How I Cured Morgellons

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7:57:18 PM

Hello Janet,

I cant answer your question exactly, but we all have this with different symptoms and different stages.

I have felt it in my heart, head and other places on my body.

I would encourage you to get in touch with Mel and get on the protocol.

This is where you need to be to get healed.

8:16:18 AM

can anyone tell me if you have severe electrical stinging in every pore of your body plus pounding heart and terror.. I have morgellans but don't know anyone like this.. it is non stop

1:56:01 AM


You probably do not return anymore but I just want to thank you so much for this post. I am listening to you on the conference calls right (new wave of warriors) and your accent totally reminds me of home. I really appreciate everything that you say and I can see have a lot in common with your early self.

I feel I am seriously working in/on/at the diligence to diet and mental side of this process right now and its encouraging to hear you and Monica.

I no longer want to conform to the patterns of this world or of my old selves thinking. I want to reach the transforming of my mind. I see now that this is my wake up call.

God bless you,


7:47:01 AM

thanks for your post, sharing on such an honest and open level. It takes a lot of energy to do the work beyond the physical lives we lead. Thanks for being so candid.

12:29:54 PM

Dear Theresa....Hello

I just again realized how much I have missed you and reading your eloquent posting. You remain, as always, my beloved mentor in strength!

Elizabeth Gilbert, much in the same manner you have written here said: 'happiness is the consequense of personal effort. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings.'

Always know that The practice of truth is personal to each, and in the long run no one can live our life for us.

God Bless You Sister!!!

'Sending you my love,'

9:28:44 AM

Hello Theresa,

So nice to hear from you here, even though we talk on the phone. It is not for me that I have ever asked any of you to post on our web site, for I am well!

It has always been my wish to develop a community of those getting well to aid those who are new or still struggling.

I have noticed something that those who get well have in common. They feel that things in their lives have changed for the better in a multitude of ways.

I am sure happy to continuously see you heading to the light at the end of the tunnel!

God bless, you are HOPE!

Theresa S.

2:32:38 PM

Hello Fellow Warriors,

It's been some time since my last post and that has been purposeful. I always say that when the spirit guides me to post, I will. So I feel the gentle nudging...

The beginning of this year was extremely emotionally taxing. Been examining my childhood, a long time friend was killed, an extremely toxic relationship came to an end, ended a couple of friendship, working on myself, examining myself and staying in reality as much as possible. CLEARING out of the old, so that the new has a healthy place to take root.

There has been so much stuff happening, that I have said, 'ok God enough, I'm tired. Really God, Really?' I get angry, bounce of the walls, or cry, or meditate or just lay down and shut it all down. Clearing or cleaning out the old is never easy, if it was we would all do it, not just in pieces but do it completely and be done with it.

It's kinda like Morgellon's, the purging was so bad at one point I wanted to drop a nuclear bomb in my body and just be done with it. But my body wouldn't be able to handle that level of die off. In trying to kill the organisms, I would kill myself. Well, that's not a viable solution. And so when the Sh@T is hitting the fan, one after another after another, it is the same. The clearing is happening in stages. Sometimes the stages come pretty quickly and can take your breath away. But that just means you can handle that level of clearing, you're getting better...

I silently peak into the forum every now and then and listen to the conference calls. I am glad to hear that so many people are embracing at least part of the process. Yes getting well is important, but there is so much more to it than that, as I discovered long ago.

I can be free of illness, disease and sickness but if my mental, emotional and spiritual life are still sick, how well am I really? Becoming mentally, emotionally and spiritually well, aware and conscious takes a lot longer than it does to be free of yeast, parasites and fungus. The negative energy, vibrations, actions and thoughts become part of us, we are comfortable with them, justify them and identify with them and not even realize it.

Fear is something I still hear a lot. We all come here because we are afraid and we are looking for answers. Some will be too fearful to try the protocol. Some will use fear as their motivator to get on the protocol. The thing is, fear can never be the basis of wellness. Fear is a dark energy that only eats away at you. You think you are using fear but fear is always using you, consuming you.

Light, love, understanding, awareness - that gives you a sure footing into this journey. I remember being so afraid, afraid of my body, afraid of food, afraid of everything around me. It' was exhausting! Fear feeds the toxicity in your body and keeps you toxic, mind, body and SPIRIT. Fear is a hungry dark spirit that never is quenched, it wants you weak, it wants you dead. The way to combat this fear, is to start seeing and understanding what is going on with you. Not just the physical you but the WHOLE you. Sickness does not start on a physical level, it starts out SPIRITUALLY. I realized that until I was willing to address me on every level, I was just a sitting duck, waiting for something else to invade me. Today it's yeast, parasites and fungus, tomorrow? Um, I don't think so.

To be sure, this is not easy (even though we can make it a lot harder than it has to be). You will crawl, you will stand you will need to hold onto things to get your balance, you will fall and eventually you will walk. How is that possible if fear is the core of your being?

I have been in my spiritual 'cave' so to speak. I keep wanting to come out and bam! something happens to remind me, 'you're not ready yet.' My butt hits the floor and I go crawling back into my cave. People, relationships and situations constantly try to pull me out of this space. Or my own head will try and pull me out of this space. And I constantly will be quickly reminded, not yet. I have had to tell many people, to back off or minimize or eliminate them from my life. The clearing takes on many forms, not just physical. Do people understand? No. They try to figure it out, make their own assumptions and come to their own conclusions. At this point I stop caring about what other people think is or isn't going on with me. All I know is I am doing the work and if they truly were doing the work on themselves, first all of they wouldn't have time to try to figure me out and they would understand my journey.

So here is where I am for today. Still purging but not like a sash quash or like I am carrying 4 kittens around in my pockets. Diabetes - non existent. Cholesterol - normal. Allergies, asthma and bronchitis nearly gone. Weight - 145-150 (down from 240-250). Fibro and chronic fatigue still acting up. Still adjusting, adjusting, adjusting...and dealing with deeper underlying issues.

Life doesn't stop because we are ill. Life doesn't stop because we are tired and afraid. This is not a battle or fight. There is a flow, a knowing. I am in the river of life and here I am trying to battle to get upstream, fight and struggle. I want to get to where I think I should be. My life is chaotic (or parts of it), I'm unhappy, then I get sick. But maybe, if I go with the flow and allow God to take me where he wants me to go, I can stop struggling, stop wearing myself out and even enjoy the journey to a place better than I imagined. That is what TRUE faith is really about, listening to hear the message and then allowing God to lead you on the journey that is best for you, then DOING it and not resisting - even though you don't have a clue (yet) how to get there or what to do.

I send you all love, light and peace.

2:55:39 PM

Hello Beloved

I want to offer my sincere condolences on your loss. I pray that God strengthen you as you move through your grief.

Your last post reminded me of how so often early on I visted them to gain strength within discipline. Now I am find in them strength within spirit. God bless you Theresa for how you share the most uplifting message about what is important for us!

Theresa S.

1:37:43 PM

To Peter and John and everyone else,

Thank you for your encouraging words right now, I need them. Dealing with the death of a dear friend. Been looking for the lesson in this senseless tragedy. It seems God has been telling me over and over again, LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST, STOP WASTING TIME AND STOP TRIPPING OVER THE DUMB STUFF. At this point again, I realize how minute dealing with yeast, fungus and parasites are. I could be taken out at any moment, do I really want my last breath to be about this? Yes it has to be dealt with, but it is how I deal with it. Am I choosing to deal with my overall health and happiness or concentrating on dis-ease? I can so easily concentrate on every hair, spec and fiber coming out of my body and how sick I am or can I claim that with every spec, hair and fiber coming out I am moving towards my optimal health and well being. It's all about shifting my focus. My journey is about how to live my life fully, happy, aware and awakened.

I can get so caught up in the little things and make them huge. Fear can take me to a place of being paralyzed and feeling hopeless. This is a trick and tool of the enemy and spiritual demon. I can get so caught up that I forget to breath, laugh, dance, sing and praise GOD.

As I move towards the end of my symptoms, I am moving towards cleansing, detoxing and rebuilding my body. I believe that my body is now addressing issues long forgotten or never realized. Am I perfect in this journey? No. Can I go to extremes on this journey? Yes. My spirit just sits back and watches me scramble around, acting crazy and then I hear these simple words in the silence - BALANCE, PEACE.

One year ago, I thought I was dying and wanted to. Now I am so angry at how life is taken for granted. We always think we have time, but where it is written that it is guaranteed to any of us? I believe our spirits come into this lifetime to learn lessons, to further enrich our spirits. When I refuse to learn the lesson, be asleep in my journey, ignore and deny and be complacent, the building comes crashing down on me. Then I say, 'poor me, why me, why does stuff happens to me, I am the victim.'

I got a long way to go. But it's okay, every day I embrace the journey a little bit more. Ah, but I have my moments when I have to be scrapped off the ceiling or picked up off the floor. I remember words that were part of my vocabulary, like try and can't or don't want to. Now when I hear these words coming out, I catch myself. When I feel the resistance coming up, I examine it. And when I hear these words coming out of others, I cringe and voice how self limiting those words are.

God doesn't impose limitations on us, we impose limitations on ourselves. We pick the box, decorate it and move in. Then we complain about living in a box and how our life sucks. How crazy is this? All the while, God is shaking his head saying, 'why are you choosing to live in a box, why are you limiting yourself?' FEAR!

Not only am I purging stuff out of my body, I am purging stuff out of my life and being. It ain't easy at first, but as the load gets lifted, more and more clarity comes and I see I am better able to shift and move on to the next phase of my journey and process. God is so extremely patient with us, it is such a blessing. I have the opportunity to live in this moment, to move on. My friend's journey on this physical plan has ended and I grieve loosing her. But I know she is with me. I see her smile and hear her laughing as she says, 'Girl, I am okay, I love you dearly and I got your back! GO FOR IT!

Thank you God for allowing her to be part of my life and for further teaching me such precious lessons.

The journey continues...

Theresa S.
John Burgstiner

10:57:04 PM


You are absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

You are precious in His sight.

Love Always,


1:28:13 PM

Hi Theresa

WONDERFUL POST! You continue to uplift and strengthen me. Quick point for you on the Cashews. They are VERY ACIDIC! They are also subject to mold and fungus when being processed. I would avoid them completely and switch to Almonds.

Godspeed beloved mentor!

6:55:24 PM

Hello Fellow Warriors,

After eating some raw cashews my allergies went into full swing. Or was it a detox reaction? Who knows? Still sneezing, nasal drip, etc., but taking my herbs and supplements. Noticed that my purging of white fibers and hairs has dramatically decreased! Still purging black fungal hairs, some long, some short, some black, some black and white, mostly whisper thin. Purging specs - skin cells maybe, maybe bio film, maybe other toxins. Who knows?

As I read the posts, one thing that strikes me is how I could relate to how people feel about having this acute Candida, parasite, hyper toxicity issue. When I first developed symptoms, I was scared, no terrified and hopeless. Now? Dare I say, I AM GRATEFUL. How so? Because Candida, parasites, toxicity is the least of what my issues were and are. Dealing with and confronting what has really been going on in my body, mind and spirit has been the greater reward.

Over and over again, I see people say, I am so sorry you are a new member of the Morgellon's club. I had stopped claiming dis-ease long ago. And for new WARRIORS, I welcome you to the club of those choosing to live their lives conscientiously and awakened. WELCOME!

I can hardly imagine that from less than 1 short year ago, (TIME FLYS) that at this point, my life is about health and wellness and not about dis-ease. I look and most days, I look and feel 20 years younger. Sometimes when I have stuff coming out, I wonder - humm, wonder if that was cancer cells or some other toxic substance that my body just kicked to the curb? Ha-ha, Bye, Bye!

There are so many issues of health that people now just take for granted and shrug their shoulders at and go pop a pill for. Meanwhile, it all builds up in our bodies and Viola! later on down the road, we are scratching our heads when serious illness hits us going, why me God, why me, I lead a healthy life! Never putting two and two together, never looking at the unhealthy stressful lives we live and the amount of unhappiness and complacency in which we lead our lives, all the unhealthy foods we consume and the toxic physical and emotional relationships and have no clue as to why we are sick.

I strongly believe that dis-ease starts as a spiritual sickness. This spiritual sickness moves through our physical, emotional and mental being. It is like a toxin that slowly poisons everything. I had convinced myself I had a good life but ok, my finances sucked, some on my relationships sucked and I hated my job. Um, seriously? Just as dis-ease can't be compartmentalized, neither can unhappiness. It seeps into everything. There are moments when absolute fear shook me to my core. Fear is a SPIRITUAL DEMON and will, if you allow it to, TAKE YOU OUT! Believe me, I was almost there. Then I was given the answer, not to just healing my body, but healing my spirit, body and life! I am, for sure, still on my journey. But each day, the clarity comes a little bit more and I can sit back and go, OHHH!

I don't try to be perfect anymore. I know when the time comes God, speaking thru my body and spirit will guide me in the right direction. Now if I choose to resist, well that's usually when STUFF happens and I get my butt kicked and I will self correct. It's those OK, OK GOD, I hear you moments! My answers, are not outside of me. I've had the answers all along, although, now I do know more today than I ever did. But I am also more open to examining myself and being honest with myself.

While I am still in the process of examining and adjusting many, many things in my life, including beliefs (or agreements) that I have long held, relationships that no longer serve my best interests and unhealthy, damaging habits, I embark on this journey one day at a time. I have found that seeking perfection or trying to get every PERFECT is a distraction from my anxiety. I realized this when I was trying to clean my house every two seconds, change the sheets every day and boil my clothes! It was a PRISON self created to deal with my fear and anxiety and feelings of helplessness.

Every living being, has yeast, fungus, parasites and toxins in them. EVERY LIVING BEING! Men, Women, children, pets, plants, animals, earth, air, water - everything! Even if I lived in a sterile bubble, guess what? It wouldn't be sterile any more because I'm in it. So my best defense is a healthy and strong spirit, body and mind. The body, can't be truly healthy without a healthy spirit and mind. My life is a reflection of my true health! My life is a result of my emotions, health, thoughts and actions. Can things just happen to me? Sure. But the more I reflect on my life, the more I realize that usually when I dig deep, my choices lead me on a particular path - good or bad. I am truly tired and done with the bad stuff, time to move in the direction of my highest and greatest good!

I look at the small group of Warriors that is developing here. And I think to myself, the movement has started. Quietly, the energy of consciousness is spreading to over come the darkness. More and more warriors are joining the movement. We are NOT stricken, we have been CHOSEN. CHOSEN to RAISE Consciousness and spread the light. As we heal, we are sharing what we know with others and they are sharing it too with family and friends. This light continues to heal and lift others out of darkness. People are getting delivered, not just from ill health, but an ILL LIFE. This is too AWESOME!

I welcome all newcomers, not to the club of the stricken, but to the family of those choosing to live conscientiously and aware. I send you love, light and healing. As you get stronger and continue on your journey, you too will be able to do the same and the light, love and healing will continue on.


Theresa S.
Theresa S.

7:51:35 AM

Hello Fellow Warriors,

It is getting to the point of near blissful silence in my body!

The massive purge of white fibers, and hairs is slowing down termendously. Not feeling like a sash quash as much! Mel said that I was purging the worse and I agree. I believe because I zap and use the zappicator box and it super stimulated my immune system and enhanced the eviction process of candida and other yuckies from my body. A couple days back my body once again spoke to me and said 'almost to the finish line.'

A couple of weeks prior back my body told me, 'close your eyes, got some work to do and I don't need you tripping.' True to form I saw stuff come out of me I had never seen or hadn't seen in a long, long time. A couple of red and black candida fibers. Specks of stuff I have no clue what they were, a couple of perfectly shiny round silver disc things. A couple of small black specks. Mysterious body aches that kinda moved around. Lots of fatigue and some congestion.

After taking my shower and oiling down on 3 separate occasions my shoulders massively purged translucent specs. I literally reached around and felt all this stuff on my shoulders as if someone had thrown sand on me. My shoulders and back have been were I have the most breakouts and pimples. Lots of scarring there, but it is slowly healing and lightening up. I think because my back is the hardest place to get to, it has been one of the last places to clear up. I just pull out my zappicator box and lay it across my back or on my chest. I think this is what has stimulated this massive speck purge from my shoulders.

Now had I not been listening to my body I would have truly thought I was getting sicker. But because I was forewarned I went - oh, time to close my eyes and not trip. Ok, ok, I did trip a little and got a grip.

So I kept it moving, food on track, took my supplements, took my MMS baths, zapped away and sweated to open my pores. At this point, the minimal white candida fibers that are coming out don't feel like wool anymore, so I don't have the sensation of wearing a wool coat under my skin. It feels more like cotton but they are getting thinner. The black fungal hairs seem to be the final hold outs and there are lots of them but they are a whisper of their former selves. Not really seeing much hairs. So I don't feel like I am carrying 4 kittens around in my pockets that are constantly shedding all over the place.

The other day, I like Monica, saw a hair that looked burned on one end. Black and then the tip look burnt. Also saw a white candida fiber that look shriveled at one end like it got burnt too.

My energy is still kinda low even though I am keeping busy. Still have body aches in various places. Taking naps are a necessity and I make sure I work them in my day as much as possible. Still have some machine gun like pop purging from my pores pushing stuff out. This popping seems to be centered around my legs and ankles. It's like several pores start pushing stuff out all at once. Sometimes there is a muscle twitch, sometimes its just a pop. Oh look it just did it again at my ankle while I am writing this. Bye, Bye what ever you were!

Get itching sensations, when the black fungal hair surfaces and cascades. Massively annoying! Or a micro bio film spec cascades down my skin after being pushed out of my pore. When things start pinching and poking or itching, I know its time to oil up again. Keeping my skin supple helps to let this stuff slide out and minimizes the discomfort when it comes out.

I am down from about 245-250 to 146 pounds! YEAH ME! Lost the five pounds I gained during the holidays and then some. I am still getting used to my fabulous new body. Was a size 22 to now a size 6. Probably could fit into a size 4 but still working on my tummy and that is coming down too. Haven't been to the gym in a couple of months and seriously avoiding my trainer, lol! I have a picture of me before and I can hardly recognize myself. When I show it to people they all ask me, is that your mom? Nope, folks it was me one short year ago. I often get asked, did you do a lot of exercise to loose the weight? Nope, I stop putting junk in my mouth! (Insert blank stare here!)

I can't even begin to describe the massive physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes that have occurred in my life in this past year. Again for me it is not about Candida, not about illness but about living awakened and aware. Discovering who I am and what I want my life to be.

Monica can tell you after spending several hours on the phone with me a couple of days ago and boo-hooing about complete and absolute non-sense that this isn't easy. (Love YOU Thickly and Deeply Girl!) Well not at first. But then, when I start to stand in my power and get comfortable in it and get used to it - Well all I can say is DAMN this feels good! Do I stay in my power every moment of every day? NO! As I have said many times, I am not perfect, and I don't do everything perfectly. But what is so completely awesome is that I don't have to be perfect. I can correct and change course and discover my way and figure it out, stumble and fall and get back up and still be MARVELOUS. Do I always feel marvelous? NOPE, falling on your butt doesn't feel good, but I can get up and continue on and look back and know that I don't have to do that again. Or even if I choose to do that thing I know isn't in my best interest again, eventually stopping myself and taking tiny baby steps in the right direction whining and crying all the way.

And when I can take a deep breath and stop myself and tell my head to SHUT UP and put on some music and sing out loud (with my doggies looking at me like I'm crazy) and shake my hips, or put on a hot outfit and strut my DIVA sexy fabulous self and just allow my inner beauty to shine forth brightly - I can truly say DEAR GOD THANK YOU, I AM TRULY GRATEFUL.

I send you all love, light, peace and healing energy.

Theresa S.
Pokys Mom

4:39:15 PM


Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. When I had my diabetic dog, I made homemade dog food. That dog liked it, Poky , not so much. I am giving her MMS in her water. She seems to be doing better. her ears are less troublesome. She sheds awlful bad now. That started when I got sick, as with the weight gain. She is a neighborhood love child, her dad was a Jug, and her Mom was a Dachshound,Pomeranian, Brittainy SpaniEl mix. She is a very cool looking dog. She is black and white, and has a lightening bolt shape on her side. She used to be so active. She likes to wake me up super early since she's been sick. I've been slipping her half a melatonin at night. Right now I am feeding her grain free kibble, and dynovite vitamins. The Vet commented on her weight gain, asked if something was going on at home! I was speechless. I can't bring myself to tell the Vet whats up. Thanks for your help. Peace and love back atcha! Lis

1:49:08 PM

Hello Theresa,

Welcome as always.

Thanks for this most recent post on pets. You know how I feel about Buttons. Especially since she is the only thing my age that is as young as I am!

We thought it would be informative to create a live link to Cats, Dogs and Pets in the search engine.

Check it out pet lovers!

God Bless, Never give up Hope!


7:45:36 PM

Hi Poky's Mom,

It sounds like you are on track with dealing with your dog's health concerns. One thing that I found extremely important is their food. I use natural balance vegetarian formula and Nature's Variety Frozen Meat patties (always have). Quality food is just as important for them as it is for us. I have stopped spraying my dogs with MMS as it is no longer necessary. The 3 of them share a water bowl with 6 drops of MMS in it. The only one still slightly itchy is Buttons but that is due to her hot spots. I also put about 3 tablespoons of Molecula Silver in their water bowls. So I alternate, MMS, Molecula Silver and plain distilled water (nothing added).

I used to think that I gave my dogs Candida but frankly am at the point that it doesn't matter. I applaud you for not getting rid of your pet or putting it to sleep. Many people when faced with these issues hardly want to deal with it in themselves much less their pets.

I also have an overweight doggie, my youngest Basha, a tri-color corgi, who is 9 years old. Thankfully she is not diabetic. Corgi's are high energy dogs and quite frankly she is not getting the exercise she needs. Though to look at her and my 14 old, Llaso Apso, Bow bounce and romp around they seem more like 2 and 3 year olds.

Because each pet has different needs, just like each person has different nutritional needs I had to do lots of experimenting to see what works and doesn't work.

I send you peace, light and love.

Theresa S.
Pokys Mom

8:07:09 AM

Hi Theresa,

I have questions about your dogs.The mms spray, do you mix that fresh each time? Also, what supplements do you give your dogs and how much? Poky is on dynovite,I give her magnifizyme 1 /day, and I also put mms in her water. I also sprinkle probiotics on her food. Do your dogs have a weight problem from this/ Poky is fat. I had another dog, part of me believes she gave it to us. She was diabetic. More than once, I stuck myself with her used needle......dummy me. Thanks for helping me out here. Lis

5:54:19 PM

Hello Beloved

BRILLIIANT POST! I am uplifted to know that you remain diligent and focused on finishing your detox and getting completely well. You know that you have been a source of great strength and hope for me in my journey. Early on, during the worst of this, I gained strength and courage from you in many ways while reading your posts.

May God strengthen and fortify your spirit as you take your final steps towards the finish.. A horseracing phrase captures it best 'you're at the three quarters' poll and heading down the home stretch!'


12:05:13 PM

Welcome back Theresa.

How wonderful it is to see your words in print here once again.

I see in your post a familiar pattern that is emerging in those who have overcome this disease. That is a new appreciation for life and a heightened awareness of our connection to the universe and to one another, and to taking personal responsibility for the choices we make.

I know that 2012 was a difficult year for you, but I am glad you chose to "face your demons" so to speak and deal with some long standing issues. Sometimes taking a few steps back is the only way to go forward.

You have been blessed in one way that most Morgellons sufferers are not; in having the resources to try many different things.

I, like most, experienced financial duress during my illness. While zappers and colonics may offer some benefits, they were not affordable to me and are certainly not necessary for successful recovery. In fact, colonics can be very beneficial for those with impactions, etc., but they can be counter productive if overdone.

Theresa, it warms my heart to see you moving along through the recovery process. I look forward to holding hands around the pond with you and others who have reclaimed their lives.

May God bless you for all the help, HOPE and inspiration you have already given to others.

God Bless; You never gave up Hope!


P.S. - You can all meet Buttons on our Hope & Inspiration page!
Theresa S.

5:38:37 AM

Hello Fellow Warriors,

We are firmly in a time of intense spiritual energy involving change and ascension. My absence from the forum has been about going into my spiritual 'cave' going deeper into my connection with God and discovering who the 'real' me is. Scary to some, misunderstood by many, but totally necessary for my 'complete' healing. It was way overdue.

Those that are open and prepared for this change will be able to ride the wave, may get a little bumpy but the wave will pass and you will be transformed by it. Those that are still walking around unconscious and asleep will be wiped out by this wave of energy. You can see its effects on those that are unprepared by the horrific events that have taken place recently in our world.

Being almost a year into my cleanse and detox (not claiming illness anymore) I look back on my journey. With faith, wisdom, strength and knowledge there are many things that I know today, that I didn't know back then. There have been set backs, bumps and I have taken a spill or two (or three, lol). So where am I now in my journey? There are so many layers to this answer it is hard for me to begin.

I had long ago stopped trying to figure out what this condition was. The more I 'dug' the more crap I read that instilled fear and terror in me. I knew the answer would come and it would not be as dramatic as nano technology or critters from space that hitched a ride on a comet.

So for me - the answer came, CANDIDA (yeast/fungus), with parasites, toxins and various other co-infections and imbalances thrown in for 'good' measure. I have always had vaginal yeast infections. Took various meds to deal with it but it would always find its way back. What I didn't know then is that Candida has roots and these roots can puncture the colon (leaky gut syndrome) and allow the Candida and other things like parasites and toxins to spread into other areas of the body. Voila! Allergies, Brain Fog, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Asthma, Bronchitis, Irregular Periods, Morbide Obesity, Anxiety, Diabetes, etc.

Poor diet, a stressful lifestyle combined with an over taxed and suppressed immune system, provided the perfect breeding ground for everything to take hold of me. While I still think I picked up something while gardening without gloves (which I have done many times), I was sick already, whatever I picked up was just the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak. What I find interesting is that as I dealt with the yeast issue, many of the other medical issues disappeared. I lost 100 pounds (ok put on 10 pounds during the holidays), not diabetic or borderline any more (normal A1C readings), allergies pretty much gone, periods becoming regular, etc.

Had a bout with the flu/cold or severe detox a few weeks back and I made it through (haven't felt anything like that in years). Had chills, body aches, congestion, wheezing etc. Went to the doctor and took a breathing treatment and steroids. Was given antibiotics, asthma medication and steroids and decided not to continue with the treatments. While I might have continued on in a state of panic, I put my 'big girl panties on' and went to my Naturopath. I kept it moving and made it through (whining all the way, lol). The body is miraculous and when given the opportunity will do what it was designed to do, be healthy.

Health is our natural state, we as humans have been working hard to oppose this natural state, which is why we get sick. It's the bodies way of screaming out 'stop the madness.'

Through the heart break, thru the tears, thru the ups and downs and set backs, my body, mind and spirit has been meeting the challenges of the last few months and still marches forward to health.

There are days, when the stuff is popping and the fungal hairs are flying that I still want to set off a nuclear bomb off in my body and just be done with it. Monica, Mel, John and Peter still have to talk me down off the ceiling! (LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU!) But as I move through with lots of prayer, crying, whining, moaning and groaning - if I sit still long enough and ask myself this simple question - Body how are you doing? Surprisingly when my head tells me the world is ending, I'm getting sicker, this isn't working, MY BODY tells me - 'All is well, I've got this under control, STOP TRIPPING.'

This is what faith is about - though everything tells me otherwise, knowing and believing that all is well and continuing to move forward in spite of it not being fully manifested on the physical plan YET.

The other day my body specifically told me that, it was going deeper into the detoxing and cleansing and that I should keep my eyes closed! Stop tripping about what you see, cause your gonna see stuff that you don't like but I gotta get it out. It is absolutely hard to believe that all this is part of the process of getting better. I just want to wake up and have it all be over, but this journey is a process, there are layers and layers and layers of this crap in our bodies. Not only do I have to get the Yeast out but the years of toxins, old illnesses that have been buried by medication use, parasites, etc. Then my body has to rebuild itself. This ain't gonna be done overnight or in 30 days.

Right now I am getting back on track with my diet. Ate lots of foods that I haven't touched in a long time. While I enjoyed my detour, my body is saying time to get back on track.

Been enjoying my time with friends and family. Not living like a hermit anymore, this is not leprosy. I'm far enough into the process that I know that sitting at home and isolating myself does more harm than good. Pretty much assuming a normal life with a few adjustments. Had to realize early on that cleaning every 2 seconds and thinking that I was contaminated and everything in my environment was contaminated would kill me quicker than getting through this condition.

I clean when I can or feel like it, I go out, have relationships, have fun, live life. In the beginning I was scared about coming in contact with anyone. I was washing stuff everyday, cleaning every day. Completely exhausted myself and soon realized I could not keep it up, I was wearing myself out fast.

I made a decision early on to concentrate my efforts on getting myself well FIRST and then work on everything else. 1 year later, I get my nails and toes done, hair done, get massages, colonics, hang out with friends, etc. I read on some of the posts about the lengths people are going to covering everything in plastic, trashing stuff, using expensive products to wash laundry and to clean, etc. I did not have to do this because thankfully I did not have an insect infestation.

I learned early on that if this is truly about contamination as soon as I breathe on it, wore it, touched it, used it - it would be contaminated again. This is not leprosy, I am not diseased, I am not contaminated. I had to come to terms with this early on or absolutely loose my mind. The mental aspect of this condition is much, much worse than what our bodies are going through. As my body heals, it will stop throwing out the gunk and what gunk is still in my environment it will fight off if I maintain a healthy lifestyle. Can I become morbidly obese again - yes if I go back to living the unhealthy lifestyle I was living. Its my choice.

Purging comes in cycles, my body is kicking out white specs, various colored bio film chucks, white/silver fibers, black/white hairs and almost no black specs. When I itch, I know something is working its way out. During a recent colonic, my therapist asked if I was diagnosed with Candida because she saw them coming out. They appear as silver fibers. I said yes. I believe because I am getting colonics it has helped to removed stubborn bio film and cut the yeast colony down dramatically. After each colonic I get an infusion of acidophilus into my colon. My diet is a lot less restrictive. Woke up this morning and realized that I am feeling repulsed by sugar. Yes my body is like YUCK! no sugar please. Again, your body is so miraculous - just listen to it.

Although I am still on the protocol, through muscle testing my Naturopath has switched up when I take my supplements, added new ones and eliminated some. Once again, listen to your body. It changes and corrects itself as it gets healthier. I am also dealing with other health issues now, like normalizing my hormones, etc. My health has advanced sufficiently that now I can concentrate on other deeper underlining issues - pretty cool.

My journey now is not about sickness but discovering who I am and how I truly want to live my life to the fullest and what makes me happy - What a concept! I have my moments when the dark energy of fear tries to creep in and throw me for a loop. I have my moments when I listen to this fear and think I am going backwards in terms of my health. But it is in these moments, when I can take a deep breath and be still within myself and connect to my highest conscientiousness and God, I can ask myself - how are you doing? My body will answer me - 'I got this, you are fine. Just support me and let me do my thing. STOP TRIPPING' or it might say, you need to lay it down and do nothing. I need time to energize - I got some deep detoxing I am preparing for and need the extra energy. So now when I get really tired, I don't freak out. I just realize my body is gearing up for some intense healing and I need to recharge my battery.

There are times when I can literally hear and feel my body singing and humming. Sounds crazy? Not really. This is your body telling you all is well. There are times when I feel the shift in my body. Like it has just come through another hurdle and healed deeper. Usually these shifts are preceded by an intense detox - lots of purging and popping, maybe some diarrhea, body aches, nausea thrown in for good measure. Have I been perfect on the protocol and diet? HECK NO! And yet I am doing good because the body is absolutely amazing.

At one point I was on 26 drops of MMS. Now I can barely take 15 drops without getting diarrhea within 2 hours after taking it. So now my body is saying back off, you've cleared out enough gunk that we don't need so much. While the Candida gets manufactured in the colon, it aggressively goes to other areas in your body and takes up house like your blood stream, skin, muscles, joints, etc. There are stages that I have noticed I have gone through. I find it hard to believe when I read someone saying that after 2-3 months on the protocol there symptoms are gone. Some of the stages I have gone through are:

Black specs, black micro-fibers, mutli-colored fibers, fibers that feel like plastic, translucent bio film chucks, intense itching that keeps you up at night, lesions.

-Besides the protocol what really helped me through this stage was Bentonite Clay massages in the shower. I would rub myself down with clay and it would pull out tons of specs and micro-fibers.

Then came the white specs, glitter (heavy metals?) white puff balls, white fibers (feel like wool under the skin), smaller bio film chunks and hairs.

-Besides the protocol what really helped me through this stage was the MMS baths and infrared sauna to sweat the junk and toxins out.

Now I am at the minute white specs that feel like sand, minimal white puff balls (which are the fibers balled up - now they are starting to feel cotton like and less wool like as they are getting weaker), white fibers, hairs (black, white/black or white), bio film pieces of various colors.

-The olive oil, coconut oil 50-50 mixture helps stuff to come out easier and helps heals any lesions or scars.

-Using a Zapper and Super Zappicator but using a specific one. Tried several and literally got burns. The one I use is expensive but doesn't burn you. Found zapping is helpful because it awakens the over 50 types of white blood cells and gets them active. I found that while zapping, it calms down the symptoms and a few hours later I purge like crazy. It seems like while zapping, my white blood cells are busy killing stuff and once I'm done my body starts throwing this stuff off. Better out than in. Using the Super Zappicator targets killing stuff in your system. I lay it over my colon and picture the yeast and parasites getting killed. Bye! Bye!

Colonics - just started doing this. You can use DE to also scrap the colon clean but colonics are just quicker. Of course you can do the two are the same time and supper scrub your colon. Be sure to take lots of friendly bacteria to replace what is being removed.

Other things I am doing - prayer, prayer, prayer, meditation, Reiki, reflexology, massages, excercise.

All in all, I am so grateful for this journey. Speedily brought me to a place in my life that I have resisted going to for a long, long time. God speaks to us in whispers and when we ignore him the voice gets louder and louder until the building finally falls on us. I got so tired of the building falling on me. In my process, I surrender to it a little more each day. When I can get out of my own way and get out of my head - I can truly say I am grateful.

I send you all love, light and healing.

Theresa S.

P.S., My golden puppy Buttons just turned 19 years old!

5:08:40 PM

Hello Theresa


I am so very thrilled to see that you are fully 'BACK IN THE FIGHT' and continuing on the Protocol. My heart goes out to you for the emotional roller coaster that you have recently been on!

I have always found comfort in Second Corinthians 1:3-5 and Mathew 11:28-29 when experiencing such pain. And of course the embracing of hurt through sharing with another loved one or friend. YOU HAVE MANY FRIENDS HERE!!!

To be honest, your ongoing story, which you have so generously and honestly provided through your weekly posts has served to provide me with the courage and strength to continue during my deepest and darkest moments struggling with my emotions early on!!

STRENGTHENING and COPING...and a no nonsense attitude towards beating our disease... has always been the core message I have gleamed from you and your journey to date. YOU ARE A MENTOR to us all!!



Theresa S.

12:17:47 PM

Hello fellow warriors,

Been going through a lot lately and needed and still need the time and space to process through, get out of the darkness, ride out the storm and get to the other side. I want to thank everyone who has asked about me and prayed for/with me and has sent me their love - believe me I need it.

Traveled a lot over the last couple of months, so my food and protocol were far from perfect but I am back on track and I am doing good body wise.

There are 2 major pit falls that I have experienced, traveling and dealing with emotional/relationship/self issues. Just one of these things is enough to put you under. The stress of it all, wore me out physically and emotionally and am still slowly getting back on track. Mel is astonished that I am not in full blown relapse and in the hospital. I saw the dis-ease trying to creep back but by God's strength, grace and mercy was able to get it back under control.

As far as the emotional/relationship/self issues I choose to go back and clean and clear out some deep emotional wounds to help facilitate my complete healing on all levels. Opened a huge can of worms. But I felt the garbage in my 'closet' was hindering my progress and needed to be addressed finally.

This was extremely hard and I had to face some ugly cold hard realities about myself and others. I was angry, hurt and disappointed. But the forgiveness is slowly creeping in so that I can fully release and heal. This also had a major impact on my body but by God's grace and strength, I am okay.

Currently, the major emotional hurdle I am facing is the end of a relationship. Endings always hurt and I am hurting on a level I would not wish on my worse enemy. It is hard to get out of bed every day and the pain and the tears feel like it will never end. So once again, I am facing some ugly hard cold realities and processing through the tons of pain and hurt and holding on the best I can one moment at a time.

Physically I am dealing with tons of hairs, white fibers, clumps of white fibers and white specs and few if any black specs. All of this is extremely annoying and once again, I want to drop a nuclear bomb into my body. Vibrate, pop, pinch, ouch!

I am told that this means I am into a deeper part of my healing and my body is now dealing with ridding itself of bio film, toxins and fibers. Yeah me! but this is still incredibly hard as this is NON STOP purging all over. I literally leave a trail of hairs... So there are plenty of MMS baths, showers and oiling myself up from head to toe, being mindful of what I eat and staying on the protocol, praying, meditation, reiki, EFT, praying, praying, praying.

But MY GOD I am so over this. I am so done with this. Its been over 1 year with this condition and 9 months on the protocol. I am so ready for this to be over you have no clue. No big herx but lots of mini herxs full of nausea, stomach churning, body aches and diarrhea.

Even thru all of this I am getting better and the protocol works. Aside from the emotional stuff which is taxing my body out big time...I am still getting better everyday. PRAISE GOD!

Bottom line is life doesn't stop because we are trying to heal. This condition won't give you a break because your stressed out or heart broken. I have one choice - to win - to beat this thing. I have said it many times, this is not just about fungus and yeast - if you allow it, this journey will be about having a new life - living aware and awake, conscientious and free.

So for now I am going to do what is so hard for me, let others help me through this storm, and focus on me.

So to Mel, John, Monica, Peter and all the rest of you thru my tears, I send you my love and wish for a speedy recovery.

God bless...

12:55:02 AM

Where is Theresa? Missed her on the call.

11:57:16 AM

Hello Theresa,

Welcome as always.

I read this last post of yours a multitude of times before I realized why I kept going back over it. You started one paragraph 'In my short experience here' that I know was intended to challenge people in love, but I am concerned that it may discourage as many people as it inspires.

In my long experience here, I have found many different types of people, many with a multitude of additional health issues; people with the inability to digest properly, people so devastated by this disease that they are unable to afford the protocol, people who have been chewed up and spit out not only by the medical establishment, but by various online predators offering quick cures.

I could go on and on. Bottom line, they are sick, they are exhausted, and they are wary.

Sometimes young warriors see only two shades of color, but an old Samurai sees all the colors in the rainbow.

Two things I have learned along the way:

1. You have to love people where they are and earn their trust before you can hope to hold them accountable. This was a hard lesson that I had to learn. People don't care what you know until they know how much you care.

2. Each person is ultimately accountable for his or her own choices. There is an old Samurai saying, 'You can lead the horsey to the pond, but he may not want to swim'.

I don't want to take away from the powerful truth of the message you delivered, especially since I know how your heart is pulling for every Morgellons sufferer, but I just felt the need to share this concern.

God bless you for all the help you have given here. Your enthusiasm and tenacity are a great inspiration, and I know you will never, ever give up hope.


P.S. - Personally, being an old Samurai, I love all warriors!

1:28:39 AM

Theresa latest update re: Mel touched me. I have sent in a donation and I will on a monthly basis. He deserves our support and we need to put our investment in someone who has invested in us. Thanks Theresa.

12:43:05 PM

Hello Theresa....LOVE and STRENGTH to you!!

I was EXCITED TO READ your post yesterday!! I have missed the MESSAGE YOU DELIVER regularly and it is so good to get an update from you.

It seems you are moving forward with the same 'NO NONSENSE' attitude that HELPED PREPARE ME early on for WHAT IT TAKES to fight this ongoing battle to beat Morgellons disease.

I AM THANKFUL for you and look forward to meeting you in the future. I know the day is not far off that will arrive when we can celebrate OUR VICTORY IN THIS FIGHT TOGETHER!!!!I do already LUV YOU!

'THANK YOU' for the positive response to my weekly post. It is always good to hear that I am doing my part to help others STAY IN THE FIGHT!! We all can use encouragement to feel valued and not alone.

So you will remain in my prayers for a COMPLETE RECOVERY SOON!!


Theresa S.

10:32:24 PM

Hello Fellow Journeyers and Warriors,

Life has been particularly challenging these last few weeks for various reasons. It is in dealing with these challenges that we can truly begin to see who we are and what we are becoming if we so choose to examine ourselves honestly. It is also when we find out who truly loves us (God Bless you Mel, Monica and John).

Just a few weeks past being on the 'full' protocol for six months. Lots of white hairs, black hairs, white specs (bio-film?), very few black specs and very few black fibers. The white hairs and black hairs coming out are the most annoying and itchy. Taking my MMS baths and keeping my skin oiled down from head to toe with olive/coconut oil. Using my zapper and zappicator almost daily.

Still dealing with a vaginal yeast infection. Not sure if this is a new one or a continuation of the old one, darn these things! I guess I'm in that place yet again, where I just want to drop a nuclear bomb into my body and eradicate them all, but I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep it moving.

Exercising now at least 5 - 7 times a week and also seeing a trainer 2x per week. God I hate her, lol! She is busting my butt and has no mercy. But my body is dramatically changing, from the inside and out.

Waiting for my shipment of Monolaurin and L-glutamine to see if they will help get me over the hump. Also going to start taking Lufenuron which is used to kill yeast in the body. Found a source that sells it for $27 instead of $127. Will report on my experience.

Tired and stressed out, I keep it moving, no choice I am winning this battle. But there are days, don't get me wrong and this ain't easy...

You may have noticed that I started this post with Fellow Journeyers and Warriors and may be wondering what the difference is?

In my short experience here, I see there are two types of people that come here desperate for a cure. The journeyer is looking for a quick answer, is okay with getting a little better and not willing to make all the changes necessary to become completely cured. These are the people that you have to say over and over and over again - NO SUGAR whatsoever, etc. These are the people that complain about taking MMS and supplements. These are the people that complain about the dietary changes that must be made in order to win this battle. You hear these people use the word 'try' a lot. These are the people that never get cured and come back sooner or later on their knees, when this has progressed to a point where they can't stand it anymore and realize the answer was always here.

The warriors on the other hand are the ones that say, whatever I have to do, I'm all in. Yes, taking a zillion supplements, changing your diet (and your life) and taking MMS all suck, but so what? I am not giving in to this thing and will do what ever I have to. You almost never hear them use the word 'try,' for them it's done. Just tell them what to do and I'll do it. Whether they like it or not, they do what they have to, to not just feel better, but to be cured.

So which one are you?

I had to make the decision not to spend my time and efforts on the Journeyers any longer. Too much of my own efforts are required in getting myself cured. I can't drag anyone along into their own cure, that is your responsibility.

I continue to pray that one day, there will be a silver bullet for this condition. Right now this is it, this is what we have. A slow and steady approach, that if you stick with it, will not only cure Morgellon's but a host of other issues. This approach in my opinion is truly a 'cure all' if you incorporate all of the pieces and not just some of the pieces.

Some of the continued changes I see; my nails are stronger and longer than they have ever been in my life. My girlfriends can't believe they are my nails. Dropped 80-85 pounds and am now focusing on building healthy muscle mass and not weight loss.

My body shape has dramatically changed in just 6 weeks. Went back home for a visit and people didn't recognize me that knew me for YEARS and those that did were in utter shock at my change in just a couple of weeks.

My lesions are filling in and going away. When I get a burn or cut, it scabs normally.

Now when I itch in a place, I know my body is specifically pushing 'something' out. I notice that my body tends to purge in specific places now. I will purge on my face or my arms, or my legs, or my chest, etc.

The purging is different from having symptoms. The purging doesn't keep me up at night itching incessantly. The hairs are itchy and annoying coming out for sure, but there are brief moments when I don't notice them. The most noticeable places I feel them coming out are on my face and around my ankles and feet. Sometimes I can literally feel my pore vibrate and then push the hairs out.

Not getting that biting or pinching feeling anymore. The specs are flatter, tiny and softer now. The bio-film specs and chucks are getting smaller and softer too.

My hands that were dry and cracked and full of marks and lesions are restored! My skin in general is remaking it self anew. I even started to get acne because of all the oil I was using on my face and have started using an acne cream which is helping tremendously.

No big herx yet, but John keeps reminding me that a big herx is not necessary to get cured. There are nights when I take my MMS and I think I'm gonna die! I get really sick to my stomach and feel like I'm going to loose all my cookies. I just breath through it and it passes. This is happening more frequently, so I believe I am getting to my maximum tolerance level of MMS.

Anyway, I continue to go deeper into this process. Not only to cure this condition but to make my life anew. This process isn't about the limitations but the infinite possibilities. I implore you to join the journey with me fully, we need more warriors.

I send you light, love and healing

Theresa S.
Theresa S.

11:22:18 AM

Hello Fellow journeyers and Warriors,

I send you all light, love, peace and healing energy...To God I give all honor and praise!

Been a while since I have checked in major, major life changes going on. Moved to a new state and still getting adjusted. Along with the move came major, major stress as can be expected. Lots of hours without sleep, emotional ups and downs, not being on the protocol perfectly but I kept it moving.

Things are calming down now, eating better, exercising every day (and yes I am sweating) and back on track with protocol and getting more rest. Still lots of purging going on but now its hairs/fibers, they were thick but now they are very thin, some are black some are black/white and many are white. The specs that are coming out, some are black but they are tiny, flat and thin not hard and sharp anymore. Some specs I feel are actually dead skin cells, my skin seems to be in healing mode.

Decided I will be using the cleanse that John has on Logos site shortly to aid my body is riding itself of any toxins still lurking about. Have done 2 separate rounds of both the colostrum and parasite cleanse from logos (3 month intervals).

Scars are healing up nicely and know in another couple of months they will be gone. Using tons of coconut/olive oil combination with added tea tree, lavender and other essential oils.

Had my period and purged hairs/fibers from my the rest of my body but nearly no specs in my menstrual blood! Yeah baby!

Finally have a proper bath tub and have taken 3 MMS baths so far. Taking an MMS bath is luxurious! I believe the combination of taking MMS internally and soaking yourself in it really gets things healing quickly. At 1st I was afraid to take the MMS bath
because of the horror stories I heard of the stuff that you may find floating in the tub. Well I took the plunge anyway (warrior spirit) and in the 1st bath lots of hair but only a few specs and lots and lots of dead skin. By time I got to the 3rd bath, still some hair, dead skin but no noticeable specs! Yeah baby!

The full moon is tonight so I am gonna celebrate the full moon by sitting in a tub of MMS. I figure why not use the energy of the moon against them, makes sense? So hopefully you have been on your full moon protocol - sip some MMS and soak in your MMS bath and celebrate your victory.

Have had the opportunity to talk to several journeyers over the past couple of months and the one thing that is consistent is that diet is a major issue. If you are not eating clean, i.e. NO SUGAR - not even natural sugars contained in fruit, no white flour products, rice, bread, pasta, NO Dairy, you will not get well. Yeast love sugar and you have to starve them to death. But that doesn't mean you have to starve, it just means you have to get creative. Beans, Brown rice (excellent brown rice pasta and breads), nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, meats, fish and veggies will become your new best friends. Once you detox from the sugar your foods will have a new and wonderful taste. You will stop craving sugar and when those sugar cravings come take some extra candida rid and Magnifyzme, add some Colostrum, Monolauren and use your zappers, there are many tools available to win this battle against these yeast/fungus.

So here are some updates:

Skin/nails - growing like crazy.
Vaginal yeast infection gone - have doubled up on my dose of Essential Flora to help keep it in check.
Scars - fading and when I get a cut - it scabs up.
Weight - now down 83 pounds - about 17 more to go - working out everyday (and yes I am sweating, sweating is a wonderful way to help push out toxins from the body) and working with a fitness trainer 2x a week (she's trying to kill me!)
Resting a lot more - dude I am tired - did you read above?
Stretch marks - have a lot of them especially around my stomach but they are fading. I think the Magnifyzme has a lot to do with it.
Ear wax - has turned from a hard crust back to ear wax.

So from what I can tell in spite of all the chaos lately, I have experienced another shift. I believe in the next month or so my symptoms will be completely gone. Gonna start zapping every day to stimulate my white blood cells in pushing this junk out. I may experience increased symptoms but its okay - the more out, the less in my body.

The greatest gift is the spiritual shift that is occurring. In the midst of everything I am in a wonderfully peaceful centered place. Now is my head always there - NO. But there is a peaceful calm in my spirit that tells me - no worries you are fine - your body and mind just need time to catch up and they will very, very soon.

I wish for you all this place of perfect peace and health.

Remember failure is not an option, victory is yours.

All the best,

Theresa S.
John B

11:17:58 AM

Hi Theresa,

Your willingness to be transparent is a tremendous blessing and encouragement to many who might otherwise struggle with the same types of challenges and not know how to deal with them.

Thanks to people like you, this is truly a place where sufferers know 'we are in this together'. Thank you again for putting their needs ahead of your comfort.

Peace and Abundant Blessings,

Theresa S.

10:48:18 PM

Forgot to add something to my last post.

In the beginning, I tired to clean my house everyday, change my sheets every other day, etc. and I wore myself out and made myself crazy. There was NO way I could keep up the pace and maintain my health and sanity!

I soon realized that this is not an environmental issue, it is an internal issue. I could clean morning, noon and night and there would always be fibers and specs - until I addressed the real issue, what was going on in my body. Have read that some people have gone as far as to discard everything! So not necessary.

I decided long ago that since in my case it was not a bug issue (mites, etc.) that I would better serve myself to concentrate my efforts on getting myself better, rather than trying to keep my house super clean. It is like trying to keep pollen or dust out of your air - you can minimize it, but you will never rid yourself of it.

I either dust my sheets with D.E. or use a sticky lint roller on my sheets (I change them about every 5 days). I only wear clothing once and every couple of days do my laundry. I used to keep the clothes I wore in plastic bags (thinking they were contaminated) but now use regular laundry bags. I keep one laundry bag for clean clothes and one for worn clothes and just wash the laundry bags frequently.

I put a few menthol crystal balls in my closets and drawers. I use D.E. around the house sparingly (learned this the hard way, by creating a dusty mess). I burn different oils like eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender and menthol crystals. I use air purifiers. I try to sweep every day (because I have 3 dogs) and vacuum and mop my floors every couple of days.

I realized that as I got better, my symptoms would subside and the 'situation' in my house would get better. My need to over clean was just really an expression of my fear and anxiety and the need to try to have some control over the illness - for me it was a diversion.

In the beginning, I was scared of everything, my body, food, my dogs, other people, my house. Now if I have a choice between resting or cleaning like a crazy person - I rest. I wasn't a neat freak before and doubt very much I will be a neat freak now. But I do incorporate healthier cleaning habits to maintain as clean an environment as I physically can without driving myself to exhaustion.

Peace, love and light.

Theresa S.
Theresa S.

8:26:41 PM

Hello Fellow Journeyers,

God is so awesome! I give him all praise, honor and glory!

I am so full of gratitude! Thanks Mel and John for allowing me to be on the conference call and sharing my story. Sorry for not posting in awhile - in the midst of moving to another state in a couple of weeks. Excited and overwhelmed at the same time by this major life change.

Experienced another shift - purging lots and lots and lots of beige/white specs (yeah!), some tiny black specs, bio-film chucks, white fibers and black micro fibers. It is so awesome that I can apply the olive oil/coconut oil and not see a bunch of black specs all over my skin. I really have to massage for a long time to pull up black specs at this point - AWESOME! Lesions and scars are lightening up and I am starting to scab (which means my immune system is responding normally).

Came down with a feminine yeast infection. At 1st I was surprised that with all I am taking that this cropped up. But after speaking with another woman on the protocol, she said the same thing happened to her and she cleared it up by washing with Molecula Silver.

Hey, whether I am just purging (down there) or it is just the yeast/fungus holding on for dear life in my system - it doesn't matter to me. Increased the Candida Rid, Essential Flora, started using homeopathic suppositories, started zapping away and kept it moving.

It just keeps it clear in my mind why it is so important to keep on track with all aspects of the protocol (eating clean, supplements and rest) - the yeast/fungus is extremely resilient and takes a long time to eliminate. The tendency is once you start to feel better to relax on your protocol. Now more than ever, I get why you have to be on this protocol for at least 18 months.

Noticing that around my menstrual cycle that purging increases, again just kept it moving.

Mel keeps reminding me to rest, rest, rest and to get more rest - he is right - AS ALWAYS (love you MEL for keeping me on track)! The complete protocol truly is eating a clean diet, taking supplements, sleeping at least 7 hours a night, reducing stress and walking in Faith!

Failure is not an option! Things will happen, you will have set backs - so what - keep it moving. We are spiritual beings, having a physical experience. Don't give into the illusions that will be presented to you that will try to propel you into a state of fear. Rely on God and put one foot in front of the other. When that gets difficult, just breathe (thanks Monica for reminding me of that).

I send you all love, light and healing.

Theresa S.
Theresa S.

9:14:42 AM

Hello Fellow Journeyers,

Got through the full moon with relative calm (using the MMS full moon protocol), then on the 2nd day after the full moon, BAM! Massive, massive purging. So annoying! I realize that besides the pop, pop, pop feeling or the pop, pop, shower feeling it is that your nerve endings feel like the are all 'firing' at the same time. Urgh! Time to do some deep breathing and/or meditating.

It also seems like it goes in cycles, it will be relatively calm and then I will start massively purging for 2 days in a row. It is almost like my body is resting up in between for these massive purges.

Still purging tinnie, tiny black specs but now more and more larger white specs in different shapes and sizes and also translucent tiny glitter (bio-film?). The white specs pinch or feel like they are 'biting' me when they come out. I hear a lot of people use the phrase 'biting' but I believe it is the pinching and cutting sensation that is happening when it comes out of your pores that creates the biting sensation.

The other annoying thing is the specs all over the floor! Since I am like a popcorn machine, I have to make sure to constantly vacuum and clean the floors because they accumulate. Lovely! That is why, changing your clothes everyday and frequently changing your sheets is so important.

Realizing that my oldest dog's hotspots are most likely not regular allergies but in reaction to the specs working their way out of her skin. Continuing them all on MMS, Molecular Silver and several of the Logos products. I am constantly shoving this supplement or squirting that supplement into their mouths. They just roll their eyes at me now...

Had a hard time mentally in the last couple of days. Got to a point where I just was ready to drop a nuclear bomb into my body to kill off every last one of these nasties (at least that is how I felt). Mel, John and Monica all talked me down from the ceiling! Thanks guys. I am so very blessed to have you all in my corner - God bless you all greatly and abundantly! I love you all!

Sometimes it just gets like that and I have to be mindful that this dis-ease not only attacks you on a physical level but on a mental/emotional and energetic level too.

It again reinforces that you have to build and maintain a healthy, happy and sound mental/emotional and spiritual state. Without deeply working through any issues that you may have, these blockages serve to allow this dis-ease and any other dis-ease for that matter to gain entry and to progress. Heal your mind and the body will follow.

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (am a EFT practitioner), meditation, Reiki, prayer to work through the healing process. Building your arsenal will help and aid you to not only survive this, but come out better than ever.

Losing the battle is not an option for me. Succumbing to the fear and resistance my ego projects is not an option. Eating what I want and doing what I want is not an option. Failing to take responsibility for my health is not an option. Continuing to live unconsciously is not an option. Do I do everything perfectly, HECK NO! I acknowledge what I am feeling, what is happening, make the corrections and reign it in.

Do I want to have this or deal with this. NO! But I am so grateful that this process is leading me to a place of higher conscientiousness and deeper spiritual intent.

I pray this for all of you!

Theresa S.
Theresa S.

12:21:12 AM

Hello Fellow Journeyers,

Mel and John, I continue to love on you both! You are Warriors - not only fighting for our freedom from this on a physical level but most importantly on a spiritual level. I stay grateful, appreciative and amazed at being so blessed to have been guided by God to you both! I can't wait for the moment that I can give you both a big HUG! And yes Mel, I probably will be crying tears of JOY, so tough guy just be prepared!

This month's full moon caught me off guard. I was purging and popping like crazy. Have next month's full moon period clearly marked on my calender. Using a combination of extra virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil with some oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, Calendula, Eucalyptus and Myrrh from head to toe. I deeply massage this in my skin and it draws the yuckies out. I really take my time and use the palm of my hand to get this in, which results in lots of purging. Then I top it off with a layer of Vaseline with tea tree oil mixed in to help seal the above into my skin. Thanks Monica for this tip.

Been experiencing tiredness and am learning to just go with it when it happens. The protocol is giving my body the ammunition it needs to fight to victory. Have learned the hard way that getting at least 7-8 hours a night sleep is as much a part of the protocol as the supplements. Also drinking at least a gallon of water a day to help flush my system and keep it running smoothly.

Had some more lab tests done and came back clear of parasites! YEAH! Parabolish WORKS!

Have started to include green apples, grapefruit and a tiny amount of carrots into my diet. Funny I was so looking forward to having them, but now I realize it is no big deal. I believe it was the yeast and fungus that was triggering the sugar/sweet/carb cravings. Since I am now steadily killing them off - the sweet and carbs don't really appeal to me much anymore.

By the way, the hard, crusty, translucent stuff that was coming out of my forehead was bio-film. I believe the Magnifizyme helped break it up and push it out. No wonder I had brain fog and depression! YUCK! Seeing it come out of other parts of my body too. BYE, BYE bio-film!

Am down 75 pounds since November 2011! Hooray! Only approx. 25 more pounds to go. Really, I can't take credit for it. When you eat 'clean' and use the protocol - you breathe and loose 5 pounds! Starting to incorporate very light exercise into my regimen - don't want to tax my body while it is still fighting and healing.

Also been incorporating meditation, prayer (of course) and all other forms of positive reinforcement (I listen to lots of audio books to keep my mind occupied). In order to make it through this, I feel you must work on your mind as much as, if not more than your body. Without a clear, positive mind, fear will cripple you. Guard and heal your mind, thoughts and emotions; it will make your journey so much more easier.

Doggies are all doing wonderful. Have found that spraying my oldest dog, Buttons down with an MMS solution from head to toe helps better than anything else I have tried to keep the hotspots away. In addition the Logos products are definitely healing them.

Thanks again Mel for including Buttons in your Hope and Inspiration section. She is walking around saying, 'I'm a superstar!'

When I started this journey a couple of months ago, I thought I was going to die. Now I realize, I have. The old me has died and been graciously reborn! I am so, so grateful each and everyday! Thank you God for your healing, wisdom and infinite mercy.

God bless you all with love and a speedy path to your total and complete cure!

Much Love,

Theresa S.

1:56:43 PM

Hi Theresa,

Thanks once again for your kind words of encouragement.

Fortunately, I have been spared the 'hermit in a white lab coat' existence since my sister in law and her feline companion reside in our basement.

As you know, all credit for the amazing products and testimonies associated with Logos Nutritionals goes to the ONE for whom it is named - by Whom all things were made and from Whom comes all knowledge and healing (see the Gospel of John1:1-18... that word 'Word' is 'Logos' in Greek).

Through its manufacturing partner, Logos has access to a cutting edge team of biochemists and lab scientists whose collective knowledge and experience span several generations.

In addition, I have been blessed with great mentors with whom I still consult in product development - except of course my dear father, Carson B. Burgstiner MD, the late beloved physician and nutritional pioneer from whose legacy Logos was birthed. It is my honor and great joy to carry on with the vision that God first planted in him.

But enough about me - sorry, the mad scientist thing got me started...

You, Theresa, are doing AWESOME!

The transformation we have all witnessed in you is nothing short of amazing. I love your attitude and your outlook. The simple but powerful changes you have made in your life are creating positive energy that will overwhelm Morgellons and any other darkness that comes across your path.

Keep up the new life you have embraced and keep sharing it with others... what a blessing you are!

Love Always,

John Burgstiner

Theresa S.

6:54:38 PM

Hello John, Mel and Fellow Everyone,

John B. thanks for your response, as always you are a wealth of information. You are truly a MAD Scientist - I chuckle imagining you in your basement coming up with stuff. Truly your products, quality and prices can not be touched by anything out there on the market. I feel blessed that your products are available to us - Thank you!

I will soon be approaching 15 drops and am anticipating my big herx. But honestly don't know how much of a big herx I will have mainly because of all the additional things I have added to the protocol that have helped me immensely.

I have started using a Far Infrared Sauna that has a hood to cover my head. LOVE IT! I sit for 30-45 minutes and sweat all the yuckies out. For a day or two the purging is minimized.

In addition, I am using a zapper and zapicator. I learned the hard way that cheap zappers don't work and in fact still have the burn marks from one. The one I got is expensive but I happily zap for several hours a day. While doing it, it calms everything down and then the next day, purge like crazy. BYE! Bye!

Have I mentioned how awesome Magnifizyme is? That is a must in my protocol. Magnifizyme happily goes along and dissolves the mucous layers in the whole body, evicting the yeast and fungus from their home. YEA! I even use it on my skin. I open a capsule, make a paste and put it on my face. Had a relative put it on a cut on her foot and in two days, the cut had healed, so this stuff works.

Still purging tiny white and black specs. With the addition of crystallized translucent chucks, which I suspect is bio-film coming through my skin. Who knows? I am just glad it is coming out. Good riddens!

Been experiencing a lot of tiredness lately. When it happens I just listen to my body and rest.

Have lost a total of 70 pounds since November! I have the protocol and a complete change in diet to thank for that. No sugar whatsoever (use stevia), no processed foods, no fast foods, no white flour products and no fruits (except limes and lemons) and No dairy (except occasionally butter). I feel and look healthier than I can remember and realize that this is a lifestyle change and not just to cure my dis-ease. I am committed to be on the wellness protocol for the rest of my life and am cool with that.

My oldest dog is still dealing with hotspots and allergies. Have her on some on the logos products and realize that her issues will not be solved overnight, just like mine. Overall, I am appreciative and grateful for my journey back to wellness and the deep connection I have developed with God and the wonderful people God has put in my path!

God Bless You All - I pray for all to live in the cure.
John B

1:22:13 PM

Hi Theresa,

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and encouragement. I am convinced that prayer is the most powerful force in the universe.

Repairing your bioterrain and restoring integrity to your immune system will lessen the likelihood of developing hypersensitive reactions to new antigens, but in some cases (i.e.- severe peanut allergies), once the body has established a severe response to a specific antigen, it is very unlikely that it will change that response. Avoidance of the offensive item is the wise and necessary course of action.

However, in some cases allergists do seem to have some success in desensitizing the body to specific antigens using repeated exposures (shots) to present very small doses of antigens.

Those results could possibly be achieved more efficiently and less expensively using homeopathic remedies (these are drops you can purchase that are basically incredibly diluted solutions containing only the remnant energy of the antigen - not the antigen itself).

If you and your doctor do decide to try some homeopathics (such as dog or cat dander - Logos does not carry any), do them one at a time so you get a good idea as to how your body is responding to them.

Pollen allergies can be greatly diminished by eating small quantities of local bee pollen. We do carry that, but ours is from North Georgia, so it would be much less effective for you.

That being said, a large part of the regimen you are already on is designed to re-educate your immune system and help modulate its reactions, lowering overall inflammation dramatically.

Food allergies are much more prevalent in those whose digestive efficiency is compromised because the majority of the body's immune army is found in the gut. Therefore, I expect that over time, you may experience less and less issues with non-severe food allergies.

Your dogs should do fine on one cap per day of each item you mentioned. Put them in their food rather than their water and give them weekends off.

Much Love and Blessings,


1:17:25 PM


Was wondering if one can cure food allergies and allergies in general. For instance I have an allergy to eggs, both the yellow and white parts. In detoxing and repairing will I be able to incorporate those foods back into my diet? Also what about allergies to pollen, dogs, cats, etc. can those be cured? If so do I need to do more than I am doing now?

Used the sauna again last night - it is so wonderful and boy did stuff surface on my skin. A few black specs but many, many more white specs. I even saw another white hard hair like fiber. Yeah!! Took my MMS and then put my zapper on and went to bed. Was knocked out!

I ordered an extra bottle of the Candida Rid and MagnifiZyme to give to my dogs. Can you tell me how much I should give them? They are all under 40 pounds and the oldest one, Buttons is the main one that has hot spots and probably yeast infections issues. Also how much of the Essential Flora and Essential Digestion should I give them too?

As always, I pray for your continued blessings, abundance, well-being, peace and prosperity!
Theresa S.

8:22:42 PM

Hello Everyone,

All Praises to God, I am doing AWESOME! Since November of 2011, I have lost 65 pounds! YEAAAH! Am following a combination of the candida and mold elimination diets. Basically no dairy, no sugar, no fruits (only limes and lemons), no white flour products. I eat meat and fish sparingly (2 -3 times a week), lots of brown rice (brown rice pasta, breads and crackers), millet and quinoa, all greens and beans.

Am using John B.'s wellness protocol with the following added to it; Parabolish, Candidarid, Olive Leaf Extract and Magnifizyme. Of course am using Molecula Silver (1 tbspn), MSM (1/2 tpsn), MMS and alternating weekly Oregano oil (4 drops) or Grapefruit seed extract (4 drops). My protocol also includes a couple of other things, that are more specific to my body.

What a blessing, I have never felt better in all my life and each day I feel better than the last. Am off all meds for depression, anxiety, allergies, asthma and diabetes. I am purging tons of tiny black & white specs, which sometimes cause itchiness as they surface. My energy level is high and have been gently reminded by John B. that I have to make sure I get at least 8 hours sleep to assist my body in the repairing and rebuilding process, getting enough sleep is as important as taking my supplements!

MSM (sulfur) has been wonderful, it knocks me out at night! But I think my all time favorite is the Magnifizyme. Magnifizyme works like draino in the body! The serrapeptase goes throughout my body relieving inflammation and eating all the bio-film and all the little nasties that don't belong there. I believe the bio-film is not only in the intestines but throughout my whole body. While the digestion enzymes work on the intestines, the Magnifizyme works on the WHOLE BODY.

I have only been on Magnifizyme for a couple of days and boy are things fleeing my body like crazy! Spots on my body where I believe I had bio-film in my tissues (when I massaged I would feel a crunchy sensation deep under my skin) are lessening. The crusty stuff on my forehead that was a hard crystallized substance is 85% gone. Magnifizyme is even clearing up my lesions and scars!!!!

My hands were so cracked and dry. I broke open a capsule of Magnifizyme and mixed it with water and made a little paste and applied it to my face and hands and left it on for a couple of hours. Washed it off and then put a mixture of coconut oil, Shea butter, with a couple of drops of grapefruit seed extract and oregano oil on my skin. By the next day a lot of the scabs had fallen off the back of my hands. Now about 2 days later the dark discoloration of my hands is practically gone! I wonder if I can take a bath in Magnifizyme!!!

A family member is now on the protocol with Magnifizyme who is dealing with a fungal infection in her lungs. In the couple of days that she has been taking the Magnifizyme stuff is clearing out of her lungs like crazy and she feels great!

I even gave my dogs Magnfizyme and I really believe they started passing bio-film in their stools. For about 2 days all of them passed stools that were wrapped in a dark green coating. Now their stools are back to their normal brown color. Even my family member said the same thing happened to her...coincidence? Maybe, but I don't think so.

I am so grateful for all the love and support I have been receiving. It has truly given me the strength and courage to forge ahead unafraid. I am no longer focusing on the dis-ease, my focus is on my optimal health. I quickly realized that my mental, spiritual and emotional state was as important, if not more so than what was going on in my body. I think, feel and speak that I am healed. I believe it with all my heart. I no longer have good days and bad days. I have good days and awesome days. Claim your healing and believe it with all your heart. God will do the rest!

I send you lots of love and healing energy.

Theresa S.
Theresa S.

2:08:48 AM

Blessings and Speedy Healing To All,

God is so AWESOME! I am getting better and better each day! God Bless you Mel!

John Burgstiner - God Bless you GREATLY and ABUNDANTLY. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me & patiently & kindly answer my zillions of questions. Being able to speak with someone as esteemed as yourself was truly a blessing from GOD. You helped ease my fears and confusion and let me know I am on the right track to the COMPLETE RESTORATION OF MY HEALTH by using Mel's protocol and your products!

Each day I see more white specs (dead) and less black specs surfacing. Each day the specs are getting smaller and smaller. Each day the fog lifts more from my brain. Each day I have a little more endurance and strength of spirit. Each day I purge a little more as my body pushes this junk out. Every couple of days I go through a healing crisis - sneezing, rashes, etc. Each healing crisis brings me closer to being healthy - my body is fighting using the protocol as its ammunition to eradicate this dis-ease and bring me back to health.

John said and I agree that this was a blessing FOR ME. How on earth could that be? Because I had to wake up and take action. I had to completely change my diet (on the mold elimination diet) and start to seriously take care of my mind, body and spirit. Possibly, if I didn't get my wake up call, I would have stayed blissfully unhealthy and wound up with something much, much worse - my lifestyle was setting the stage for it.

I also had to re-evaluate what is most important to me and make serious changes in every aspect of my life.

My 3 dogs are even getting healthier too. I can not sit down and eat my brown rice and beans, salad or kale without them begging me for some :)

Have there been set backs? OH YES! But God Grace is so awesome and the body is so forgiving that it responds and corrects. I am marching eagerly towards my freedom from this dis-ease. The next 18 months on this protocol will fly by but my lifestyle has changed for the better forever.

God Bless each and everyone of you fellow journeyers. We are NOT Morgellon's sufferers but conquerors. I speak Peace, Complete Healing and Abundance over everyone.

Much Love,

Theresa S.

12:39:53 PM

Hello Everyone,

Just got lab test results back and it shows that I have infections from parasites:

O+P Trichrome, 3rd Specimen - few blastocystis hominis and O+P Stool (3rd Specimen) - few blastocystis hominis

While showing negative for cryptosporidium

I am also showing an allergic reaction to Alternaria Tenuis Mold (m6). The scale for that is 0-6 and I rated on the scale at 3 (high 3.60-17.39) as my result is 6.48 for the allergen.

I am also showing allergic reactions to egg whites on the scale at 2 (moderate - 0.70 -3.49) my result being 1.70 and egg yolk at 1 (low 0.35 - 0.69) my results being 0.42

Also allergic to peanuts at 1 (low 0.35-0.69) my results being 0.39

Also interestingly enough I showed absent of candida.

So I am surprised that with the MMS (10 drops at night before bed) P73 Oregano oil (4 drops 2x a day) molecular silver (1 tablespoon under tongue up rising) and wormwood and black walnut hull herbal tincture (2x a day) that I am still showing these blastocystis hominis parasites. Of course this was not a comprehensive test, just a basic test that was covered by Medicare.

Anyway, my nutritionist/pharmacist will be starting me on medication tomorrow. He also mentioned he will be mixing up medication for me that will be covered by my prescription plan that includes superdolphilis and candida rid. So I will not have to purchase those. Once I find out what the prescriptions are, will post here.

Finding that the specs coming out are getting smaller appear light beige or white. The worse symptom I have is the muscle fatigue especially in my legs, tiredness and occasional leg cramps which wake me at night. The popping sensation is the pits, but since I am passing the smaller specs and not the sesame seed size ones it doesn't pinch as much.

I find that my major area that they are coming out of it my feet, ankles and lower calves. Was thinking about using thieves oil to apply to bottom of feet. Also see them coming up in clumps. What I mean is I see a dark patch and when I rub or scratch it, it is actually a nest of these specs.

Seeing break outs on my face and back. My skin is so dry it is cracking on my hands and feet - using virgin coconut oil but I think the I have to go back to petroleum jelly especially because it is cold here now and the cold weather does a job on my skin anyhow.

Still working on the dogs with molecular silver (1/2 tablespoon in their morning water bowl) 1 dropper of wormwood and black walnut tincture in their afternoon water bowl and 3 drops of MMS in their evening water bowl. Have added Dinovite to their food which contains some de and also coat their kibble with de. Trying to find a dewormer for them. Can anyone suggest a dewormer that they have used successfully. I don't want to clear up my parasites only to get reinfected from them and trying not to spend another $600 at the vet's.

Health, Peace and Blessings to all.


4:49:53 PM

Hello Mel and Everyone,

While cleaning out my kitchen cabinets of stuff that was ancient I found bugs -- the exterminator said they were some type of wheat beetle (small brown round insect). But what was extremely interesting is the specs I found with them. Some of the specs were stuff that I have seen coming out of my skin - small brown and black specs.

Recently, I've seen these bugs in my kitchen and they fly. Apparently they got into my boxed food and had infested my pantry. I went through everything and tossed anything old or expired and everything that was in boxes. I also believe it probably got into the dog's food that I used to keep in a dog food container (not refrigerated). Now I keep the dog's kibble in zip lock bags in the bottom of the refrigerator with some DE in the bag.

Having to change my diet anyway, anything in boxes, rice, pasta, cereal, teas, etc. got tossed. Also check your spices, have found bugs in them before. Now I don't know if this is the main M. parasite or one of many but I know ingesting these things can't be helping my immune system. So everyone please go through all your food (especially in boxes) and start tossing.

By the way, even though I have not started the Logos Supplements yet (still waiting on shipment) my itching is diminishing more and more each day. When I do get itchy I take a cotton pad with MMS on it and really massage my skin. I see tiny black specs that are coming out of my skin that are causing the itching. Once removed the itching stops. Dogs have lots of 'stuff' coming out their skin too and are itching less. Giving them Molecula Silver and MMS.

One of my problem areas is in my ear canals. Seems like there is a biofilm in there (crusty skin). Also noticing that pimples or things that I thought were skin moles have specs and other stuff in them. Had one behind my ear that was there for the longest time. I kept wiping it with MS and MMS, it eventually broke open and was able to squeeze it and lots of nasties came out. GROSS! Now am working on the others.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Be Blessed!

4:29:56 PM

Hello all,

I just wanted to take a moment to reach out to all of you going through this horrendous condition. This started for me close to a month ago and in that time, I have had my ups but mostly downs and considered ending it all - this is just too much for any sole to bare. I am sure many of you, if not all of you can relate to my feelings.

Through it all, the greatest strength and support I have received has been GOD Almighty and from TOTAL strangers. People (Angels) that don't know me but have responded to my PLEAS for help.

Most of all MEL you are an absolute angel, you truly live and walk in the spirit of GOD. When you called me today and said that you would help me get the protocol so that I could get started - I balled and am still crying. MY GOD! I will love you forever and am so grateful that God has placed you in my life. I know there is absolutely nothing I can do to repay you or all of you that have so selflessly shared your knowledge, encouragement and stories of healing.

I so appreciate that this site is not about sharing the horror stories - we all got them and are scared to DEATH already. I had someone from another site reach out to me that is also suffering from this disease and by time I got off the phone with her - I WAS DONE. I know she was trying to help but the horror stories sent me into greater despair!

Victoria, thank you so much for talking to me almost daily and praying with me. In this fight, you ABSOLUTELY MUST rely on GOD and Victoria you have helped me to do that. I ask in the name of Yahweh that you and everyone else receive absolute and complete healing from this condition. I also ask, not in my power but of the power of GOD MOST HIGH that he bind this sickness in our bodies, souls and spirit and destroys it forever!

I promised Mel not post longggg posts, but my spirit was commanded to do so. My very heart goes out to you, new M sufferers and those that have been going this for many, many years. I absolutely know that it is through God that you have been able to endure this and I thank you for inspiring me to continue to put one foot in front of the other and continue on, even though at times I have little strength or desire to do so.

I am alone, no mate or children (but 3 dogs) and actually am grateful for this now - if I had a family I may have to see them suffer which would be heartbreaking. I am new to this thing and although I have no answers, just plenty of questions, I do offer to pray with anyone that needs it.

Absolute miracles happen when you invite God, his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit to take charge. THIS I CAN ATTEST TO!

I know I will still have my ups and downs, so please bear with me if I give in to those downs. It is so hard for me to be patient and do what is necessary, as I am sure it is for most of you. Please remind me, that this is curable.

On a final note, I encourage each and everyone of you to donate to Mel's cause. He has helped many to find a cure and many more to stabilize their illness with his experience and knowledge. He gives of his time freely and has experienced severe financial loss (bankruptcy) helping M sufferers get on the protocol. He too is on disability and we all know that NO ONE can really survive just on disability but he does it and continues to help others freely. $1, $5, $10 anything to help him to continue to help others that are in need. He receives very little donations and I would hate to ponder on where would we all be if he didn't help us with his time and knowledge? I ask that God move you to make a donation and to continue to make donations to help other sufferers. For those of you that have, I pray blessings upon you and ask for continued support. Our numbers are not dwindling but increasing and more people every day need help. We must absolutely help each other spiritually, emotionally and financially, as we are not receiving help from the medical establishment or even close friends and families (who don't understand or even think we are crazy).

I ask God to bless each and everyone of you and to bring you to a place of being ABSOLUTELY and TOTALY cured! Nothing less will do.

All my love



11:35:57 AM

Hello Theresa and welcome.

This is a relatively long post, but for a Morgellons sufferer you seem quite coherent. Having now spoken with you, I know that you are.

The stop gap advice you received from your pharmacist seems sound enough. So nice to see a medical professional who does not have his head in the sand in regard to Morgellons.

I have taken both oil of oregano and GSE before, usually in alternating doses. They are both very effective antifungals. In fact, I believe that they are chief components of the Logos Candida Rid formula.

A special thanks to Victoria, a fellow Morgellons sufferer now in recovery, who in reaching out to you was (and is) willing to help others as we have helped her.

I am glad to hear that you and your dogs are improving. Please keep us posted on your progress.

God Bless, Never give up Hope!


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Theresa **

6:11:31 PM

Hello Mel and Fellow Forum Members,

Sorry this is a long post but I just wanted to give an update on my situation. While I am not sure where or how I picked this up, I do know that my immune system was in a compromised state that made me open to this parasitic infection. I really think they are soil and air bound. Everytime I would go outside I could feel them on my skin and the intense itching would start, I would wipe off my skin and find these specs on me. Again I don't know if it is spring tails, mites and/or a combination of parasites it just seems that these things are present in the envirnoment everywhere. I also think because I have a mite allergy (blood test confirmed) I really reacted to them more than normal, which is a blessing because I had to really start examining things.

A couple of days ago, I started taking 10 drops of grapefruit seed oil 3x a day and a drop of oregano oil in a glass of water 3x a day. Mel gave me a call (God Bless) and he strongly suggested that I start on the MMS right away.

A fellow forum member, Victoria gave me the info on a Pharmacy in Brooklyn, NY that sells MMS (a different brand) for around $25. I called on Monday and they said the Pharamist, John who does nutrional counseling for FREE was in and I could stop by. Went in and had to wait about 45 mins. Told him that I was referred to him by another Morgellons client that he was treating. He said that he initially thought this other client was 'crazy' but was open to treating her. Then he saw a TV program about it and read the info she gave him and came to believe. He knows about the Logos Nutritional Protocol but wanted to start me on the following because of my financial constraints (am on disability and he was very sensitive to that).

MMS 1 drop activated in 3oz water
colloidal silver 1-2 in each nostril and drink 30 drops 3x a day with food
Oil of Oregano - 1-2 drops in 2-3oz of water, gargle, drink 3x a day with food
Superdphillus 1/2 teashponful in 2oz water, gargle, drink 3x a day 1 hour before meals
5htp 50mg 1 at bedtime
Theanine 100 mg - 1 with each meal 3x a day, 2 at bedtime
adrenal drops - 20 days with theanine 3x a day, not at bedtime
NO Apple cider vinegar as it is a fermented food, no dairy including yogurt, eating fresh and steamed vegetables and fish

I told him about my morgellon's symptoms which were, intense itching on my face, itching all over and crawling sensations all over, I was expelling sesame seed hard black specs and smaller specs that were white, beige, red, blue and longer black and brown fibers. He looked at my tongue which is coated and said I had a bad fungal infection. I told him I knew I was also overloaded with candida because of vaginal discharge I used to have, but had since cleared up (with strict change in diet). I asked him for something to stop the itching but he said that in addressing the fungal and yeast infection the itching would clear up (he was right).

By the next day, with the addition of the MMS and colloidal silver itching was greating diminished. I also started spraying my skin with MMS anytime I felt an itch. At night I continue to do a betonite clay and borax mud massage but added MMS in the mixture. Less sesame seed like black specs come out with each massage and shower. Upon finishing I spray MMS on me from head to toe and apply vaseline and then spray myself down again. I massage this in really well and will find some more specs surface.

What is new for me is I am seeing white specs, small white fuzzy specs and grayish gummy things (worms ?) coming out of my skin and the other specs are deminishing. Oh yes, I also see black fibers which look like hair but when you remove them they don't hurt like pulling hair out of your follicle. Also seeing black 'c' shaped hard fibers that feel plastic like popping out my skin. I literally saw one of them pop out of a folicle on my arm!

As I mentioned to Mel in an email, I would love to start the Logos Morgellons Support Kit with the addition of the Candida rid but financially I am unable to right now. So again Mel, if you can figure out someway to make this possible, God Bless.

Next is my 3 dogs, of which the oldest (16 years old) was suffering terribly. I have been cleaning their ears with MMS, putting it in their water and giving them a couple of drops in their mouth, also giving them probiotics. In the beginning their ears had specs in them and the oldest had a brown discharge (probably yeast). Took them to the vet and spent nearly $600 for her to say that these specs were nothing and she treated her for allergies. The 1st 2 days on the antihistamine, the 16 year old was constantly shaking her head and was not sleeping and was miserable. Now I wipe her face and ears down with MMS and spray them all several times a day (especially when coming from outside). Whenever I see her or any of them shake their heads I spray them and wipe their ears out with MMS. She is shaking her head a lot less and I am seeing a lot less of these specs on her. The 2 others also have a lot less specs coming out of their ears.

I am sure I left something out but wanted to put out there what I am doing and ask for suggestions and ways I can improve this so this stuff is gone from me and my babies. If anyone wants to communicate, please feel free to contact Mel for my email address or phone number.

God Bless everyone with a speedy recovery and cure. I really appreciate having a place to come to with people who are living the cure and sharing it freely with anyone who needs it. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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