How I Cured Morgellons

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10:53:28 AM

Thank you so much John! Definitely going with the purifier. I think my air conditioner will also do some dehumidifying it seems.

Much appreciated!!! xo
John B

9:37:15 AM

Humidity trumps everything else if it stays above 60% which will promote mold overgrowth and keep your immune and detox systems overwhelmed with mold spores and mycotoxins.

That would typically not be an issue in a 3rd floor apartment (unless there is chronic water intrusion), but it is very common in basement apartments.

If humidity is not a problem, an air purifier would be the way to go.
Jul **

4:59:00 PM

With the arrival of Spring I'm getting annoyed with junk in the air, but can't afford to get both a dehumidifier & air purifier, and have read about both as being useful for this. Which has been more effective for you overall? I do live in a 2 bedroom apartment (3rd floor) in NYC in case that factors in...
Thank you, xo

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