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Justin J

10:21:23 AM

I just checked the website today realizing I havn't heard from Mel in awhile. My prayers are with you for a speedy fast recovery. !!!!

9:04:39 PM

Hello to our dear friend and brother Mel.

I am so sorry to hear of your accident and injury, yet it is heartwarming to know that your strength and indomitable spirit shines through, once again. You are such an inspiration to me.

We hope that you are healing and not in too much pain. You are in our prayers and thoughts. Charlie sends you a big, virtual hug and I look forward to hearing your happy voice in the tele conference this weekend.

Love from Teresa and Charlie


1:07:00 PM


My thoughts and prayers are with you, Apparently God's people doing his work are always under attack.

I have not been in touch due to my own battles both on and off this protocol.Body can't handle the detox
too many other toxic issues!
I ended up myself in the hospital and rehab with severe vertigo, I an still not right.

All in God-s hands.

May he shine his light upon you.

Best Wished Mel and thanks for all you do.


3:19:04 AM

God Bless you Mel! Our prayers for you to make a speedy and painfree recovery!

12:45:48 AM

Thank you for your phone call and putting me in touch with the others!
Nicole was wonderful to speak to this morning.
I spoke to John B. This afternoon and we are going to speak again tomorrow.
The fact that you were able to do this for me even in your own suffering, speaks volumes about the type of person you are!!
I'm keeping you lifted up in prayer and I'm looking forward to speaking when you are feeling better!

God bless:)
Geoff N.

9:44:09 PM

The Emergency Crew that came to help said they had no idea how you survived that terrible crash, but I believe God has bigger plans for you! This website, your protocol, the forum, your foundation to help others, has truly given you so much to live for and I know EVERYONE is praying for you and your speedy recovery - God Bless Mel!!
lew martin

8:15:32 AM

WOW, this story about Mels accident is both sad and happy. I know how hard Mel has fought to be healthy and enjoy life and helping many others recover from illness. To think we were so close to losing Mel before his natural time would have been tragic. He has a new zest for living and gets so much strength from seeing so many recover from an almost incurable disease because of his giving back to so many thru this website. I am so happy that his new injuries are minor compared to the severity of the accident. I believe that Mels mission is ongoing and will continue because a higher power has blessed him with a gift of inspiration to so many still in need. God bless Mel for all he does.
Lew Martin
Bill M

3:23:44 PM

Mel Meister.....I was out of town this last weekend so when I went to the web site yesterday I was shocked to read about your unfortunate accident.

When I read the details of what happened this was more than just your basic fender bender. It looks like God has given you another chance, so He must want you to continue your good work in working with those of us who are suffering from this disease.

You are in my prayers and I hope for your speedy recovery. Hang tough big guy!

Your buddy,
Bill M.

2:04:25 PM

Mel, sorry to hear of your car accident. Are you Okey? May you feel Gods embrace and rest as needed. Get better fast. You are in my prayers.


12:06:44 PM


I am so sorry to hear of your accident. We are all relieved to know you are on the road to recovery!! We will keep you in our prayers. May God bless you with a speedy recovery.

Be blessed,
John W

10:15:45 AM

Cheers and good luck getting back on the surf board! I'm amazed at how much Mel has been able to personal adversity and turn it into love to help others of all ages.

I've worked with Mel on this site since the beginning and seen he develop a personal mission to connect and help people turn their lives around. He puts everything he has into it.

This bump in the road will certainly turn into new strength to help yet more people. Maybe there are ways we can help while he recovers?

9:18:14 PM

Hello Mel,

Thank you for sending the silver. I was not expecting you to order under the circumstance. I hope you are not hurting much. I am praying for you and we know God is watching over you. Take good care of yourself and rest. My little grandson is a miracle like you. Teas and soups are good for healing. I hope your appetite is OK. God Bless you!

Psalm 121: 1

I will lift up my eyes to the hills, from where comes my help.

Love and a hug,


6:51:18 PM

Hello Brother

Well, here it is, Captain. The many well wishes from all those that love you so much!! I waited to see this before posting. This expected outpouring of support bears forth that you are so dear, to so many, for the impact (no pun intended) you have had on there lives!

I know that you are a tough #$%@@*&**, so you will just have to remember your Hockey playing days when pain was just a part of being who you are.

All kidding aside, I am truly thankful that you will be ok. And you will be in my prayers for a quick recovery. I remain, as always, in your service if needed. Take care, brother. And REST!!!!!

Godspeed, Peter


3:33:02 PM

Bless you Mel and hope you're feeling better soon. You have been thru so much but God doesn't give us more than we can handle. The hard times and trials are to make us stronger. You're in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sending you an angel to sit on your shoulder and watch over you. Get well soon.

2:02:16 PM

John B called me and told me Saturday morning that Mel had been in an accident the day before. John was concerned about Mel's health and since I live reasonably close to him, I took a ride to see how he was doing.

I stopped by his apartment and went in to find Mel resting on his bed. At first glance, he didn't look any different, but upon talking to him, he showed me some nice big bruises and he seemed to be a bit stiff. I joked with him telling him I was going to call John B and tell him that Mel was just teasing him and it was a big joke about the accident. We both got a big laugh about that, and he was laughing hard enough that he was complaining of it hurting.

Bottom line- Mel is fine, the sparkle in his brilliant blue eyes is still there and for the most part, the 'BIG GUY in the sky' obviously has bigger and better plans for Mel, and it wasn't time for him to check out. I reminded Mel that he had the unique opportunity of single-handedly (with help from some friends) 'changing the world' by his giving his precious time to so many people across the globe, and when someone makes that kind of contribution, it is most beneficial for the world if he sticks around.

He'll most likely be moving a bit slower in these next few weeks, and by my visual observation, he still looks great.
Nancy G

3:28:52 PM

Yes, thank you John for letting us know about Mel. Mel,I am so sorry you were in such a bad accident, you are in my prayers for a speedy and full recovery. I am amazed at how God has protected you yet again, it surely shows He knows how much you are needed for the cause you have been pouring your heart and soul into to help others. I wish you much rest, peace, and blessings as you recovery. What a testimony you have!
I am so thankful as we all are that you are okay. Get well soon, and take time to heal yourself from the physical and emotional impact this will have. You certainly have the Big Guy watching over you! Nancy G

1:33:57 PM

Saddened by your accident news~ Praying that you recover quickly and fully in the days ahead. I've only know you since May, but I am amazed at your outpouring support you have devoted to this cause. May God continue to use you, and help you regain your health back.

12:32:29 PM

Thank you John for informing us of Mel's accident. You are a Precious and devoted friend to Mel and this community. I am offering prayer in Mel's behalf. He is such a loving devoted gentleman who diligently watches over us and puts us all as his main priority. My life has been so enriched because he has taken time to care, to call, to encourage to see that I have the protocol, to pray for me, and most of all to make me laugh hilariously. Now, I can reach out to touch him with words, and prayer
It is truly a miracle God has performed again in Mel's life. I pray for the anointing of Jesus to destroy the yokes and pain and heal him. He sent his Word to heal and to deliver Mel from destruction. Thank you Lord. Rest and do not bother about the assignment I requested, Mel, for it is well with my soul.
Blessings in abundance and beyond your greatest expectations!!!

Love Rose

Deborah B

12:01:51 PM


I am so sorry to hear you are hurting physically right now, but so very grateful to know that it is only bruises and bumps and no broken bones or something more serious.

Our family, and I know so many others as well, are praying for you. Carrie says 'Hi' and 'Please get well soon'. She has taken you on as a personal prayer project. ;-) And you must know the power of a child's prayer!

All our love, and may God Bless you as you regain your strength,

Deborah B.

'The LORD will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life. The LORD will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore.'
Psalms 8:7-8


11:00:54 AM


Oh no. . I am so sorry and so thankful to hear you are going to be all right.

God and His angels were certainly watching out for you. Praise Him!!!

I will be praying for healing and full recovery.


9:58:55 AM

Wow.. Mel!

I don't have the words really to express my gratitude for you being okay!! I see why you haven't responded to my message or phone call now!

You really have this way of defying death don't you?

My thoughts and prayers are with you...

Rest, heal .. & get well!!

Sending you love & light my dear friend!!

Yours In spirit
Love, Nicole
John Burgstiner **

9:58:37 PM

Hello Everyone,

Well it looks like Mel the Miracle Man has done it again - survived another brush with death. For those of you who do not yet know, Mel was involved in a serious car accident on Friday afternoon.

He apparently swerved to avoid another vehicle that had slammed on brakes to avoid hitting a deer, causing his car (which was totalled) to flip. The officer at the scene told him that it was a miracle he had survived.

Amazingly, Mel has no broken bones, but he is badly bruised and has some cuts. He is back at home resting now and will obviously need to take some time off to recover.

Mel welcomes your well wishes and prayers, but asks that you refrain from calling him on the phone so he can get much needed rest.

I am sure we will hear from him as he recovers. It breaks my heart to see him thrust back once again into a daily struggle with constant pain, but I know there is no quit in him.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and encouragement. He definitely cherishes both.


John B.

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