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4:22:11 PM

The nutri-bullet is excellent if you are not absorbing the nutrients in your GI tract, I do not use the nutri-bullet but something similar and it has greatly helped, especially if I want to add green papaya powder and any other nutrients to the recipe.

1:12:50 AM

im going food shoping tomorrow can someone plz tell me if I can used the nutra bullet I know for sure no processed food no suger I agree 100 precent ty

12:47:31 PM

Hi Guyz
I happend to have this white lint looking micro fiber everywhere in my environment, in my house, in my car. I believe I talk to Mel about this b4 and not everyone work MD have this we all appear to have some different symptoms. I believe this lint stuff is produced and coming out of our body and we happend to purge this while others grow it and are attached to their lesions. I can tell what helped me to reduce it in my environment vacuuming regularly, showering daily and scrubing head to toe with a lugs and tea tree soap, changing close after one use and bagging them until they are washed I use sanitary wash cycle and dry with the hottest degree, I use lint remover like Peter and Monica too, what s not helping is I spent goI'd amount on a hepa air purifier that doesn't look like doing anything. What ever these things are I m sure are related to our condition most likely rhizoids good luck and best wishes.

4:25:00 PM

Hello Sonia.

I wanted to tell you that I too have indeed noticed this in my Apt. over the course of the last 2 months. Mine are buff white and beige.

Although I have done considerable research as to all the unusual environmental aspects that become apparent within our homes with this disease, and I have some notion of what they may be, I don't know to a certainty what these mysterious flecks are.

I have also seen them in a peach color and in sizes from tiny specks clustered on my bathroom floor to larger cotton like fuzzballs throughout my living room rug. Just another question about this terrible disease that we hope someday will be answered.

I keep a lint roller available and roll them up and discard imediately in a special trash container that remains tied off and taken out daily.

Mel has my phone # if you want to call me to speak further, you can get it from him.

Be well and STAY STRONG


2:07:31 PM

Hi I am wondering if any one of you experienced white powdery moth like substances on your bathroom mirrors, walls, etc with your morgellons symptoms?

10:48:20 AM

The only thing I wanted to add to what Theresa said was the usage of Olive and Coconut oil.These two oils can be cooked in.

In terms of honey... Manuka honey is actually usable in terms of natural sweetners. See here: Manuka Honey has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.

This is the ONLY kind of honey that can be used. It can be found in most health food grocery stores and online.

Also, research herbs... I talked about Basil before... Which is anti-bacterial, and anti-flammatory. If you can you want to use it raw, ala fresh pesto with your friend olive oil, or in a salad...

Food can heal you, if you know what to eat, and how to eat it. Remember veggies, raw are your friends. It summer, so very much salad time!!!

Even if morgellons makes you miserable, when you eat well and consciously, it can be a very yummy luxury that pays off!

Who wants salad dressing made with lemon juice, sea salt, black pepper and olive oil?? That simple? Wait, is it too acidic? Really, how about a wee bit of Manuka honey in it? :-) Yeah... that simple... anti bacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-septic and... damn, this salad tastes great! Yeah... that simple people. Wait... I don't want salad... I want chicken... Okay, buy some organic chicken, use that recipe as a marinade...and go grill, or broil it... Omg... I'm not gonna starve... No, no you aren't. :-) We would NEVER let you starve.

Get to know food,oils, and herbs. ;-)

You can do this!

Theresa S

10:18:05 AM

Hi Sara,

As Mel mentioned your question about diet has already been addressed many, many times but I will give you a quick overview. I will post a more detailed answer in my topic.

I followed a variation of the candida and fungus elimination diets. Basically this is what I started out eating.

Fresh vegetables/cooked vegetables.
-in the beginning I stayed away from the more sugary vegetables like beets, carrots, etc. and concentrated more on the green leafy vegetables. Also no high starchy vegetables like potatoes.

-the only grain I eat are brown rice, millet and quinoa. No pastas, rices, flours, breads that are not made of the above. Also make sure they do not contain any added sugar or yeast. There are wonderful brown rice flours, pastas and breads.

Meats and Fish.
-Had all meats and fish just prepare myself and make sure any sauces or ingredients added have no sugar, white flour products or yeast.

-the only fruits I have for the 1st several months was lemons and limes (to make my beverage). After several more months I added in green apples and grapefruits.

Absolutely NO sugar. No sugar in processed foods, no fruits (other then lemons and limes), no artificial sweeteners other than 100% pure stevia leaf powder. No honey - NO SUGAR.

Wheat, Bran, Oat - NO! no other grains or flour or anything other than Brown Rice (whole kernel and unprocessed), millet and quinoa.

Bread, pasta, rice, flour - NO! unless it comes from brown rice, millet or quinoa.

Sugar - NOOOOO! Just stevia - no natural brown sugar, no honey, no fruits, no artificial sweeteners.

- drink tons of camomile and green teas. The less processed the better.

- drink tons of distilled water. Distilled water is purified and I figure I don't need any nasties coming from my water so I stick with distilled. Distilled water also aids the body in pulling toxins.

Hope this helps.

All the best,
Theresa S.

6:04:08 PM

Hello Sara,


It appears that part of the answer to your question has been answered by Teresa S. in the post "Experiencing less itching...". If you also go to the FAQ page number 4 (What changes do I need to make in my diet) it will round out the information you need to get started.

Also be aware of our teleconference call this coming Sunday July 8th (see post in Forum) which will be very beneficial to you. In this call we will be announcing the topic of the next call (in August) which will be focused on diet.

We have found it most difficult in trying to assist others in finding doctors. The only prescription medication in the entire protocol has been replaced for many without physician access by the Olive Leaf Extract, and with great success I might add.

Monitoring my blood count was done by my primary care doctor. These tests can be found on the Lab Testing Page which is found in the scroll down menu under the protocol tab.

I hope we helped a little today. I encourage others who are further along in their recovery to make comments in this thread please.

We look forward to hearing from you Sara as you journey along the road to recovery.

God Bless; Never give up Hope!

Sara **

4:41:04 PM

Dear Mel,
I am wondering if to kill off this morgellons would you need to stop eating gluten, white breads, pastas, all sugars, fruit, etc?

I also need help finding a doc in Los Angeles who will prescribe meds, monitor blood count etc?

I am also wondering if this grows inside the hairs? I

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