How I Cured Morgellons

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8:27:54 AM

Reading this post I want to point out how different we all are. Couple people mention about using tree tea oil and it stinging but it did not bother me. It may be the brand, Nature's Bounty from CVS or that I have a very strong pain tolerance.

I got rid of lice in my scalp (embeded) with bathing in MSS and soaking my head twice a day for 6 months. I never thought of using mss during the day on my lesions but will try that. I tried the barley treatment about 6 months back and not much results but decided to try it again after being coaxed and it seems to be helping at this time.(shows that things work at different stages too) In between I also use sulphur cream and msm cream which help.

I'm at 99% now, no new lesions or bite, just old ones. No crawling and the only sign I have that I still have it is a few red tender areas which to me means they are there but do not bother me otherwise. I no longer have to wash clothes in special stuff or as often, worry about frantic cleaning or diffusing my house.


11:08:12 AM

Robin -

My favorite topicals have been DSP cream, Olive Oil mixed with Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil mixed with GSE, and Olive Oil mixed with Eucalyptus and lavender oils. I use the ESP botanicals balm every day.

I only used silver for my eyes and ears when they were badly infected. I never used it internally. I carry a high metal load in my body, and my ND didn't want me adding to it, even though silver is a nontoxic metal.

I have never tried MMS. I would have considered this, but I am getting well without it.. so I figured I would always have it in my back pocket if I ever felt I needed it.

I'll send you some email....

5:19:17 PM

Gigi - thanks for verifying the Barley treatment. I read some other posts by you and you mention antifungals on the skin. What exactly do you rub on the skin as an antifungal? Also, you mention you did not do MMS or silver? If you could email Thanks, Robin

1:42:20 PM

MMS will heal your scalp wounds.

Soak your head wounds while taking a MMS bath once per day, and also spritz MMS, or use compresses on the wounds at least 2 more times during the day, so that the MMS can penetrate the wound.

See Jim Humble's site for bath and spray instuctions. The MMS will kill the bacteria, fungus and parasites with regualar use.

12:57:17 PM

Robin and ML -

I tried the barley treatment in this link.. in fact, my updates are on the Lyme site.. though I haven't updated it since Sept.

Yes, it DOES work! It was actually the best skin treatment I used. It took a lot of treatments, but my skin improved with every application. I reached a point where I had no more stinging and biting and bugs. This treatment is awesome. I am still treating my skin with other things.. I still have some problem areas, which I am treating with other topicals, and I'll probably go back and do a few more barley treatments.

ML - I use the ESP botanical New Hope II balm during the day and use the ESP soap for showering. At night, I will apply my own topicals to my skin. I've used DSP cream, Olive Oil mixed with Tea Tree Oil and DE, Olive Oil mixed with GSE, and Olive Oil mixed with Eucalyptus and lavender oils. I sometimes use coconut oil or jojoba oil by itself. I just rub the mixture all over - rub really well - and sleep with it on.. wash it off in the morning. If it is stinging the lesions, you may want to try lowering the concentration of tea tree oil in the mixture for awhile.

For the scalp, you can try fungal shampoos, like selsun blue... also I've used Jason's tea tree oil shampoo, Jason's lavendar shampoo.. ESP botanicals New Hope II soap (you can soap up your scalp and let it dry and wear it during the day). For the scalp, you can also try an apple cider vinegar rinse. It will sting full strength, so try diluting it before rinsing with it.

You can try some baths too. Use epsom salts and baking soda... also you can try food grade hydrogen peroxide in the bath, or apple cider vinegar. You can soak your scalp in there while you relax.
ESP botanicals also makes a great spiced bath soak that really purges out specks and other things from the skin.

If your lesion won't clear up.. could you perhaps get it cultured from a doc to see what you are really dealing with here (fungal, bacterial?)?

11:07:31 PM

Dear ML,
I ran across this and tried it on my mother. Got it from a Lyme site. The author nickthebuilder1234 had Morgs.
It worked well for my mother who has non-healing lesions. The author is very explicit about how to prepare the mixture that blocks the formation of fungus and cured his lesions. Please let me know if it helps. My email is Here's the site. Cut and paste..
ML **

9:07:30 PM

I have had a scalp lesion for four years now and it just gets bigger. I believe I've tried everything, including strong recommendations for baking soda (which does absorb a smelly oozing oil, but it seems the end result is that the morgs disperse to the crater edge, causing the lesion to grow outward and hide under the strong crater edge. The largest crater is more than an inch in diameter, and the second one is growing too. Another site suggested tea tree oil, but I don't know how to apply it exactly (without it stinging terribly). I am not interested in hearing about how to heal other lesions, because I can always get rid of these eventually -- the scalp lesions are a completely different animal. I cannot get rid of these and they just keep getting worse. FYI, I got morgs from a terrible load of bedbugs I took home from a yoga center run by some people with a depopulation agenda. Thank you all for any suggestions.

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