How I Cured Morgellons

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4:58:38 PM

Hiya Debra,

Welcome as always.

Thanks for sharing your input with Karen. I would like to encourage others who have had success in treating their pets to post here.

Thanks again.

God Bless, Never give up Hope!


6:22:16 AM

My pets were all on revolution every 2 weeks for about 6 months. They were cured much easier and faster than I was. Make sure though that your cat has no underlying medical problems such liver disease. After 6 months they went to 1 month treatment intervals. At a point I only continued to treat my dog every month or twice a month depending what I thought she needed. I stopped treating my cats when they continued to seem healthy and happy and not scratching. They are indoor cats.
Revolution has to be prescribed buy a vet. Find one who will work with you.

To tell you the truth the less time they spent near me, the less they were affected.

10:21:23 AM

Hiya Karen,


I do not have a pet myself ,but many morgellons suffers do.
They have posted helpful information since the beginning of the web site, therefore Let me suggest you put pets in our SEARCH ENGINE FEATURE. If memory serves me,it should bring up a page.

AS for you;

You have found the right web site. We have all been or are Morgellons sufferers. At this time I am happy to say I have been Morgellons FREE for sixteen plus months and off all medications for morgellons for over four months.

I still am on my Logos supplements and will continue them to assure I stay healthy. I also take a couple of the vitamins, two minerals that were the results of the testing from GPL. They recommended I take these supplements for three to six months to bring these levels back to normal.

It is the purpose of our web site to help others regain their health!

1st. Please contact Pamela @ morgellons, she has a network of Morgellons educated doctors, and all the information on and about The two types of lab testing she has brought to all of us.

2nd. Lets get you to read as much as you can on our web site. Use our search engine feature to answer your questions in the order which you find important!

3rd. Study the protocol page - the first steps to better health.

If any of you would like to talk, then email a convenient time and your Phone#.

My e-mail is (

Welcome again,

God bless, never give up Hope!
karen **

3:33:22 AM

Please help as she is suffering, too?

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