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Auntie M

6:02:31 PM

Hi Deb 2,
My testing did show what natural healing agents I am resistant to or receptive to. Because I am receptive to uva ursi, my naturopathic doctor put me on a high dose of this.

10:53:09 AM

Kathy, I left that for you if you need to make a new friend. or if anyone else needs it. :)

3:33:21 AM

Welcome Kathy.
You can email me anytime.
Pammie Mae

3:32:58 AM

Hi Kathyonmv,
So nice to meet you, and you got it right start at the beginning.
Hope what we have learned will in some small way help with making your life better and lead you to health.

I am tired tonight as well so will sketch a bit and then possible more tomorrow.

People on this web have worked very hard to try and back articles and writings with sound scientifically validated and safe information.
No frightening or freaky 'strange world things' but also support and encouragement.

You may email me at
I will also then give you my phone and we can talk at length about testing.
We now know that Great Plains will recomend doctors who use their labs,(if they have them in your area) and that in itself is immense!

You are awesomely smart to start here with the protocol and also with testing.

I will also be on the conference call on thursday -we can chat more then. K?
1t is 9:45 Am West coast time.
1) Dial 1 712 432-3100
2) enter the code; 388191
3) To ask a question hit 5*
4) to mute out after your question is answered 4*

God Bless you,
Talk soon
Pammie mae
ps..kind of a joke,
'whats more puzzling than a morgie trying to concentrate ?'

A morgie trying to find Down town Disneyland after dark ' like I did tonight ;-)
Need sleep G-nite

1:12:00 AM

Hi Thank you Mel for this great web site. Pammie Mae finding your information about having stool testing done must be divine intervention. I'm just starting on this road to recovery and it would be nice not to do things ass backwards. Recently I started taking Cell Food which I think helped my mind. At the Health Food store here on Martha's Vineyard I have taken ParaClenz for the last month. Today they were out of it so I purchased ParaFree which is black walnut and wormwood complex which when added to water tastes like .....nothing I want to drink but held my nose. I also bought some Sovereign Silver bio active Silver Hydrosol. It's a spray and so I've tried it and gave some to my cat 'Blue'. He might be joining this group. Saw a physician today who told me to go to a tanning salon. Things that make you go hmmmm. Today I'm seeing an ENT specialist. Couldn't get an appointment with an infectious disease specialist until the end of the month. I've received more info on this wesite than anywhere else in the last 3 months! Thank You Mel! Too tired now to read any further but would appreciate finding out how to go about getting the testing done. XO Kathy

12:40:50 PM



In this last month or so, the progress we have all made together is truly amazing!

The evolution of our web site is a sight to be hold.

WE still have much work ahead, First to get you ALL WELL and then to share with others, what we have learned together!

God bless you all,

12:28:10 PM

Please be careful with CIPRO! Watch carefully for side effects. I hope that you are not deficient right now in nutrients like calcium and magnesium.

Right before my M symptoms, I was given Factive for a sinus infection, and this drug is in the same category as CIPRO. I took 2 pills only.. my joints started popping.. a few days later (after discontinuing this drug), my muscles and tendons were inflamed and sore. I could barely walk and could barely type ..I couldn't move much without enduring pain. This went on for a total of two months. The symptoms finally dissipated, but the symptoms cycled for that long. I think nutrient deficiencies were partly responsible for that interaction.. but I urge you to BE CAREFUL!

9:37:44 AM

Auntie M.
One of the things that the tests show, is your sensitivity to Natural products as well. For Me, I am resistant to (will not help)black walnut, cats claw,oregano and others. I can't emphasize enough the importance of getting these tests done.
Susanne, If you recall, I left florida months ago. I could not get help there. If you goe to Pam's web site you can geto to the great plains website talk to them about costs and insurance coverage (they are wonderful to speak with) AND they have a referral base of phsicians that use their testing and will sign off on the tests.
Also, I had my consultation with Nancy Guberti yesterday (nutritionist). She blew mind. she is incredible! I would HIGHLY recommend her.

I have decided that to share my actual test results here would be a waste of time, because I don't want anyone to do what is reccomended for me, since it probably won't work for you, we are all different.
If you think about all the time and money you waste on products that you are 'guessing' will work, you could have probably already paid for your tests and gotten much further along on the road to recovery. I wish I knew about this a long time ago. Hindsight 20/20!

3:51:46 AM

Also, could someone tell me how much these tests cost?? thanks

3:35:31 AM

Deb2, may I please have the name of doctor you are seeing in Florida ... I have not been under the care of any doctor who treats Morgellons, the whole time I have had this. . I have been doing the whole thing alone except for you people on this site.
I would really like to find out if there is a doctor that will assist me as yours has, which is also in reachable distance for me.
Thank you very much.

3:29:54 AM

I am soo happy for you, that you came to these realizations. Cipro was strong, it was used for Anthrax.
That is why I chose Cipro as my first drug of recourse after contracting 'this' .. took a strong script of it extensively (from a doc in NY). .
it didnt work for me, didnt even touch this thing for me. I also did black walnut, 2tsp 2x a day. . .that did nothing as well.
I am staying strong on Mel's protocol and I am praying it works for me. . I have nothing to loose, I have tried everything else.
Love Susanne

I too, look forward to dancing in the rain in joy
much love
Pamela Mae

12:02:58 AM

The use (OR NOT) of Antibiotics * ? * ? *

Given a choice - I would not use antibiotics,but only natural Herbs or supplements and treatments.
No choice - I have 4 Bacteria brewing,I have to.

I tried to cut and paste a graph containing a segment on my test to show that,according to this testing each person will be differentas to which antibiotic works for them.

Graphs don't copy here so I will try to sketch an example below showing one Bacteria I showed on my test and how it responded to the Antibiotics,see if it makes sense???????
Antibiotics= tested for this Bacteria + Results

SENSITIVE(=works for me)

RESISTANT (does not work- no dang way :-))

* * others who had testing Augmentin worked for them
* * All 5 Antibiotics were tested,Cipro works for me
* * * * * * Hope this hand sketched chart makes sense?

Cipro works in the following way: inhibits bacterial nuclear DNA synthesis, so that bacteria rapidly die. The target is the enzyme DNA gyrase (topoisomerase II), which is responsible for the supercoiling and uncoiling of the DNA.
Supercoiling of the DNA allows the long DNA molecule to fit into the cell.
Uncoiling of the structure is the initiative step for replication, transcription
and repair of the DNA.

Thus, prolonged inhibition will eventually lead to the death of the bacteria cell.
Cipro blocks topoisomerase II and prevents it from doing its job.

A bacterial cell that has Cipro in it can no longer uncoil its DNA in order to create enzymes or reproduce.
The bacteria containing Cipro eventually die.

Much Agape& BIG BIG HUGS for all your Sweet selves,
Pammie Mae
Soon I pray we will all be dancen in joy :-)
Auntie M

5:22:48 PM

Here is important info on CIPRO:
Auntie M

5:09:48 PM

Thanks for your thorough post, Pamela Mae. Here are the natural products I am brewing and drinking daily in a homemade tea in addition to Mel's protocol. I started this a little less than a week ago:
Thyme (natural antibacterial)
Wormwood (Sweet Annie) (natural antiparasitic)
Black Walnut Hull (natural antiparasitic)
Camomile (natural antifungal)

I noticed that slime is shedding off of my BM now. A film forms on the toilet water. I think this is possibly biofilm coming out of my body. Also, less slime on my tongue in the morning (fungal???). No slime reoccuring in the corner of my lips now. Skin symptoms, itching, stinging, still really bad at times. Sorry to be so graphic, but I think revealing the specific changes can be valuable info here to share.
Pamela Mae

11:09:42 AM

Fabby! and a BIG AMEN John B.!
We will all dance together when everyone starts getting well ..hey?

BIG BIG HUGS N lots of Love
Pammie mae

10:34:44 AM

Thats funny... since his recovery, Mel has often said to me that if he had two good legs he would be doing the jig!

Thanks Pamela for your beautiful post. It is truly amazing to see how this protocol continues to "evolve". Mel's dogged determination has always been equally matched with hope and the desire for continual improvement for all.

If people knew the challenges you have endured in trying to serve others who are suffering, they would be amazed... and humbled. What you have been able to accomplish despite your illness is nothing short of a miracle! May God receive the glory... I know you don't want it.

9:19:12 AM

ps. Instead of crying last night, I was doing a jig! I have shed WAY to many tears over this disease.

9:11:41 AM

I can not say enough about the test and agree with you 100%!!!!
I just received my results and had a doctor appt the same day. We changed both my anti-biotic and my anti-fungal, in 1 &1/2 days the few remaining stubborn leisions are almost falling off my body. I started this journey with literally 50 - 60 open leisions from the size of almost a quarter, I am now down to 5 - 10 and i would be hard pressed to even call them leisions anymore, they are 1/4 of the size they were and getting smaller, lighter and flater everyday. This has been nothing short of a miracle!!
Today is my consult with Nancy and I am convinced that once I get my gut flora back in order, I will be done with this monster called morgellons! My MD has me doubleing up on probiotics and rotating several different brands. Hopefully Nancy will have additional info to get at that nasty biofilm.
GET THE TESTS DONE! If you have no insurance and can not afford both tests...go for the comprehensive stool sample asap!!!!!
Pamela Mae

12:27:26 AM


Anyone having the testing done,we are loving to talk with you to help get you through everything you need and to follow up with emails and phone calls to see what your results are and maybe find doctors through Great Plains that can help with the 'Getting Well Step'

Blessings and BIG BIG HUGS N KISSES,
Pamela Mae
Pamela Mae **

12:20:54 AM

Amazing Discovery,

I am so absolutely amazed by what we are starting to uncover with the Lab testing that has been done.

This has been an amazing labor of love working with others here and spending many long hours with labs,and doctors,and then with you mel to see how the research all fits together with the protocol on this site.

The amazing recent findings in the lab tests are this
* I am resistant to Bactrim
* I need natural Parasiticals
*My Bacteria levels are high & consequently my body has produced a biofilm.

Today when I found out from the testing that the Bactrim was not what my body needed and that I needed an antibiotic named Cipro*
I started crying,realizing this was the right track, that God had blessed with an answer to the final key.
I do not apologize for giving my Lord the credit,because for me to take it would be denying the very author of this finding.

And I cried for all you dear dear people who have tried so hard,who stillwhen looking frantically down at their black shirts and seeing...' THE DANG EGGS ARE STILL PRODUCING' 'WHY?'

I now believe that everyone would benefit by having the Organic Acid Testing and Comp. Stool testing done FIRST !
This will save money and pin point particular antibiotics and then which parasiticals (natural)and which anti fungals - - if needed.

We have learned so much on this journey together - First that Morgellons people needed to be treated with respect by the medical community. Never giving up,and work within the elements of human kindness and respect.

Second that we need to treat Not just one thing with this disease but to treat *fungal,bacterial,and parasitical aspects.Which mels protocol outlined so nicely.

That blood work and Great plains testing would be necessary to find out the extent that this condition has effected the 'bio terrain' (how the immune system is working,and all other body supports such as thyroid,adrenals,etc.

To look at the possible Bio-film involvement( after a time when one has a compromised body terrain the bacterias can make an army and make a film in the stomache and intestine which should be treated and hopefully by natural means)

Thanks Mel for coming to the very humane decision that the journey and the validated research done goes with the protocol,and that the protocol is not first and only.You affirmed this today by your sweet assurance to me.

Mel,we have cryed many tears together,spent many hours going over what is the good for these beautiful people.
Your extreme loving support of me while I researched and worked on everyones behalf (as I was myself sometimes very ill from this )has created a bond that will never be broken.
The purity of our goal has been grounded in valid research,truth,loving respect for one another,and purity of intent for humanity.

I thank you for being an integral part of a team being used by the very God of creation to help man kind.

In Gods precious love,
Pammie Mae

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