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2:35:59 PM

I have had bugs living in my skin for two years. I've been to many doctors. There aren't any bug doctors in Kansas City. Two dermatologist prescribe mind altering medication, which I did not take. The last dermatologist also prescribed an ointment that had to be special made with 4% sulfur. That helped, but didn't fix, so she prescribed 8% sulfur. That helped even more, but did not fix. I am thinking I need to buy sulfur shampoo, and sulfur soap and sulfur mask, and maybe make my own, stronger sulfur ointment

5:53:42 PM

Hi Kathy

In my opinion, there are some important considerations with regard to your dosing question. For example, things like coming to know and trust your supplier. You want purity. Purity affects dosage.

Logos now carries MSN. There products are excipient (fillers, etc.) free. Ingredients and easy to follow dosing directions can be trusted.

It is so therapeutic to be able to develop this kind of trust.

Strength and Love,

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