How I Cured Morgellons

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9:03:22 PM


Thank you for that video link.

I can vouch for the efficacy of vit D3 . It really works.

Until a month ago I could get no sleep without sleeping pills.
Then I read somewhere about magnesium and D3 helping sleep and for the last month or so, sleep has come easily and restfully. Even though pain wakes me I just drift off again.

It may well be the grandchildren who have had little sun this year and who seem to have very little sleep could also be in need of D3.

I am constantly amazed at the wealth of info that you kind folk share here.

It all helps in the battle.

God Bless you all.


8:37:32 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Thanks Dana, You are a blessing !

Keep on keeping on and while you're at it,
don't forget to get better!

Thanks again,

God bless, Never ever give up HOPE!


5:29:54 AM

FYI, Dr S Grominak has done an Updates and improvements,Youtube, 2015.


12:01:13 AM

Ooooops, Correction needed, sorry I just caught this....

The neurologist's name is Stasha Gominak and her website is

7:24:37 PM

"Peter, Mel says you’ve been a bad boy! :-) "

Ba ha ha ha ha. Poor Peter!

3:09:26 AM

Hi Mary

Kudos for what you have discovered and are sharing!!! Now you know a greater truth about sleep and healing. I know that many will benefit by watching this video.

This is just why Mel insists that we fully realize the role that rest and regular sleep play in getting well. It is one of the parts. And a major one!

Thank you. You are a blessing.
Mary **

1:20:20 AM

Good Evening All,

I wanted to share this video that a colleague referred me. This is a video of a talk given by a neurologist, Stasha Gobinak. In it she is discussing her findings that lack of good sleep is causing an epidemic of problems from MS, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, heart issues, restless leg syndrome, the manifestation of genetic problems that wouldn’t otherwise manifest such as Type I diabetes… I was really feeling that there could even be a link to our bodies not being able to fight off Morgellons due to immune deficiencies that the lack of good sleep causes. She says that to sleep, one needs adequate Vitamin D. Vitamin D is actually a hormone that our body makes or should make, not a vitamin. So when the level gets low, sleep suffers and all these health problems that doctors try to treat with pills, begin to arise. She says that the advent of sleep issues seems to correlate with the invention of sun screens, air conditioning being more available…that folks in less developed countries don’t have these issues and it is because they are outside more. The more we avoided the sun, the weaker we become and the sicker. Something about only UVB develops the natural cholesterol found on our skin into Vitamin D. She is a very fast paced speaker, funny, too. She says she was surprised that so many of her patients with a variety of ailments got better when they would wear a cpap machine, which she eventually figured out meant that many people who don’t know they have a sleep problem, actually do. Once they use the cpap and get good sleep, they start healing. But, she said to get away from a cpap, the answer is in getting good Vitamin (hormone) D levels up and she gives the range she recommends.

The info on her website was also helpful under the sleep tab.

I know the Wellness Formula is healing. It is definitely doing wonders for me along with the MMS. But, I also this past month craved the sun (I was always in the sun growing up) and when I got some sun this past month, I noticed a big improvement in my energy and mood. If we are always indoors and not making enough D, then we are not getting a very essential hormone needed all over by our body. If we can’t get the sun much, then I guess oral Vitamin D is a must. Dr. Gobinak tells which D vitamin is the one needed for sleep and healing.


PS: Peter, Mel says you’ve been a bad boy! :-)

Warmly, Mary

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