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Leslie Williams

11:04:56 PM
90% club member enjoying the pool, so can you, click the picture

Hello to All the Newbies on the site,

I hope your well and staying safe in the mist of all our countries unrest!

I am here to help promote you getting well on your journey to healing.

Well, what can I say about Mel? Mel’s committed his entire life to helping us restore our health as he’s restored his a few centuries ago lol.

I would like to encourage you to jump on the band wagon and hitch your wagon to Mels by purchasing coaching to help restore your health and glean from his wisdom...

His heart is for you and so is all of his energy to help you restore your health.

Please if you can purchasing coaching with Mel - it’s the best $50 you will every spend.

I promise you will not be disappointed!


12:30:59 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Today is the last day for seniors in our community to purchase the
SENIOR SPECIAL for coaching.

Anyone who has questions about this fabulous opportunity can contact me today between
4 and 6pm PST.

God bless,
Donna M

10:35:33 AM

Hi Everyone,

I was just reading through the forum and stumbled on this thread. Ironically the last post on it was made by me almost two years ago. How things have changed! Absolutely changed for the better.

Something however, that has not changed is part of the reason that I regained health That reason was definitely purchasing coaching from Mel. It is truly an invaluable tool to achieving wellness ! I feel coaching is so needed by everyone suffering from toxic disease.

If you are new and never tried coaching, I strongly urge you to try it. If you have been here a while, and never purchased coaching, I would still recommend coaching to you. It's never too late. Mel can help you with your specific questions and concerns.and the cost is so reasonable for the benefits you receive.

I can honestly say that I would not have regained my health without coaching. I am truly grateful to Mel for sharing his knowledge, experience, and sometimes sternness in coaching me to overcome this very difficult disease.

Just take a little time and read through the posts on this thread and see how many people advocate coaching with Mel. I'm sure you will feel the hope and encouragement. The praises speak volumes.

Love and God Bless,


9:46:01 AM

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say that One-on-Coaching is such a valuable tool in the Sum of the Parts.

Just the other day, I called Mel about a new symptom I was experiencing. He was able to help me calm down by explaining what was happening. Needless to say, I was relieved. Thank you Mel! Who else can you call and get answers so quickly about M?

I have purchased and used 2 one-on-one coaching call sessions and will continue to purchase more. This is something, especially if you are new and even if you're not, that you need to do. I promise that you won't regret it!

God Bless,

Donna M
Laura (aunt)

9:19:47 PM


Thank you for sharing your latest discovery with WPS. I also use it to brush with about twice a week and noticed a positive difference.

Too often we are confused about new symptoms of this disease and may not feel confident enough to ask questions on the conference calls. I would like to encourage new people to write your questions down and reach out to Mel with your concerns.

Mel made a commitment to God after overcoming this disease to help other people restore their health. If you have questions, concerns, or just need to tell your story, take the time to seek coaching. Please do not let money worries stand in your way. He will not turn you away. Remain strong and persevere!

"May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance" 2 Thessalonians 3:5

In Christ Love,

10:12:09 PM

Hi Everyone,

I hope all of you are doing well and progressing in your recovery. The journey to wellness can be a long and bumpy road, and sometimes it gets dark and hard to see the next step.

Sometimes something strange will happen and you're left wondering...is it something I did wrong? Is it part of the disease? Or...is it evidence I'm getting better?

Sometimes you need a technical question answered to keep yourself safe from a bad decision.

Case in point...I started swishing and gargling with WPS (drops from blue bottle only...no citric added because of the acid already existing in the mouth) to offset a sore throat that was starting to come on. It helped significantly with the sore throat...but...I also noticed it was helping with the skin issue I deal with on my chin.

This was great! No bad taste and swish swish gargle to success!

I started doing it...a LOT. I brought it up to Mel during a coaching session. I asked him if the improvement I was noticing on my chin had anything to do with the fact that my swishing was in close proximity to the area. He said yes...and boy did that get me excited! I was ready to run to the sink and start swishing away, and I said so. He said...NO...do NOT swish / gargle / brush teeth with WPS that often, and do not do it every day. Every other day is ok...but then only twice a day.

I trust Mel's judgement...because everything he's told me has worked...but...I still asked why.

He said if I used it too much I'd lose the good bacteria in my mouth.

Bullet dodged!

One on one coaching saves the day one more time!

That is just one example of the multi-faceted ways Mel's coaching can help.

This protocol is like having four good tires on your car.

One on one coaching is like getting them rotated and making sure they have air and no leaks.

It moves things forward and keeps things in good order...and keeps you from getting a flat tire and stuck on the side of the road.

So...if you'd like to move forward faster and with a greater understanding, sign up for one on one coaching. It's like putting high octane gas in the tank!



8:44:28 AM

One-on-One Coaching with Mel will help you get Well!!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to encourage everyone needing help with this disease, to start One-on-One Coaching with Mel.

I have been on his protocol for six-and-a-half months and am starting to get much better.

Recently I have had problems with my scalp.
I believe this disease has migrated to the periphery of my body as I am starting to eliminate it.
I have sores on my head that were really bothering me.

During a coaching session with Mel, he reminded me that many people have had success pouring cold water over my head twice a day.

I took this even one step further using an ice pack and placing it on my head and keeping it in place for as long as I could stand it.

The area is much less inflamed and I find the cold calms any irritation I have.

Through Mel's coaching, he has always had very good advice and suggestions on how to treat this disease.

Not only has he been encouraging in the times where I was really down,but he provided a much needed sense of humor which is so important to keeping up morale.

One-on-One Coaching is key to keeping hope, finding the right solutions, and getting well.

I highly recommend trying coaching with Mel.

He has been a tremendous blessing to me and many others in this community.

I really do not know where I would be without him.

May God Bless You Mel!


12:03:52 PM


I wanted everyone to know that the one on one coaching sessions with Mel not only work, but are extremely beneficial.

Mel is very knowledgeable having recovered from this disease.
Whenever I have a question, it's amazing he contacts me with in a day.

You can't get this anywhere else!
I've learned so much in such a short period of time.

Thank you Mel for working so hard and being dedicated to the cause!

It means a lot to all of us!

10:20:21 PM


I often think that Mel was chosen by God to lead us to the promise land of pure health. Others have referred to Mel in the same way as I'm not the only one who thinks this of Mel. Mel spends his very long days offering his experience and knowledge to people around the world so that anyone who is willing to do the work can overcome this disease. He has created a community of people that communicate with each other in the forums and conference calls and have developed personal friendships and affinities. I wonder when Mel started the HowIcuredMorgellons website if he ever dreamed that so many people would be healed, so many friendships would be made, so much hope would be given, so many people in need of financial help affording the supplements would be helped by others in this same community or if Mel ever really realized that he was creating far more than a protocol? Did you know, Mel, how much we really needed you? Is that why you do what you do for all of us and do you do it all as a faith walk, because your forum posts, conference and prayer calls are free? You certainly don't do it for riches!

This is the scripture that comes to mind when I think of your HowICuredMorgellons journey to help all of us heal:
New American Standard Bible
And He said to them, Take nothing for your journey, neither a staff, nor a bag, nor bread, nor money; and do not even have two tunics apiece.

No staff, no bag, no bread, no money and no extra shirt! I do believe that means we, your Morgellons community need to help you with those things. I think sending you a staff, a bag, some bread and some shirts might be sort of hard but I can send you some money so that's what I do. You have provided us with the means to do this using your one on one coaching and your GoFundMe account. Frankly, I like talking to you. I smile the minute I see you on my caller ID and I love the sound of your unmistakable voice. BUT...If I don't need to talk to you during the month, I'd rather you talk to someone who does need you. I am going to keep sending you money every month because it's easier than sending you a staff, a bag, bread or shirts! I hope people understand that we need to give back to you what we have been given.

Thank you so much Mel for everything! I have made a commitment to send you money every month and I just sent December's money to you using your GoFundMe account. I wish I could send more. I too am forever grateful.


8:23:19 AM


Hello everyone!!

I just wanted to encourage you to support Mel through his one on one coaching as I have found it to be worth every dollar I have spent.

He does a good job at making us all laugh,You need to ask him to see his Alfalfa pictures, that will make you laugh!

I have found my way to the 90% club while working full time with his constant Advice.

I have been on the protocol for 18 months and Mel has been there the whole time, comforting me, encouraging me, telling me to stay focused and not to worry about the things I can’t control.

Thank you Mel!!

He needs our Support to just to meet his financial obligations.
One on one coaching is his only additional income besides his
SS check.

Again my health is worth every dollar I invested in his coaching.

Love always,

6:01:53 PM

Hello all..!

15 1/2 months into this AMAZING Protocol and Mel's One on One Coaching remains ABSOLUTELY invaluable!!

I had a problem arise after having some blood work done last week. I reached out to Mel the next day, he gave me his suggestion, I followed it exactly and the problem resolved itself in approximately 12 hours. Yes 12 hours!!

As I have said previously, when we are dealing with the level of complexities that arise from this condition having One on One Coaching with Mel is truly a MUST!!!

Thank you Mel for continuing to help those who no one else is willing to!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

8:03:32 AM


There is NO QUESTION in my mind that I would not have ever survived what I was living through with this disease if it hadn't been for Mel's coaching.

When you feel scared and alone, he is there for you, making you feel cared for and safe.

Sign up for One on One Coaching

Eternal gratitude!

Amanda R.

9:41:04 AM

Hello All,

I have been meaning to right another post about Mel's one on one coaching For a while.

He really has the knowledge and experience to guide you to the correct path in healing.

It may be considered tough love or the truth, but he is very calm and gentle when telling you the truth.

If you need someone to cheer you on and motivate you, even if you feel like you can't go on, Mel will comfort you.

He wakes me up in the mornings and even in the midst of what I'm dealing with, he makes me laugh.

If you need another friend or someone who believes in you, Mel can be that person! There is no agenda here, it's just about getting well and being Positive.

Mel just wants us to restore our health and move forward with our lives, more prepared to deal with our toxic world.

Mel's coaching can you a little peace of mind knowing your on the right track.

Mel is a survivor and a warrior and sometimes we need warrior to push us soldiers.

So if anybody needs a coach or a laugh buddy or someone to carry the torch with you, Mel is THAT guy!

Sign up for One on One Coaching

He has been a blessing as well as a friend in my life.
Amanda R.

7:03:24 AM

It takes courage, grit and determination to beat this disease.

Sometimes I need emotional advice and guidance on making the right decision.
By talking to Mel I get advice along with questions I have about Morgellons.

I have made mistakes and I have mess up, but Mel encourages me and the rest of the community to move forward in the right direction. Sometimes he even gives me tough love.

I urge anyone in need of support to contact Mel and pursue his coaching.

Sign up for One on One Coaching

11:56:42 AM


I started Mel's basic protocol about 27 weeks ago. I continued with the Lyme expansion protocol 25 weeks ago with Mel's guidance.

If anyone is suffering with the stinging and biting as well as other pain associated with this dreaded and painful disease I strongly recommend that;
1. Consider applying the sum of the parts by taking Mel's protocol along with everything that comes with it.

2. Who better to get coached about Mel's protocol than by the man himself?

Mel has been instrumental in helping me understand everything I needed to do concerning, the nuts and bolts of how to navigate through the sum of the parts.

It all seemed very mysterious to me in the beginning so I immediately donated, purchased Mel's time.
No one else seemed to be able to help. I am really glad I did. It has been worth every penny because everything the man has told me has worked.

He understands the timing of everything and has 11 years of experience dealing with toxic disease.
He even cured himself.

There is no other healer I know of that can make these claims.

I am a man of results or I would not still be on board with Mel.

Sign up for One on One Coaching
Deborah B

7:56:18 PM

Hello Everyone,

If you are new to this forum then you may not recognize my name as I am a former member who is now fully recovered. I visit here less frequently than I did five years ago. Even with the passage of time, I still remember the loneliness and fear of those early days and how the weekly contact I had with Mel made the difference for me as I embarked on my own journey to overcome this disease.

I know of no better way to speed the process of healing and to ensure success with our protocol than to fully take advantage of Mel's storehouse of knowledge and great advice. Folks, this man has seen it all, heard every situation, and successfully navigated the pitfalls that we all face when doing battle with MG.

If you are in need of encouragement, motivation and reassurance as you begin your journey toward better health, then Mel is your guy! You will find your time with him will be invaluable and you'll also get a healthy dose of hope and laughter along the way!

Love and best wishes to each of you,

Deborah B.

6:07:19 PM

If you're reading this,
it means your contemplating having Mel be there for you 24/7.

Going through this would be impossible if I didn't have Mel through his one on one coaching.

We all need a security blanket and he is mine.
I'm having struggles and have needed him but never told him, I didn't have to...he new.

If I didn't have that bond with him, I believe with all of my heart, I wouldn't be here today. We have chatted & laughed so many times thanks to my one on one coaching.

It's lifted my spirits when I needed them the most.

I strongly encourage you to sign up for his one on one.
I think back to all of the hours I spent with him.
It gives me comfort knowing I have given back to him.

Much love to us all


11:16:17 PM

Everything Mel has suggested or advised has worked for me.

If one wants to stop this torturous itching among other unspeakable things that come with this condition, it has been my experience that Mel is The man.

I strongly urge anyone to consider His personal counsel. It's worth it's weight in gold and he truly cares.

Save yourself lot's of money & time, I didn't until I started being coached by Mel

11:15:07 AM

God Bless you Mel.

You are an angel.

Love you and all that you do!

4:32:00 PM

I can honestly say I could not of made it thus far without Mel.

He understands what we are going through because he has been there.

Mel has dedicated his life to see us through our roughest days we endure from these toxic diseases.

Mel has God given qualities and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

His coaching has helped me mentally, physically, and emotionally.

He always assured us "things will get better " and they have.
Did I mention he is hilarious and laughing is very important in healing.

He has been very vital to this community and I know we all appreciate what he has to offer.
Amy B

8:54:49 PM

I agree with Kelly – Guardian Angel is right!!! God has led us all here and we have Mel to advise us at any step of the way.

I am in month 17 and had what I thought might be a set-back. I wasn’t afraid, but not sure what to do next and my crazy schedule doesn’t allow me to participate in the live question calls….so I requested via the website some new one-on-one coaching from Mel.

And I am so happy I did. The comfort in the words – “this is good news kid!” is exactly what I needed!!!

Romans 8:28 tells us “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.”

I think we are all warriors battling some pretty heavy stuff here – but Praise God – we will WIN our wars, because we have been called!

No matter where you are in this journey – don’t be afraid. Reach out to Mel, have him coach you – let this community embrace you. His wisdom, patience and compassion for all of us are gifts from above. The community that he has created here is full of love and acceptance.

Thank you COACH Mel!

4:33:53 PM

Hi Everyone,

As I am approaching my one year anniversary on the protocol,
I will never forget my first phone conversation with Mel.

I was in the grocery store and when I saw his number I was so excited. He eased my mind and answered my questions so completely that I felt like I had a guardian angle with me from that moment on.

I think now of how MANY people he has talked with and helped over the years since he first got better and kept his promise to God to help and educate others about this disease.

For me personally, I could not have done it without my one on one's with Mel.

We will all get well, if we listen!
Amanda R

9:41:02 AM

Hello everyone!!!!

I want to again, encourage all the newbies to find get on the protocol and talk to Mel. Mel can comfort your questions and has the energy of a teenager to prove it. I can feel his vibrant and youth through the phone, almost makes me old. haha!!

Seriously, I think due to family issues, I believe that talking to someone like Mel when you are confused and afraid can help ease our mental and emotional state.

I would recommend talking to Mel and going on one on one coaching.

I am no where near being healed but having the knowledge gives you the power. This is an investment in your life, Best doctor I've ever had. Also I don't get shots from Mel.

Becca N

12:44:53 AM

I've been nasious tonight and the later it gets, the more anxious I have been feeling. I stopped, took a deep breath and remembered the kind, encouraging words Mel has given me (and laughs too).

I know with my 1:1 coaching, I can email him and he will contact me on my time of need. It's such a comfort and peace of mind knowing he's there.

I pray that others will also have the same piece of mind. I already feel better and relaxed.

Thanks Mel-e-Mel!

3:07:33 AM

Dear Mel

There is a greater benefit and a greater gift than that of information. It is developed over time and with considerable love, and it has a history. It is found in the heart of every great coach. And it is found In your heart, Mel.

I have contemplated this greater benefit, and I would like to acknowledge for others that "the value in your ability to guide and to strengthen is certain." I think the testimonies here clearly support that.

A great coach, knute Rockne said; “One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it;” and "it is not the will to win but the will to prepare to win that matters most." Two things your hockey career put in you.

I wish you success in your efforts here coach, and I hope this endorsement finds you busy!

Becca N

12:29:12 AM

Greetings all!

If anyone on here is needing that little nudge of encouragement or simply reassurance, I'd spend a few dollars for that one on one time with Mel.

I sent Mel an email and not even 15 minutes pass....he called me. It was a pleasant surprise, he just guides me back to the present, I so badly want to rush this...he reminds me I can't.

I've only been on the protocol for a few days and know my journey has just started. But I know I'm going to be ok, Mel is by my side.

I truly feel the one on one coaching is worth every penny.

Thanks Mel-e-mel!!!
Becca N

11:52:39 PM

Well...I have to say Mel has the patience of a saint!

I can be very hard to get a hold of, I am taking care of my grandmother and am busy!

I regret not purchasing a longer call for the price was so reasonable for what I received!

He's very encouraging and made me feel comfortable.
I will have more conversations with him,
they will prove invaluable!

Thanks Mel!!

8:59:56 AM

Recovering from this affliction can be a very lonely journey even if you have a very supportive partner.

Being able to speak with Mel, someone who has gone through what you are going through and has RECOVERED, is invaluable!

As much as you may listen to the conference calls or read the forums it is so comforting to be able to speak to Mel to ensure that you Are on the right track and receive his guidance and encouragement.

This one on one coaching is worth every penny.

9:51:35 AM

Hi Paula,

I'm with Kelly happy you're not in pain anymore. It's true Mel knows a lot.

I appreciate his humility about it. I'm grateful for his knowledge.

Yes one on one is absolutely valuable.

Hi Becca,

Welcome! I'm glad you got all the directions need to start. I can't wait to hear your journey.


6:23:14 PM

Hi Paula,
So glad you got some relief for your tooth pain. Isn't it absolutely amazing how MMS works????

I love it and find it to be the miracle solution.

This is another example of why the newly stricken have to talk to Mel and learn about the benefits of so many different things

Hope you continue to get well!

Becca N

3:28:05 PM

That is very encouraging, I just had a tooth break and another tooth ache starting.

I will try that when I get my goodies!!!

2:03:17 PM

Hello All!

I am doing good despite this horrible cold I have.

But last week I had this horrific tooth ache, I had

just had my teeth cleaned and they didnt say anything

about an issue with my tooth, they even took exrays!

So out of desperation, I went back hoping they could

relieve the pain, I was ready to pull the tooth or

whatever it took to get rid of the pain! So i went

back to the dentist and they did another exray and

said the only thing could find was possibly bone loss

and maybe some food stuck in the tooth:| they gave me

4 options #1 bridge, #2 some new building on the bone

and putting in a new tooth #3 pull tooth #4 another

type of bridge(costly i am sure) They gave me

some pain meds and antibiotics (of course, this was

very expected! Went with the prescriptions in hand

and said thank you! Got home and called Mel and he

told me to swish with 6 drops of sodium chlorite. truthfully I

couldnt see how that miracle mineral could heal this

pain! But boy was I wrong!! Mel was right on!!

thank you Mel! so for now i am ok, maybe later i

might have to do something. Moral of this story: Mel

does know what he is talking about;)

Love always, Paula
Becca N

1:06:36 AM

Hello from California :)

I can't say enough how much this is helpful to me. I can't wait for my goodies to arrive and my one on one time with Mel!!

My environment is a huge issue with a dog showing signs and an elderly grandma who is in denial.

I know I can get myself healthy with diet, protocol and exercise. But I will need the support of this website and I know I'll be having many calls with Mel!

My goal is to listen to one podcast a day. I walk about an hour a day, kill 2 birds with one stone!

Thank you everyone!!

11:58:34 AM

Regarding One-On-One coaching from Mel, I feel it is no different than making an appointment with your dentist for a toothache. Mel is the leading expert on this disease, and his knowledge is invaluable. Because the traditional medical community still refuses to acknowledge that our symptoms are real, we are blessed to have all found this site and Mel.

Before I found this site, I went from one doctor to another, wasting my time and lots of money in co-pays, just to be told there was nothing wrong with me, or it's all in my head. How insulting, not to mention scary.

By following Mel's protocol and learning treatment tips from everyone who came ahead of me on this site, I feel as though I am about 90% healed, which a year ago I thought was impossible. THIS WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT MEL. My first phone call from Mel was the beginning of my healing.

Have faith and trust you will beat this.



2:14:22 AM

Hi everyone,

Well one on one coaching is a crucial step to our healing process. This disease is so much factors and layers. At the beginning for most of us is scary, unsettling, confusing, so much more. Therefore one on one coaching is important. It can resolve a lot of fears, able to start on the right steps.

Normally we search for experts in each field to teach us , answer our concerns and questions. When it comes to Morgellon and Lyme, very little experts are out there. It's a disease where unless you are or were a sufferer, can't really know the ins and outs of this sci fi movie.

It's refreshing and a must to speak to someone who has been there done that. All we have to do is ask questions, listen and follow those steps. Brain fog is another reason these coaching are needed. I had a hard time reading information. I needed conversations and answers right away. My symptoms were fierce in its appearance and speed of surfacing.

Mel has helped so many in these ten years.

If you have just discovered you have this disease or had it for some time but can't find help; you are reading this, I want to reassure you, you found the right place. We all want you to heal a hundred percent. You are at the right place to get better. You have support now. Get started by getting answers to your questions with Mel. I can assure you, you will find clarity afterwards and relief.

I did.

I hope this helps those come after me. Remember fight fight fight for your life, health. It's worth it!

10:56:36 AM

Just had my first one on one coaching session with you, Mel and it really made a difference. I'm new to this site in terms of participation, but have been reading the site information for about a year now.

I've been on the protocol for about three months and thought I had a pretty good handle on what to do, etc.

However, the one on one coaching revealed at least two mistakes I've been making which, when corrected, will likely have a significant impact on my results. I'm so appreciative to you Mel...

this disease can leave one pretty shaken and isolated, but the hope you offered was like a life preserver being thrown out to a drowning person.

And it's obviously not a mirage...the information and feedback from so many on your site clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the information you share.

It was great to talk to you...you are not only informative...but your compassion shines through a larger than life personality that's highly entertaining. I felt uplifted and hopeful again after our conversation.

Thank you for offering this type of support.



1:26:30 AM

Hi Mel,

I'm so glad to see that you are offering the 1:1 coaching in a more formal way now!

As you know I've been on the protocol now since Aug 2014 (see thread the Canaanite Woman) and now I have almost complete recovery of full health.

Though I rapidly improved once on the protocol, I still benefitted immensely from private talks with you over the months. You were able to answer many questions I had when I couldn't find the answers on the forum or honestly was just too fatigued and brain fogged to read through the forum (even with the Search Engine's help).

Later, when I did have return of my energy, but was then too busy to read through the forum, again,

I drew great benefit from your wisdom via private consults with you. Though I always enjoyed the group conference calls, it was always very helpful to have your undivided attention in a private consultation.

Your years of experience working with the protocol and those with the Morgellon Condition are unmatched and your knowledge comes directly from your personal talks with the afflicted as well as from your own personal complete recovery from it.

This is information at times, which isn't even on the forum. Though you never disclosed anyone's identity, to respect their privacy, you did share enough information to let me know others had gone down the same road I was on and what they had successfully done about it.

It was also in those calls that you offered to link me up with another member you thought might be helpful to speak with. Again, you knew who I should speak with and were always right. So, I personally fully support this service you are offering the "members" here (membership is free, all you have to do is have had the condition at some time) and believe it will be more useful to have it now as a formal service with appointments" that can be scheduled.

I know in the past, we often didn't want to bother you too much knowing how busy you were around the clock, speaking with all the newly stricken around the world, that contact you in a state of crisis.

Many might not have called you out of concern that their issues weren't serious enough in comparison to warrant your time. But, now, by paying a fee for your time, I think all will feel very comfortable and will not hesitate to book some quality time with our resident expert, Mel.

Thank you, Mel, for all you have done and continue to do for me and all of us!

God Bless You Always,
Amanda R

1:21:51 PM

Before I was on this website, I had no idea what hope was.

I am on week 3, and I have way more energy and am slightly more positive for myself.

Having a support system is crucial to getting better, by having one on one coaching you get personal experience from someone who was alone in this fight, someone who literally studied on all the ways to heal your mind body and soul.

The world is filled with people who pray on the weak and try to take advantage of them, this website does not do that.

Mel will help you and tell you information that the medical community dares to share.

I am new and no way clear for landing, so to speak,

But if you need questions answered coaching is the way to go.

12:48:39 PM


Your post gives hope to all;
every one who gets well is an inspiration to others trailing behind.
I too am sure that God leads us here.

He can't come in person Himself so He sent His emissary;
this fellow with a great big heart and the voice of chocolate, sunshine and laughter, to show us the way back to health and God's love.

Thank you Mel, for the call this morning.

It's a strange thing but we feel as glad for others getting better as much as we do for our own improvement.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of time,
all shall be well."

Gob Bless us all.

12:40:37 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm posting here to say how valuable Mel's personal input is for those following his protocol.

You can read my story on the Welcome To The UK thread starting back in the summer of 2015 up to the present time. I've been on the protocol for 15 months now and have posted about being at the 90% better stage, hoorary! and am still working towards full recovery.

My first telephone call from Mel was life changing. He gave me advice on diet that day and I immediately changed the way I ate. He also went over the Guiding Principles of the protocol which steered me in the right direction from the beginning. I was able to follow the protocol correctly from day one, not making mistakes because I hadn't understood it all properly. It enabled me to query anything I wasn't sure of. I'm not sure that I could have turned things around so quickly on my own. But knowing that I was going to be followed up by him really helped me commit to it all immediately.

Another time that Mel's input was particularly invaluable was the time when my MMS number of drops was increasing and at 17 drops I felt very unwell. Mel contacted me and gave me advice on how to have the 3 day break from MMS and reduce the number of drops. Although the way MMS is used has now changed, knowing that advice is available at difficult times like these is such a reassurance and I think is worth every pound/dollar.

We are so fortunate that we have the opportunity to join in the Friday and Saturday calls and ask questions. These calls are great and I very much appreciate the sense of community they bring. However I don't think they replace the need for one to one coaching. Mel has coaching skills that bring out the best in people, giving courage and perseverance and at the same time bringing comfort and reassurance.

So thank you again Mel for your kindness to this girl from England.

Love Ruth


10:53:40 AM

Hello fellow warriors!

For anyone who is asking themselves if the one-on-one calls are worth the "small" monetary investment they require, I would like to share the following with you and help answer your question.

I have been on been on Mel's Protocol for just over 5 months now. For 5 long and torturous months before that I experienced some pretty awful things that I know each of you reading this knows about and understands completely.

The bottom line is when I started this Protocol I was hopeless, I could barely get out of bed, I went from being afraid I might die to "truly" wishing that I would.

5 months later I am happy to report that just this past weekend not only did I get out of bed but I attended my work Christmas Party, I danced, I laughed, I had great conversations with co-workers in a non work environment, I ate salad, veggies and a small piece of salmon, I drank lemon water, took my supplements and avoided the dessert table completely!! I also slept a lot the following day as I knew my body needed it.

How was I able to return to a fairly normal life again in a mere short 5 month period (please note while my disease was winning 5 months was long and torturous however while I was healing with this Protocol, 5 months has literally flown by)? I believe that God brought me to this website as an answer to MANY prayers and as a CLEAR message that He is not done with me yet. From there I began to read and read and read some more, I started speaking to Mel direct and attending the weekly conference calls.

So YES this website, which would not be here without Mel and his direct input into my recovery is well worth the "small" monetary investment it requires as I and my health are well worth it too!!!

Mel your guidance is priceless and this community is a true gift to us all, thank you my friend!!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,


3:53:53 AM


Mel I'm so blessed to have found you, when I was just about to give up. You reach me just in time, before I thought all hope was lost.

Without you, my journey would of been a long dark road of endless turns to no where. As many of you know, I wasn't in this alone I have a 4 year old daughter. And I was extremely scared of the out come.

With the protocol, and the guidance of Mel's calls I am now doing better than I thought possible, and so is my child.

With that being said, I believe no one can make it to a full recovery without Mel, and this community he has created. And the fee for his time is not only reasonable it's a necessity.

For not only your well being, but also for Mel who gives his all to make this community run so smoothly.

There has not been one week that he has not called or check on me and my daughter. It brings me to tears. Just knowing you have someone who is really invested in your wellness and you are not Define by your financial restrictions.

He still gives! And to be completely honest. Without him there is no sum of all parts, because Mel is the biggest piece of the puzzle. And worth every penny!

I love this community.

Thank You Mel

God bless.


12:51:55 PM


I am so happy to see that there is the opportunity to speak to Mel in coaching and to gain such valuable information as we have his wealth of experience to learn from.

Mel is offering one-on-one coaching for a reasonable price but not only that, what was most important to me, is that he also offers the same one-on one calls to all who cannot afford it as well.

It says on the coaching page that no one will be denied a one-on-one call because of inability to pay!

Mel is not exhibiting greed, as many we see in the world are.
He is not picking favorites or only servicing those who can pay, as many in the world are.

He is not giving less time to those in financial crisis, versus those who are well off, like many in the world are.

This is so beautiful to me.

I do believe that this is what God would want. It is in line with the Fathers' character and this step makes me very proud of our leader.

I know so many will benefit from his time,
experience, compassion and wisdom!

Craig **

12:09:56 PM

Hi Mel,

Just saw this new link at the heading of your Home Page and it feels so right! The new direction is the right move toward making this ministry self-supporting and very importantly keeping no one from access to your counseling. Actually everything anyone would need to heal themselves from MD and toxic disease is contained right here throughout this website and available for the reading and listening!

May all the years of work you and your "helpers" has unselfishly provided be blessed with the fruits of healing, wholeness and freedom.

I, among others, are forever grateful for you, my brother in Truth and all the warriors past and present who have contributed to making this all possible!

Yours in Truth, Love and Peace,