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12:16:20 PM

Hello Everyone,

Since last year when this post was made, Logos Nutritionals has been working hard to make available natural medicines that will provide antifungal, antiviral and antimicrobial support (without nasty side effects) for those who need it and cannot find a compassionate doctor to help them with prescriptions.

Since then we have made available several new products you should be aware of:

1. Monolaurin is the biologically active form of lauric acid (from coconuts) that has natural antiviral properties.

2. Candida Rid is a broad spectrum natural antifungal/antibacterial formula that is the centerpiece of our Candida Cleanse Protocol.

3. The latest addition to our product line is Olive Leaf Extract, a very potent broad spectrum antibiotic that has been used since ancient times to promote health and control infection.

God has placed natural medicines all around us for our benefit, but as the Hebrew prophet Hosea said (and Mel likes to quote), 'My people perish (or suffer) for lack of knowledge' (Hosea 4:6)

God's Word describes a beautiful scene in heaven: the 'river of life' that is lined with the 'trees of life' that will never wither. Each tree bears twelve fruits that produce without fail each month. It says that 'the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations' (Revelation 22:2).

Many scholars believe that one of the fruits those trees will bear is olives, and indeed the medicinal properties of the fruit and leaves of olive trees is legendary.

All of you remain in our prayers, and we will continue to seek out ways in which to serve you and improve your quality of life.

Mel says it best; God Bless, Never give up Hope!


John Burgstiner

8:21:40 PM

I am doing great! Depending on how long you have had morgellons will probably dictate how long you'll need the meds. I am still on the anti-biotic. I take it one week a month and take an an anti-fungal at half the strength. As previously discussed, the need to be on the meds long termis probably warranted.

1:01:09 PM

I am wondering how Deb** is doing? I am glad you posted her protocol. I have been treating my morgellons w/ only natural anti-microbials (as well as diet & nutitional support)& have gotten 90% & even at times 95% improvement. I agree w/ John B that the prescription meds cause alot of damage, and I have been trying hard to avoid that route. I can never seem to completely conquer it though. Deb** if you're out there can you give us an update?
pamela mae

11:07:41 AM

Dear Mr. Cs,
I did look.
Pretty amazing.
Seems those little nematodes do not like the ultra sound.
Wish we could get in there and grab one of those suckers.
Cept that would kinda smart for the guy who was shown on your blog ..ouch.
Wish we could look at one of them.

Keep up the good work Mr CS
Pamela mae Crane
Mr. Common Sese

1:51:43 PM

Debra, lookup on Google 'Filarial Dance Sign' it is how they see them on ultrasounds ...

This site talks about it, and even has movies you can see if you scroll down. This is the key to identifying Morgellons I think, the issue is nobody will look !

See this site
Pamela Mae

3:43:04 PM

Dear Mr Cs,

Thank you so much for seeing mels,mine and Johns true heart and focus.
We truly are 'trying to come up with a repeatable way to set people free, by using sound research,as natural as possible approach understanding the seriousness of what we are dealing with.'

It is our mutual respect for you as well that you truly are trying to set people free and doing with pure intent,as natural as possible but not ignoring the severity of the disease.

You are a true brother - thanks.

Pamela Mae
ps...cannot wait for the adventure story to post and start! can't divulge story line;-)

3:17:56 PM

Mr. CS -
Thank you for your knowledge. I love that you always come up with new information. I am going to look into the posibility of getting an ultra sound. I do not know exactly what should be looked at in my case.
But it is a good possibility and I will post results if it is done.
But honestly, I am 100% convinced this is originally caused by a parasite (at least in my case). If I was to tell you my entire story you may have second thoughts. My doctor actually agrees since the only things that help me point to parasites of some type.
If I had the resources and the professionals to back me - I would figure this out myself. THese are microscopic parasites - I swear to you.

I have always been against drugs - did not even take aspirin. I am in my 50's and have no health problems. I was reading prevention 40 yrs ago. But this is serious stuff and we need to get rid of it. I agree with Deb. Mel was cured with natural products but he also used MMS and the Doc from Maryland who cured himself went the heavy drug route.

I have all your products from your full protocol. I admit they made me feel much better. But you know what - it was still there and when I went on the antifungal and the other presc drugs I went through about 50 days of hell as my body cleaned out. NON stop movement on the outside of my body. I can grab these things right off my skin. Finally, I have had 3 days of peace. And I finally think maybe just maybe I am getting some where.
Mr. Common Sense

12:07:06 PM

Read my reply below first.

Click here

Clinical examination did not reveal the nematode. RESULTS: Over a 6-minute time span, serial UBM (Ultrasound biomicroscopy) examinations revealed the nematode to move from the iris root into the posterior chamber through the zonules.

Like I said, In India, they use Ultra Sound regularly to dianose parasitical worm infections in human all the time, takes only a few minutes (like in the PubMed article above.

Here's the deal folks. The Morgellons is worms issue could be solved in less than 1 hour, Morgellons is 1 mere stupid hour away from being diagnosed as a major parasitical worm infect, and has been for 15 years, that's the reality of our plight, it's sad beyond belief.
Mr. Common Sense

11:42:44 AM

I would just like to say something here. For all of the talk of parasites there has been no evidence found, none. Sure, people might find a parasite now and again but this is normal, the CDC alone stated 14 million Americans are infected with the pets worms.

I'm not putting anybody down, I listen to all voices cause I want permanently out of this mess. But everyone claims this nematode or that worm or whatever, yet not a single shred of evidence. For the record, in India, nematodes are easily diagnosed via ultrasound and can be clearly seen on the screen. This is a fact, yet it is not being done here, if we have nematodes crawling and squirming under our skin they CAN BE seen on an ultrasound.

Why doesn't somebody with the resources put this to the test? Although I've been struggling wit anxiety of late (which is my worst symptom) my Morgellons is but a minor nuisance, and this all on natural things. Sure, I will feel the crawling or really what feels like tingling around computers and things but this really seems to point at something other than a parasite.

In the end, it does matter, I agree, if you use a parasite protocol and get rid of Morgellons great, but I know folks like JWF, herehoping, and many others that beat it without help from a doctor using all natural products, including Dora who followed Dr. Staninger's protocol (no meds), and then there's Penny from the finding1cure yahoo group, she's free of a terrible case of this using natural products, and Trisha Springstead I know has helped set a ton of folks free using natural products. The truth is there are people being cured of this mess and by all kinds of various means and lets be honest here. There is yet to be a reliable, repeatable, cure. Now some people will say that's becasue we all have different things, I disagree, it's because what we are dealing with here is hard to kill. I know a lady who had this terribly, almost died, was free of it for 10 YEARS and then got it again.

When somebody finds a repeatable cure, I will be inline to gobble down what ever they are offering. Until then, I hold my own doing natural things that not only hold off Morgellons but all kinds of disease, but then, this is my only choice because like I said, there's no way a doctor is going to prescribe me meds for a condition that's all in my head, or due to stress, or whatever they choose to "write it off as" ...

I applied this site and what Mel, John, and Pamela are doing, they are approaching this right, and I like the fact that they are trying to come up with a repeatable way to set people free.

11:25:52 AM

I have also looked at these lint balls under a scope and there IS a tiny body inside. More obvious if you put a drop of oil on the fuzz ball. I read that it is some sort of nematode that uses the cottom to coccoon.

10:30:39 AM

Deb - Yes I would like to see the articles that you are using. Please get my email from Mel or Pam. Thank you.

You are right about stromectol. I have used it many times and it has not worked. But we are using a new strategy now. I can't undestand how it has cured my pets (revolution is the same drug) yet it is not curing us. Maybe we are doing something wrong. Maybe it needs to be long term. Is it dangerous?, maybe, but when given the option of living with this and wondering what the future brings for me and my family, I would rather take that chance. So I am trying it again.

Stromectol goes into the skin and into the intestines. I am also on Fluconazole which kills yeast all throughout the body, even in the brain.
If I can't kill them on the skin, they always have a place to go. Everytime the inside intestinal terrain is hostile they can wait it out in the skin, in the nose, in the ears, eyes, hair, under the nails, etc. Or they can even wait it out on my son. Any time I thought I was cured he got worse. When he became normal again I got it back. This is the problem we are facing. This is why we are not killing this. I am hoping that a good strong dose of stromectol every 3 days will help kill them as they hide in the skin. Also need to kill them constantly on the skin - undernails, in hair. I also have a sulfur ointment that I mix with a mositurizer. I easily get everything out of my skin daily just by using some oil - mineral, skinsosoft, coconut butter, etc. There is not much, but it is still there nevertheless, I am still not a normal person. Hair is a problem because they hide in the scalp and it is hard to get to unless you are bald. But you can not leave one spot available for them because their survival rate is phenomenal.
If this was an internal terrain intestinal problem only we would all be cured.

Parasites also are known to cultivate fungus. They tend garden in your intestines, they grow it. So the fact that people are testing high for fungus may be the result of having a parasite. Not that the fungus came first. It may be the other way around. I did not test for fungus. I had dead yeast. I have yeast but my body is killing it. Maybe because I have been fighting this from almost day 1. This bug does not seem to care that I am on a yeast free, sugar free diet. It makes it's own yeast and maybe at a higher rate to compensate.

I am not sure where this parasite reproduces or what it eats - probably it digests skin. The hard crusty little white things on the skin - is that hardened skin from where they feed? Then it runs inside and plants it's garden. Maybe the queens inside, wrapped up in our tissue so the immune system does not attack.
It wraps itself with skin or threads from clothing to trick the host animal's immune system. This is why we find 'lint' and skin flakes when we were absolutely sure that nothing was there just minutes ago. Steam ironing clothes will bring these white things to the surface, even after you have delinted the clothes. They hide in clothing as they hide in your skin. They change the clothing fibers with some type of bodily fluid and it adhers together as a casing. When you feel it, it does not feel like lint, it is harder and crustier. If you could look under a 100x scope you would see a uniform pattern to some of these lint cocoons. And in some you can see some type of body in the center, well hidden. Some of the 'skin flakes' also do not look like skin. Under the scope they have a body appearance also. I have seen 2 separate times these skin flakes fly off my arm. Once I just nudged it to see what would happen. There are different stages of this insect. The male flies off, if it survives. It also has a glitter look. The female stays on or in the body. There has to be a parasite that fits this description. I believe this is an insect parasite that either purposely or by accident became a human parasite. Personally, I got it from fleas. You may get it from an insect bite and not even know you were bit - tick maybe, spider, etc.

John B., etc. - Any of you with suggestions - please respond. Deb - if this is what you had - please let me know because then your meds may be my answer also. By the way my doc did not put me on stromectol, we are doing this on our own. He has prescribed fluconazole, VSL, liverlonger, laktoferrin, artemisinin, MMS. And he has approved the natural supplements I am taking such as Logos products.

Sorry Mel - I hope you approve this. I know you did not have this particular parasite. If not feel free to delete.

Mr. Common Sense

10:13:06 AM

Debra, I appreciate your kindness and reaching out to me, you are truly wonderful. The problem is because of threats I receive (though they have greatly tapered off) I never list my true location, I'm not really in NY. I'll make it though ...

7:43:55 AM

MR CS, I do not have any lesions, have never had any. I am so on top of taking care of my skin that I also look pretty healthy. BUT my Doctor believes what I tell him and treats me accordingly. I really wish you would give him a chance to try and help you. Your knowledge would also be a great asset to him and probably help him treat the rest of us.
Please go.

8:42:29 PM

Mr CS,
I understand what you're going through. I also have no lesions. Just scratches. I look in perfect health too.I've had tghis for 5 yrs (That I'm aware of) and I too wish I could just crawl in a hole somewhere and stop spending every waking minute obsessing about or reading about this horror.
I live in NY too. It IS very hard to find a Dr to help and to give you prescriptions. I agree with Deb about Lyme Dr's. They ARE more open minded. There are plenty in the NY area. One of the best is on Long Island.l I think his name is Dr Beresconna. I'm not spelling it right but I'm sure you can find him online.
If you have insurence I think you have a good chance of getting help from a Lyme Doctor.
My peoblem is taht I am on Medicaid and no doctors take it. Tht leaves me with only 2 options. Getting meds online, which we all know is dangerous ,or going to clinics which I have been doing for since I got this. At least my doctor at the clinic doesn;t think I'm insane and believes I have this . She never heard of Morgllons but she kept an open mind. I need to thank Deb for sending me those articles for me to give to my doctor and Deb ,I'm really happy for you. You seem to have found a great doctor. too bad he's in N.Carolina and I'm sure he doesn't take Medicaid.
I am so so grateful to have found this site . Also to have people on here not only willing to talk with me but even to pay for John's protocol to be
sent to me.
Mr. CS I hope you find some help. I now what a nightmare this is and I (as you all read on my other post) hae been sucidal over this. Listen to Deb. She knows her stuff. So does Mel and John. I also wanted tothank him for taking the time to call me. we had quite a long converstation and I'm sure he's a busy man.
Deb has used 'tough love' :-) on me because I'm such a wimp/ She was kind enough to send me MMs and other things and I did admet to her that I haven;t taken anything yet out of fear. You hear and read some very frightening things on the net about what people go though when they 'herx'
Anyway I'm going on too long here. I can identify with you, Mr CS. I know that doesn;t change anything but maybe you won;t feel as alone? So now I am about to take my very first MMS bath and guys I am scared sh**less!!!!. I promised Deb I would and I thank her for caring enough to push me. Thanks, Hilary

6:13:59 PM


Can I somehow contact you? I want to ask you some questions about your doctor in NYC.

5:17:33 PM

To Mr. CS
I know EXACTLY how you feel, I felt the same way after finding Mel's site, trying the protocol and realizing it wasn't going to work for ME.
There is more to what I have tried than what I care to post, but the true story here is NOT to give up.
I truly believe that Mel has hit the nail on the head with treating bacteria, fungus and parasites at the same time. It will just be finding the right "cocktail" for each individual.
I gave up alot and lost alot to get to this place, but the alternative was much worse.
Mr Common Sense

1:41:43 PM

Sorry everyone, when I read Deb's post it struck a nerve, not that she said or did anything the slightest bit wrong. But you have to remember, I think there are far more people who have Morgellons that are WITHOUT lesions that those with lesions. There is very little evidence I can show a doctor, in fact basically none in my case. There is no way I am going to be prescribed meds, nada, none. I look like I'm in perfect health. And through natural things I've managed to do pretty well, but have yet to kill the monster.

I was a little down last night, when I read her post I'm like great, you have a doctor that will prescribe meds, but what folks don't understand is 95% cannot and will not ever get meds for this, odering from oversea's places is dangerous, you're not even sure the drugs are real, and self medicating with bactrim and other things isn't recommended. So, I was happy for Deb yet somewhat angry and wallowing in self pity I guess, I should have kept my mouth shut I guess. I had a terrible weekend, absolutely paralyzed with Anxiety. I'm doing the MSM for at least 3 months straight before I do the testing.

I'm so tired of Morgellons, of hearing about it, writing about it, suffering from it, and seeing the damage it unleashes. We go to Florida for spring break with the kids in about 6 weeks or so, that's a long way off, sometimes, I just wish I could walk away from it all.

I didn't mean to cause a stir, but the reality is that you should really count your blessings Deb, becasue honestly, the care you received is beyond the reach of almost everybody.

I have a letter in my inbox of a lady that went to 20 some odd doctors, it's a facinating write up and hope I get to post it. She was never helped.

I'm sorry Deb, I'm happy for you but at the same time angered greatly by the dispair of knowing I'm on my own. Don't worry, I'm a tough cookie, I'll make it.

John B

12:47:13 PM

Congrats Deb2 on your improvement.

I like the fact that your doctor recognizes the pleomorphic nature of these pathogens and is rotating your meds to keep them off balance. This is particularly important with man made antimicrobials.

Mr. CS's comments are very insightful. Many people who are struggling with Morgellons lack the resources to do the testing, much less afford the extremely costly (and even more extremely toxic) antiparasitics you are taking.

Fortunately for those people, there are low cost natural antimicrobials that can help them regain control of their lives again (such as Olive Leaf, Lactoferrin, Oil of Oregano, Berberine, Allicin, Cat's Claw, Monolaurin, Grapefruit Seed Extract, MMS, and nanonized colloidal silver - to name just a few).

Likewise, there are many proven natural antihelmynthics (antiparasitics), and most of them are gathered in one place in our Parabolish formula. If you decide to try it, make sure you take the liver support(Liver CS Plus) to help remove the toxic wastes generated in the dieoff.

Whatever offensive weapons that are used, whether natural or synthetic, it is critical to support the liver and other detox organs and to do what you can to restore your bioterrain.

I noted that your doctor is having you double up on your probiotics... good idea.

Dysbiosis (disrupted gut flora)is where most illness starts and ends, and remains the single biggest challenge for anyone with Morgellons to address... especially when they are exposed to long term antibiotic and antifungal treatment.

Drug resistant infections are an emerging and ominous threat to all, and the pharmaceutical industry isn't even trying to pretend they have an answer (only two new antibiotics have been approved in the last three years).

Major pharmaceutical companies have simply lost interest in the antibiotics market because these drugs are not as profitable as drugs that treat chronic diseases and lifestyle factors. Antibiotics are normally short-term drugs, taken only until the infection is gone, not daily for years and years by hundreds of thousands of people.

It is extremely expensive to develop and establish safety and efficacy of a new antibiotic, especially because there is no guarantee that the drug will be approved even after a huge investment of time and money.

Like I said on the last conference call, you are the canaries in the coal mine so to speak. We all need to familiarize ourselves with the natural medicines that God placed on this earth to protect and nourish us, and right now we need to fight like Hell to ensure that our free access to them is not stolen from us by corrupt politicians and greedy drug companies.

By the way, beware of circumventing the system that is in place to buy prescription drugs. There is a black market for everything, but it comes with its own set of risks. In my opinion, drugs are risky enough when you know you are getting the real thing.

I am not knocking you here Tim... I am glad you had a good result... just urging caution with internet meds. One other thing... anyone who has an entrenched fungal infection such as is common with Morgellons patients should not expect to eradicate it quickly. It is by nature a long term struggle, but it can be won if you remove their food sources (sugars and heavy metals).

Sorry for the long post... I guess I had a lot to say.



12:00:40 PM

I did have some of the things you mentioned. Now all gone. I have now read many times that the stromectol has not helped anyone???? I noticed a difference immediately with the two anti-parasiticals. These are much safer than the stromectal.

Mr CS,
Here's what I've learned about doctors. Luckily for me I am stubborn and tenacious about things that are important to me. I kept going to different doctors, in the begining I did NOT say the word Morgellons....didn't work. Then I went to a more direct approach, even calling the doctor before hand to see if they have heard of it and treat it. Then once I found a doctor that had heard of it I used my articles to get what I wanted. I now have two doctors willing to help me.
Believe me, I was turned away by Cleveland Clinic and an infectious disease doctor and they were BOTH aware of the disease.
Moral of the story......don't give up and assume no one will treat you.

11:45:02 AM

To All,
A LLD is a Lyme Literate Doctor. You can actually go to the Morgellons Research Foundation web site, they should still have a link to find LLD's.
After going to 16 doctors, yes 16...dermatologist, infectious disease and gp's I knew I had to find a Lyme disease doctor. They are in general a little more open minded and more likely to prescribe for longer periods of time. Then I went in armed with several articles regarding Morgellons. I think what was the convincing part was being able to talk to them intelligently, without getting histerical and looking them straight in the eye and saying that I am NOT crazy.
I have two articles that I think could help you in convincing your doctor. I am more than happy to share them if anybody wants them.
Also, one of the reasons I posted this protcol was so that you could copy it and take it to a LLD.

8:36:08 AM

You can order generic or brand name antibiotics/antifungals on the web @ Simply fill out a short medical questionnaire and they will come in the mail. There are many websites for antibiotics. I used this one and cured my lyme (many morgellons also have some form of lyme) and I am recently also taking the logos supplements and antioxidant foods and supplements. Getting better each day. I did some antifungals but did not see a difference after 2 weeks using them so I stopped.

8:03:30 AM

Mr CS,
You live in the NY area - why don't you go to the doctor I am using in Manhattan?? He will work with you also. I know you still get reoccurences.

7:54:34 AM

What type of Doc is an LLD? What area do you live in? I am also wondering if you (and your dog)had the white/glitter parasites (resembles rice, dandruff & lint) and if your protocol has helped. I seem to not be able to get rid of these. They are some tiny flying insect. I find them in everything in the house, inside drawers on the walls, everywhere.
My test results did not show fungus but only showed dead yeast. I am on fluconazole also. I am also on stromectol every 3 days and bactrim. Along with many natural supplements. My pets have easily responded to revolution applied every 2 weeks for about the 1st 6months and after that once a month. They are all symptom free.
It sound like you found the perfect doctor and vet to help you. I am very happy for for.
Mr. Common Sense

11:00:24 PM

That is great Deb, I am honestly glad for you. What angers me is that 95% of have no access to any of the meds you were able to maintain. There is no way I nor most Morgellons patients can get the meds you are speaking of, it breaks my heart too.
Deb** **

2:13:17 PM

I WANT TO SHARE WHAT HAS HELPED ME IN MY FIGHT AGAINST MORGELLONS. Mel and I have discussed my protocol and agree there are a couple of different methods to become symptom free and that it will TAKE AT LEAST A YEAR to get to that place.

I was a person that has had this for 5 + yrs with tons of painful lesions ALL over my body, had most of the other symptoms and was on death's door step. I was very fortunate to find an LLD that was willing to work with me on this disease. This doctor has been successful in curing many Lyme disease patients.

It is important to preface this by saying there are many forms of Morgellons and that getting the testing done is the most important piece to being on the RIGHT medications.

1. Anti-fungal medication taken everyday. I have used two based on my test results. Fluconazole and Nystatin.
2. Anti-biotic medication taken for THREE weeks. Agmentin and Cipro.
3. Anti-parasitic medication taken for ONE week on week THREE. Tindamax and Metronidazol.
4. On the FOURTH week I only take the anti-fungal.

It is important to note here that I am on Logos supplements and other natural supplements based on my test results. My doctor believes it is important to switch medications once in awhile and to double up on the probiotics. I DO have my blood checked every month for liver problems. I believe Logos Liver CS is keeping this in check.

At this point, 5 months on this protocol, I am 90-95% free of symptoms. I have a few lesions left, approx 1/8 the size they were originally, no itching, my mind is functioning again, my severe fatigue is gone (still building my stamina). I have cut my use of anti-biotic in half (this month) and truly believe this will be over soon. I will stay on the anti-fungal for 1 yr. to 15 months.

For dog owners... I convinced my Vet to give my dog the exact medications I am taking, but obviously for a dog. Her recovery has been great as well. She is no longer on the anti-biotic (you need to be careful with that) but still on the anti-fungal and anti-parasitic.

I truly hope this can help someone else.

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