How I Cured Morgellons

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1:18:15 PM

In answer to your question, I dug out the frequencies for you. Here are the ones that I was given. Morgellon part 1 - 322,184,287,380,370,168, 154,184,322,123 That is to be run at 14 minutes per frequency. Morgellons part 2 is: 451,213,12,213

8:10:47 AM

What are the suggested morgellans frequencies Please?

10:53:26 PM

Oh, Karl, Hi. I stopped using Rife after a few weeks because someone told me that it could drive them deeper in. So, I bailed on the Rife. It was great while I was using it... The man Earl Hiatt (I spelled his name wrong, I see) doesn't rent it anymore. He and I have become friends and we email each other. He has CA and I told him about Dennis Richard and MMS which he started taking. I hope he will attend the Conference call. Sorry I could not be more help with the Rife question.

8:03:49 AM

How did it work?

9:13:15 AM

Rent: Earl Heatt 209-892-8170 He's on Pacific time. Didn't want to post until I used it. First night I used the Morgellons sequence for 3 min. per frequency. I had the best sleep. Next day, there was hyperactivity... alot of crawling and bites. Next night, I used it as recommended, 12 minutes per frequency. The whole thing took 2 hours. I just lay in bed and hold the metal cylinders. I had the best sleep - again. I'm only supposed to use it every fourth day and drink lots of water to flush out the dead "whatevers." It is supposed to be used for months so I can't say if it is a cure but there is a guy on utube that claims he cured his Lymes. It's a rent for a month then if you want to buy the rent goes towards. The machine sells online for 1795.00 Global Wellness.
Auntie M

2:11:44 PM

Where did you rent the Rife machine?
Robin **

9:32:52 PM

I rented a Rife machine. I just received it in the mail. I haven't used it yet. Has anyone ever used one?? I have to read a manuel and set it to 'morgellons frequency' It is supposed to send a frequency of electricity through your body and 'they' don't like it and die. AnyOne??

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