants vector Dow

Robin, I will go back through my notes and saved articles on my computer and post some of what I found in subsequent. But you will find it very revealing and convincing to find information yourself.

Do post what you find. Sometimes I find such grotesque information that I have to stop my research for a period of time because it is so tough to handle.


11:06:18 AM

Lyn, great info. Totally makes sense ! Where did you get this info? I read that everyone if getting better. I hope I am, I don't know. I am up to 20 drops of MMS and no reaction.

3:47:52 AM

If you want to explore the source of the parasites in cotton, just google combinations of words including boll weevil, cotton clothing, Monsanto, Dow Chemical, nano-technology, molecular biology, vectors. Some of the web-sites will be Conspiracy Theorists speculations while more valid sites wil be scientific research. Explore these Research websites, government grants and government patents relating to the boll weevil. The boll weevil has been almost indestructible and has been a terrible enemy to cotton producers for centuries. Articles will reveal that farmers sometimes sprayed up to 14 applications of pesticides on a cotton crop during one growing season in vain attempts to rid their cotton crops of this boll weevil. Then in the last decade or two, Monsanto and Dow became creative. They created a vector that carried an invincible, terribly destructive Gentically Modified parasite designed to penetrate and kill the boll weevil. That is what is crawling and tunneling under our human skin now. Sadly the government regulating institutions never make the chemical companies test to see if these GMA organisms might live on and penetrate the people who wear the cotton clothes or sleep on the cotton sheets. Certain departments of the government are aware of what happened. Naturally, Monsanto and Dow Chemical never want this information made public - - so they do what government entities often do when they don't want information discussed - - They use ridicule. So we "Morgellon" sufferers are ridiculed and told we have some type of "delusional parasitis" so we feel shame and stop talking about it to most doctors and the public.

I suffered terribly but am now getting better - now that I understand the cause. These websites on Morgellons have been very helpful to me

11:50:40 AM

Hiya All,

We are going to discuss the issue of clothing, cleaning and reinfection on the Conference Call this Thursday.

See you there.

God Bless,


3:52:48 AM

I washed an off-white turtleneck sweater I had previously worn in Borax and Arm and Hammer det. a few weeks ago. I almost put it on to wear again and the light caught it a certain way and I could see multiple black specks in the ribbing (between the ribs) of the sweater. I could only see them at a certain angle and lighting. I could not pick them out no matter how hard I tried. Glad I didn't wear it! If we wonder why we keep getting more outbreaks, maybe....we just can't or don't notice all the points of re-infection around us. Tonight I soaked it in a very strong Chlorox soln. for a few got bleached to bright white, and I will launder w/ Dr. Bonner's peppermint soap and re-inspect. If this works, I'll let you all know. Although we can't bleach all our clothes unless we only wear white! Just maybe we keep getting 'healed' and then 'reinfected'?

2:47:53 AM

I found black specks on tights and things at Wallmart as well, a couple months back. .and avoided the clothing because of this . .my gut feeling told me those were 'it'. Thats is even before I ever read this post on clothing. Yes we are 'on to something'.
I also 'sense' whent 'they' are around. I can sense when they are in my car, and when they are not. I sense when they return. I can tell when my bed in clear .. and when my bed has 'them' in it.

None of this is our imagination.

7:39:58 PM

You may be onto something about cotton. My boyfriend and I have both developed Morgellon's, right after buying 2 new pillows from Big Lots. I have thrown them out. Purchased all new bedding. Pillows are in plastic. I change the bedding daily.
I wore a tan colored jacket the other night for approximately 3-4 hours, afterward the black specks just kept appearing out of no where on my jacket. I sprayed it with the bedding spray for Lice. The specks kept coming. Once I sprayed into the arms of the jacket, I was truly shocked. Crawling down out of the arm of my jacket was a creatue. It was 3-1/2 inches in length, it had tenicles that it used like arms. The color of it was an opaque color. I captured it a placed it in a jar. I watched it for a very long time. It was alive, it tried to escape from the jar. I really freaked out. The next day, while I was at work my boyfriend destoyed it. He was freaked out as well. I really think you might be onto something about the 'FABRIC OF OUR LIVES'...........

2:30:27 AM

? Never use a Q-tip again? Went to WalMart - looked at some white cotton shirts that were hanging on a display. Saw many black specks.. And tiny twig looking things. I believe many have known about this for some time. All manufacturers request that you wash all items prior to wearing... not that simple washing helps...

1:51:06 AM

I am a 100% believer that cotton is infected with these organisms! I also read that article. It depends on what store u go to. Almost all the dollar stores have products infected with these fibers and I instantly itch walking down the aisles. And when u begin to read all the labels u will realize that 99.9% of products infected are from China! And by all means, never use a stinkin Q-tip again!

3:22:12 PM

Hiya Katie,
Welcome-I was unable to check on cotton goods on Sunday,but
have made two trips to Walmart this week.
On Monday I did not spend a lot of time,but checked out all the cotton socks in all the areas of the store.Good news nothing was moving.
On Wednesday I Looked through the kitchen and bathroom linens as well as bedding and didn't see any thing moving.
As I mentioned in my previous post to you I found interesting articles by Cliff Mackelson.

God bless,

6:20:36 PM

Hiya Katie,
Welcome- Interesting that you should mention you think cotton may be affected /infected.One of the first articles that I read about morgellons in 2006, mentions the alteration of cotton.I found it online.
Fiber Disease Bizarre
Truth Begins to Emerge
(Part 1)
By Cliff Mackelson

Although I haven't examined the cotton goods in the stores, I think after church on Sunday I will take my magnifying glass to Wal-Mart and start snooping around.I will report back to you on Monday.
God bless,
katie **

6:25:21 PM

I am curious Mel if you have noticed these fibers in stores? I sincerely believe cotton is affected/infected.

Being aware of what these fibers are like, I see them in every store, especially by cotton socks, and they are moving in the same fashion as fibers as those I have seen from me. It's not only the socks, rugs, towels, hanging from shelves.

ny thpughts anyone?


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